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Guadalupe Victoria Chapter
Victoria, Texas

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Chapter e-ribbon Patriots
We honor our ancestors and their participation in the establishment of America.
"To perpetuate the memory and spirit of the men and women who achieved American Independence; to promote the development of an enlightened public opinion; and to foster patriotic citizenship; these are the objects of our society; Daughters of the American Revolution."

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e-ribbon  Name, Rank, State of Service.  e-ribbon
(There may be more than one chapter member descendant of the following ancestors)

Allen, David, VA
Ashcroft, John, NC

Baldwin, William, Sgt., GA
Barmore, James, VA                    
Bates, Laban, Pvt., MA
Blair, William, PA                        
Blake, Thomas, VA
Boling, Mary Marshall Tabb, VA
Boone, William, NC 
Bransford, John, VA                   

Carlton, John, NC
Chambliss, James, VA
Chase, Rufus, MA
Cleveland, Josiah, Jr., Sgt., CT        
Cole, Richard,VA
Cole, William, VA
Conner, Lewis, VA
Cornelius, Charles, VA
Cottle, Joseph, VT
Curtis, Zarah, CT

Doss, , Azariah, Sr., VA
Draper, Thomas, SC
Dunham, Hezekiah, NY

Ennis, Cornelius, NJ
Ennis, William, NY
Everett, Simeon, VA
Everman, William, Lt., VA

Fenner, William, GA
Flesher, Adam, VA

Gambill, William, NC
Gann, Nathan, Lt., NC
Germany, John, GA                  
Goff, Salathiel, VA
Greeley, Samuel, MA
Greg, Joseph, SC

Hale, David, Deacon, CT
Harkey, Martin , SC
Hatch, Joseph , MA
Higginson, Stephen, MA
Hill, William, Lt., NC
Hinch, John, Capt., MD                 
Hunt, Alexander William, NC
Huyck, William, PA

Jarden, Robert, PA
Jenkins, Joseph, SC
Johnson, Ezekial, NY
Johnston, Larkin, VA
Kennedy, John, VA
Kibbe, Isaac, III, Ens., CT
Kinney, William, NC

Lane, William, VA
Love, Thomas, Lt., PA   

Machen, Henry, SC
Manning, John, MD
Manny, Jacob, Jr., NC
McBride, James, SC
McClendon, Thomas, GA
McLendon, Thomas, GA
McNatt, John Levin, DE
McWhorter, Aaron Henry, NC
Meadows, Isham, NC
Miller, Jacob, Sr., VA
Moore, Alfred, Judge, NC
Moore, Maurice, Col., NC
Morgan, Goin, NC
Musselman, Christian David, PA

Newton, Samuel, CT
Nichols, John, NC

Penick, William, VA
Perkins, Ruben, PA                   
Phillips, Theophilus, PA
Poindexter, Joseph,  Capt., VA
Power, Michael Benjamin, PA
Price, Joseph Shore, VA

Quinn, Peter, VA, NC

Rabb, (Robb), Andrew, PA
Rodgers, Matthew, SC
Sims, Sherrod, NC
Simms, Sherrod, Sr., VA
Singletary, James, NC
Smith, Aaron, VA
Smith, Charles, VA
Smith, James Turner, NC
Smith, John, Jr., Col., NC
Snedeger, Moses, NY
Standefer, Luke, 2nd Lt., VA
Streve, Paul, PA
Strode, John, Sr., VA

Turner, James, Capt., VA           

Vannoy, Francis, NC
Van Zandt, Jacob, NC

Walker, Eliakim, MA
Walkup, Samuel, NC
Ward, James, VA
Watts, Benjamin, VA
Wells, Richard, Sr., Capt., PA
West, Clement, NY
Whitney, Jonathan, Capt., MA
Wight, Daniel, Pvt., MA
Williams, Membrance, SC
Winslow, Benjamin, Jr., VA

Yeager, Adam, Ens., VA 



Midi - Solid Men to the Front, John Phillip Sousa
Courtesy Laura's MIDI Heaven
Background Photograph courtesy of NARA - (altered  by BDJ)
Solid Men to the Front   
e-ribbon courtesy of Alon Cohen


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