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Hardin County, Texas
Cemetery & Burial Information

NEEDED: Individuals or groups to do Cemetery Inventory Transcriptions for Hardin County .......Can you HELP????





General Area & Comments

chckmark_a.gif (662 bytes) Bracken Cemetery   302335N 0942447W Village Mills
  Bumstead Cemetery        
  Collins Cemetery        
  Cunningham Cemetery        
chckmark_a.gif (662 bytes) Daniels Cemetery   302255N  0941813W  Kountze North
  Fairchild Cemetery        
chckmark_a.gif (662 bytes) Felps Cemetery   302227N 0943551W Saratoga
chckmark_a.gif (662 bytes) Gore Cemetery   302424N 0940752W Deserter Baygall
chckmark_a.gif (662 bytes) Grayburg Cemetery (#1)   300652N  0942429W  Nome
  Grayburg Cemetery (#2) colored-new        
  Grayburg Cemetery (#3) colored - old        
  Grayburg Cemetery (#4) children        
chckmark_a.gif (662 bytes) Griffin Cemetery   302600N 0943155W Bragg
  Guedry Cemetery (#1)       Sour Lake
chckmark_a.gif (662 bytes) Guedry/Gedry Cemetery (#2)   301252N 0943612W Thorson Gully
  "Hanging Tree" Cemetery        
  Hardin Cemetery (see Old Hardin)        
  Herrington-Hart Cemetery        
chckmark_a.gif (662 bytes) Holland Cemetery chckmark_a.gif (662 bytes) 302835N 0942405W Village Mills
  Honey Island Cemetery        
chckmark_a.gif (662 bytes) Hooks Cemetery

chckmark_a.gif (662 bytes)
Hardin Co.

301911N 0941431W Hooks Cemetery is located on Hooks Cemetery Loop which runs east off U.S. Hwy 69 between the Hardin County seat of Kountze and Lumberton, Texas.
chckmark_a.gif (662 bytes) Hooks-Cravey Cemetery   302410N 0941351W Deserter Baygall
  Jackson Cemetery       Sour Lake
  Jordan Cemetery     Batson
  Killgore Cemetery        
chckmark_a.gif (662 bytes) Knupple Cemetery   301947N 0941003W Silsbee
  Leatherwood Cemetery (aka Loeb)        
chckmark_a.gif (662 bytes) Loeb Cemetery   301131N 0941108W Voth
chckmark_a.gif (662 bytes) McKinney/McNeely Cemetery

chckmark_a.gif (662 bytes)

302741N 0941951W Kountze North
  Mexican Cemetery        
chckmark_a.gif (662 bytes) Midtown/Middle Town Cemetery   301714N 0943122W Saratoga
  Mount Calvary Cemetery        
  OilTown Cemetery        
chckmark_a.gif (662 bytes) Olive Cemetery   302418N 0942037W Kountze North
  Old Concord Cemetery (aka Loeb)        
chckmark_a.gif (662 bytes) Peaceful Rest Cemetery   302156N 0941039W Silsbee
Pine Ridge Cemetery        
Pittman Cemetery        
  Polliwog Cemetery        
chckmark_a.gif (662 bytes) Providence Cemetery   302629N 0942101W Kountze North
chckmark_a.gif (662 bytes) Rest Haven Cemetery   302026N 0941046W Silsbee
  Rogers Cemetery       Sour Lake
chckmark_a.gif (662 bytes) Rosedale Cemetery   300753N 0942353W Sour Lake
chckmark_a.gif (662 bytes) Sutton Cemetery   302616N 0943006W Bragg
  Swift Cemetery        
  Teel Cemetery        
chckmark_a.gif (662 bytes) Village Mills Cemetery   303052N 0942444W Warren
  Votaw Cemetery        
chckmark_a.gif (662 bytes) Walton Cemetery chckmark_a.gif (662 bytes)
Lyn M. Herron
301705N 0941213W Located on the north side of Lumberton, Texason the north side of West Walton Road (N/E side) between StateHighways 69 and 96 (1.9 mile from Hwy 69 & 0.9 mile from Hwy 96)
  Whiteside Cemetery        
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Some of the above information was gleaned from GNIS and some from "Hardin County Texas Cemeteries" compiled by Mildred S. Wright as published by the SouthEast Texas Genealogical & Historical Society in 1978.
It's been almost 20 years since Mildred S. Wright inventoried the cemeteries in Hardin County. She did a wonderful job and service to all of Hardin County researchers. Would you or your group be willing to inventory or re-inventory a cemetery in Hardin County?? These NEED to be brought up to date and we would love to share that information here.

Lookups from the above publication are being offered by Lyn M. Herron & Norma Karter .

Visit the Texas Tombstone Project. Perhaps you can help!

Cemetery Workings

Do you know dates for Cemetery Workings or contact persons for cemeteries in Hardin County? If so please let us know, so we can share that information here.

Unmarked Graves

Do you have information about persons buried in un-marked graves or lone burials in Hardin County?

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