Hartley County in the Texas Union Regiment - 1890

Last Name		First Name			    Widow				Rank			Regiment					County		Roll	Soundex

Carr            	Sam                            	                        	Pvt             	F 6 NJ Inf                              	Hartley	102	C600
Conklin         	Charles F.                     	                        	                	                                        	Hartley	102	C524
Dunne           	John A.                        	                        	Pvt             	A 2 Flor Inf                            	Hartley	102	D500
Galady          	William                        	                        	Conf Pvt        	18 Lou                                  	Hartley	102	G430
Kimball         	Henry M.                       	                        	pvt             	I 1 Col                                 	Hartley	102	K514
Larmer          	Jones H.                       	Phoeba F.               	Pvt             	4 Mo Cav                                	Hartley	102	L656
Seybold         	John                           	                        	Sgt             	D 31 Wis                                	Hartley	102	S143
Shaffer         	Daniel J.                      	                        	                	                                        	Hartley	102	S160
Sharp           	J.                             	                        	Pvt             	22 Indep Bat                            	Hartley	102	S610
Stephenson      	Elam H.                        	                        	Conf Pvt        	C 10 Miss                               	Hartley	102	S315
Stuart          	J. W.                          	                        	Musician        	13 ___ inf                              	Hartley	102	S363
Trugillo        	Charles                        	                        	Pvt             	                                        	Hartley	102	T624
Wheelon         	Mortimer                       	Kate E.                 	Sgt             	                                        	Hartley	102	W450

The complete Texas Union Regiment 1890 file may be viewed here.

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