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Claude Hoskins


M. E. Miller and Tom Hill, who came to town for a coffin Monday night, brought the information that a young man, Claude Hoskins, aged about 23 years, had drowned in the Brazos River while in bathing about 1 o’clock Monday evening. Hoskins and Kinch and Tom Hill and another smaller lad were bathing at the place known as Bee Rock, where the water was about ten feet deep, and having been in some time, Hoskins, was noticed acting peculiarly and giving vent to a smothered cry, he sank from sight and rose no more. The alarm was given and shortly every man in Mc Cown’s Valley was on hand searching for Hoskins’s body. The river was dragged by means of a rope and finally the body was found, Gip Perkins having brought it to the surface. About twenty five were diving and plunging for the body but it was some time before it was found as the current was so strong that diving was difficult. It is supposed Hoskins was seized with an epileptic parorysin as he was an excellent swimmer, and also that several years ago, he had been subject to convulsions, but had not suffered there from for about four years.

Hoskins has no relatives here. He was working for Kineh Hill having come from Mississippi last year. He was well liked by all and his misfortunate demise is particularly regretted.

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