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Mrs. E. E. Jarvis


In Memorial of Mrs. E. E. Jarvis
Feb. 4, 1942

Mrs. E. E. Jarvis was born in Pennsylvania 79 years, 6 months, and 12 days ago. At a very early age she united with the Presbyterian church and had been a faithful follower of her Master for over three score years. She was married to Mr. Thomas Jarvis fifty years ago and moved to the Brandon community, and here her busy life was spent, her battles fought, her faithful service rendered to the world.

It was here that she clasped the hands of loved ones who soon passed on and left her heart desolate and in this dearest of all places to her she lies down at length to sleep. Beautifully appropriate such a resting place where her husband sleeps and where her life long friends remain to gather around the dear form with tears of bereavement to lay her away tenderly in the narrow house with it’s curtains of fadeless green.

Above the average intellectually and educationally, she was an acknowledged leader in her community. She surrounded herself with the beautiful things of this life. No one loved flowers and other beautiful things better than she, and the beautiful floral offerings at her bie? was not only the attestation of the love of friends, but an offering to the beauties she so loved. Our little city and its people were very dear to her heart, for it was here that the best days of her life were spent, here she built her home, here she reared her family to see them go out and make homes of their own, an honor to her, and the city in which they were reared, and it was her dearest wish that she journey forth from the home she had so painstakingly erected here to that brighter and better home where no changes come and where the Savior is the home builder for those who seek his guidance in this life. So with a wave of her hand and sweet smile to those whom she loved she wandered off into the home of the soul where she met with all those who she loved long since and lost awhile.

Funeral services were conducted at the Presbyterian church Sunday afternoon at 3 o’clock by Rev. F. ? Weller of Whitney assisted by Rev. Cleveland Willitt and Rev. L. H. McInnis with interment in the Brandon Cemetery. She is gone from our sight, but because life and love are stronger than death she is ours still. She is still the Mother of the son and daughter upon whom she doted with such clinging fondness and the friends still of those who now mourn her passing, and may she not by the transition wie’d over us a strong force for goodness and truth than ever before. May time bring sweet resignation and may the shores of eternity that receives her soul surround it with everlasting sunshine and flowers. As we stood beside her bier when the sky was trimmed with her rosy hue, in fancy we could see her not in death’s shroud, but smiling upon us from the sunset halo that marks God’s farewell to the day, smiling with all the well remembered grace of her womanhood, love and devotion and saying to us:

The sunset speaks by feebly of the glories of an other day and all is well.

A Friend


(Tribute to Mrs. E. E. Jarvis)

Mother was tired and weary
Weary with toll and pain
Put by her glasses and rocker
She will not need them again.
Into Heaven’s mansions she entered
Never to sigh or to weep;
After long years with life’s struggles
Mother has fallen asleep.
Beautiful rest for the weary
Well deserved rest for the true;
When our life’s journey is ended
We shall again be with you.
This helps to quiet our weeping---
Hark! Heavenly music so sweet!
He giveth to his beloved
Beautiful, Beautiful sleep.

Submitted by Anita-HCGS Volunteer