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Restoring a Texas Historical Marker


Tools and materials needed:

Stiff wire brush                                                Can of clear lacquer spray paint

          Soft bristle scrub brush                                   Cotton rags

          Bottle and bucket of water                              Lacquer thinner

          Soap                                                               80 grit & 120 grit sandpaper

Towel                                                              Power sander or hand sanding block

          Can of black automotive lacquer                    Roll of 2 inch masking tape

          spray paint

 STEP 1:

Use wire brush to remove flaking or other debris;   always brush left to right.

 STEP 2:

Use soft bristle brush to remove dust and other debris around the letters. 

Portable air blower works well.

 STEP 3:

Thoroughly clean the marker with soap and water. 

Towel dry and allow marker surface to dry completely.

 STEP 4:

Apply masking tape to the border and base of the marker (front & back).

 STEP 5:

Apply two even coats of black lacquer paint to the entire surface of the marker. 

Allow to dry completely.  Use painterís mask to avoid inhalation of fumes.

 STEP 6:

With a soft cotton cloth and lacquer thinner, remove dried black lacquer from the medallion and letters.  Use care not to remove black lacquer from the medallion and area surrounding the medallion and letters.  Allow to dry completely.

 STEP 7:

Remove masking tape.  Remove black lacquer from raised text using cloth and lacquer thinner. Also you could use a battery powered or electric sander and 80 grit sandpaper or a hand sanding block to remove the black lacquer paint from the raised text.  Be careful not to remove black lacquer from flat surface areas.  Use 120 grit sandpaper to manually polish the border and raised medallion. 

 STEP 8:

Remove fine debris with paint or bristle scrub brush. 

If available, use an electric or battery powered air blower.

 STEP 9:

Apply two even coats of clear lacquer spray paint to the entire surface of the marker.

 STEP 10:

Step back and admire your work.   You now have a historical marker that has been restored to its original splendor.