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Burross Cemetery

Burross Cemetery, Hill County, Texas View Map
From Hillsboro, go east on Hwy 171 until you get to Malone.  Turn right on FM 308, turn west (right) on 1st road and it is located on the 2nd turn of this road. I found this with the help of a very nice man who lives in Malone. Would not have found it if not for his help; it is located in a lot of trees. This is an old small family cemetery and a lot of the markers are down. HCGS Volunteer. Please send all corrections and updates to Hill County Crossroads.


Burross Elizabeth Petty 15 April 1832 20 Sept 1911 w/ of Lewis Hodge, w/ of Joseph Burross
Burross George age 22 9 Feb 1883 son of Joe & Bettie
Burross Joseph 1813 1900 Mexican Soldier
Clifford Martha U. 14 July 1875 9 June 1907 nee Burross/ dau of Joe & Bettie
Hedge James "Jimmy" No date 22 Jan 1876 17 yrs-6 mos-10 days, son of Bettie & Lewis
Hedge William Carroll April 1852 7 Aug 1912 son of Bettie Burross (Hedge)
Lucas Arrary Jan. 1, 1878 31 Jan 1878  
Worley Warren Valentine 9 Aug 1888 27 Aug 1888 son of GV & DS Worley

Listed below is information received from Peggy Loar, whose great-great-grandparents were Joseph and Elizabeth (Petty) Burross. March 27, 2007.  As per her info there may be other graves there but were not identified in the survey.  They are included below.

I wanted to correct and verify some items listed for the Burross 
Cemetery, which is near Malone.
Joseph and Elizabeth (Petty) Burross are my great-great-grandparents.

1) Elizabeth Petty Burross: She was the daughter of James D. Petty. She 
was married to Lewis Hedge in Dickson County, Tennessee, then left a widow 
with 4 children, the youngest barely over 5 months of age. She came to 
Navarro County after his death because her father and uncle had transplanted to 
there. She married Joseph Burross in May 1859.

2) correct

3) correct, although in a sketch of her life in about 1911, he is said 
to have died in 1900.

4) correct

5) James "Jimmy" is Bettie's son from first marriage. (He died of a 
broken neck when his horse stumbled in a hole, while Jimmy was running him 
across a pasture.)

6) W. C. Hedge is William Carroll Hedge, Bettie Petty's son from her 
first marriage.

7) Arrary Lucas stone says he was born Jan 1, 1878

8) Warren's middle name is written out on the stone. It is Valentine

My husband and I found several other probable gravesites; a few 
depressions in the earth as well as others, which were piles of stones and others 
that appeared to be medium to large rocks which seemed to set into the 
ground as markers. There are also 4 graves with markers which may not have been 
discovered in the tall weeds, by the transcriber, but I have photos of 
them and have their location marked on a "map" of the cemetery which I made 
while there. Some of these may be related to the family, although I was told 
that they weren't. They are:

Fliddie/dau of/L.L. & N.L./WHITE/Born Oct 18, 1908/Died Nov 12, 1908

John Alonzo/FRANKS/Born/Sept 15, 1880/Died/Aug 9, 1885

Geo.Guy/Son of/J.A. & B.L./HANKINS/Born/Oct 12, 1906/Died/June 7, 
1907/Rest little one, A  mother's/tears may fall/But not for worlds, would/she 
her child recall

Another stone, which is broken and was leaning against the base of W.C. 
Hedge stone. I didn't get a good photo of it, but got the name from it. 
It is Emma K. Jordan Hedge. She was the wife of William C. Hedge. He was 
married first to Emma K. Jordan, on 22 Dec 1875. She gave birth to a 
daughter, Emma on 16 Jan, 1877, then died on the 21st, when the baby 
was 6 days old. After her death, he married her sister, Eliza on 9 April 
1878. We don't know when she died, or if she is in Burross Cemetery (most likely 
is), but it was before the 1900 census and she had given birth to at least 
one daughter, who was Elizabeth C. who was born about 1882.

Thank you for publishing this.

Peggy Loar