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Cemetery Index

The cemeteries are listed on a map in their general location. View the Hill County map to see how it is divided. Click on the heading of the section you wish to visit to view the map. These cemeteries were inventoried in 1975 and we will be updating as time permits and were taken from the records in  the Hillsboro City Library in the Genealogy Department. Thanks to some of our visitors and HCGS volunteers corrections and additions have been made. As with all transcriptions, please allow for errors. Please send all corrections and updates to Hill County Crossroads.

Northwest County Northeast County Southwest County Southeast County
Allison Cemetery Covington Cemetery Abbott Cemetery Bell Springs Cemetery
Bethlehem Cemetery Eureka Cemetery Fatima Cemetery  Burross Cemetery    
Blanton Cemetery   Files Cemetery Goodman-Reese Cemetery Bynum-Brandon Cemetery
Blum Cemetery Sydney Files Cemetery Hickey Cemetery Chatt-Jessie Cemetery
Derden Cemetery Itasca Cemetery Liberty Grove Cemetery Cottonwood Cemetery
Dodson Cemetery Kennard Cemetery National Cemetery   Czech National Cemetery
Fort Graham Cemetery Luke Tipton Cemetery New Lebanon Cemetery Edens Cemetery
Dr. G. W. Benton Cemetery Old Hillsboro Cemetery Odom Cemetery   Fairview Cemetery  
Heath Cemetery   Prairiedale Cemetery Old Lebanon Cemetery George Newton Cemetery
Hillcrest Garden of Memories Cemetery   Ridge Park Cemetery Prairie Grove Cemetery Graham-Mason Cemetery  
Pleasant View Cemetery (Jawbone) Rockwall Cemetery Prairie Valley Cemetery McLain Cemetery
Live Oak Cemetery   Sevier Cemetery Scotts Chapel Cemetery Mesquite Cemetery
Neal Bones Cemetery Turner Cemetery Smith's Bend Cemetery Mount Calm Area Cemetery
New Woodbury Cemetery   Vaughan Cemetery Pin Oak Cemetery
Oak Grove Cemetery   Yates Cemetery Richland Cemetery
Old Whitney Cemetery     Rienzi Cemetery  
Old Woodbury Cemetery        Salem-Irene Cemetery
Peoria Cemetery     Salem-Lutheran Cemetery
Ross Cemetery     St. Joseph Cemetery
Simmons/Williams Cemetery     Tabola Cemetery  
Steiner Valley Cemetery     Valley View Cemetery
Towash Cemetery       Walling Cemetery
Whitney Memorial Park      
Yates Cemetery