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Henderson Obituary Index Files A - C

This is an index for obituaries which a former member of the Hill County Genealogical Society, Mr. Bill Henderson,  collected for the years 1961-1967. After his death in Feb. 2003, his widow donated them to us. From all the members, we wish to say thank you for this great gift. Mrs. Henderson told us they were collected from the Hillsboro, Ft. Worth, and Dallas newspapers. They contain a vast amount of information which will be of tremendous help for researchers of Hill County, Texas. We will keep these at the Hillsboro City Library for those wishing a copy of such.

The Society wishes to thank our President, Mollie Stinson and Bill, her husband for making the trip to Ft. Worth to pick up these obituaries from Mrs. Henderson.
Transcribed by Yvonne Akin, Volunteer for Hill County Genealogical Society.
Nov. 2003
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Acton, James L. 1 Feb 1962 Ridge Park Age 84
Acton, Mrs. Myrtle 16 May 1963 Ridge Park M. 31 Dec 1903 to James Louis Acton who died 29 Jan 1962
Adair, Mrs. Ridgie 1 July 1965 Fairview Born and lived all her life in Hubbard/ Age 79
Adams, Julius Boyd 31 Aug 1961 Abbott Age 54/ Born 11 Sept 1906 in Abbott-died in Waco, Texas
Adams, Mrs. Caddie D. 22 July 1961 Blum Spouse of B V Adams over 55 yrs.-Born 28 May 1878 at Blum
Adams, Mrs. J. W. 25 Oct 1962 Ridge Park Survivors-2 sons and 2 daughters
Adcox, Charlie P. 21 Oct 1961 Scott's Chapel Born 29 Oct 1877-age 83/lived in Aquilla since age 1
Akins, Earl 30 July 1964 Ridge Park Age 65-son of Mr. and Mrs. William Akins. WW I veteran. Married Grace Glover 5 April 1919 at Bynum/2nd wife Ruby Sapp of China Springs
Alfrey, C. P. 21 June 1962 New Braunfels, Tx Age 57-son of Clarence and Fannie Alfrey of Hillsboro, Tx-lived in Winters, Tx at time of death
Allen, Bessie 27 Sept 1962 Ridge Park Age 75-m.21 March 1901 Charles Walter Allen who died 4 Feb 1946
Allen, Cleveland H. 10 Sept 1964 Ridge Park Age 73-born in Alabama. Married 1910 Minnie Mae Hammonds
Allen, J. J. 10 Dec 1964 Ridge Park Age 80-Born in Tenn-Married Nannie Mae Landreth 24 Dec 1903
Allen, Mary Pearl 16 Sept 1965 Cold Springs Age 85-Came to West, Tx. 65 yrs. ago
Allen, W. J. (Billy) 31 May 1961 Hillcrest Age 56-born near Malone, Tx. Married Erna Mae Hagood Jan 1930
Allen, William Henry 1 Oct 1964 Tolar, Tx Father of some children in Whitney and Aquilla
Allison, Kate 2 Nov 1965 Peoria Born 3 March 1882 Prairie Point Community. Married W. T. Allison 5 Jan 1902
Alvis, Sam T. 15 Nov 1962 Brandon Age 90-born 19 Sept 1872 Ark.-married Annie James 12 Nov 1896 Tn. Came to Tx in early 1900 to Bynum Community. Mrs. Alvis died 28 Feb 1953
Amerson, Mrs. A. E. (Eva) 9 Nov 1962 Ridge Park nee Young-married 17 July 1907
Anderson, 11 June 1964 Fairview Age 69- Resident of Hubbard 65 yrs. Wife of Austin Anderson
Anderson, C. D. 9 July 1064 Ridge Park Age 66-Married 24 Nov 1917 Freddie Battles
Anderson, Charles 19 March 1964 Ridge Park Spouse of Norma; brother of Mrs. Nan Beaty of Hillsboro, Tx.
Anderson, James 7 Feb 1963 Bethany Cem. Member of Hillsboro Masonic Lodge-Buried in Johnson County, Texas (Cleburne?)
Anderson, Josie Cleo 9 Nov 1963 Brandon Age 71-born in Woodbury, Tn./ Spouse of Clarence Anderson of Bynum
Anderson, Luda 17 Feb 1966 Hubbard Age 96-Resident of Cleburne, Tx
Anderson, Stella Woodruff 22 July 1965 Not listed b. 29 Aug 1887 Hill Co.-Married Frank Anderson 1910; he died 5 Aug 1958
Anderson, William A. 16 Sept 1965 Fairview Age 70- WW I Veteran
Andrews, Flossie 29 July 1965 Hillcrest Spouse of Austin-former resident of Whitney, Tx.
Ansley, Sid 26 July 1962 Not listed Marshall & Marshall in charge of service
Arnold, Fieldon 25 Feb 1965 Not listed Born in Hill Co, Tx-Married Jennie Scott Leatherwood 26 June 1918-WW I veteran-Marshall & Marshall Fun. Home
Arnold, Mrs. W. E. (Alma Gant) 29 July 1963 Not listed Age 67-Native of Hill Co, Tx-died in Waco, Tx. Marshall & Marshall
Arnold, Sara Agnes 28 June 1962 Ridge Park Age 66 born near Florence, Ala.-Married Charles H. Arnold 9 Oct 1919
Artenburn, Jewel 13 Feb 1964 Itasca Age 58-b 7 Jan 1906 Itasca-Spouse of Drue Artenburn who passed away in 1942
Aston, John Green 19 April 1962 Ridge Park Age 63-WW II Vet-siblings live in Hillsboro, Tx
Atchison, Joe 12 Nov 1964 Peoria Age 76-married 30 Sept 1926 Jewel Bennett
Atchison, Telephos 24 Nov 1964 Peoria Age 84-Born in Peoria, Tx-married Belle Boyd 1903
Atkison, S. R. 15 Feb 1962 Itasca Age 81-Born in Ala-married Isbell Cummings 1 Sept 1901-Moved to Itasca in 1933
Atwell, Laura 9 Jan 1964 San Angelo, Tx. Relatives in Hillsboro, Tx-Marshall and Marshall Chapel
Atwood, David Homer 16 Nov 1961 Hickey Age 69-native of Hill Co.-married Jo Wiginton 3 Aug 1913
Aufill, Mrs. C. T. Sr. 10 Sept 1964 Lubbock, Tx Burial at Lubbock next to her husband who passed away 21 Nov 1946- Relatives in Hillsboro, Tx
Austin, Florence A. 24 June 1967 Not listed Service by Marshall & Marshall
Auten, Mary Ethel 14 June 1962 Prairie Valley Age 70, born near Blum, Tx-married Otis Auten 1909
Autrey, Ada Lee 13 Jan 1966 Ridge Park Born Fayettville, Tn.-Home in Hillsboro past 64 yrs. Married Thomas Franklin Autrey 6 Aug 1906. He passed away 4 Aug 1959.
Bacon, Ida 8 April 1963 Itasca Survived by her Mother, Mrs. J. M. Bacon
Bailey, Charley R. 14 June 1962 Itasca Age 81/ spouse of Mrs. Clara A. Bailey
Bailey, Henry 11 Jan 1962 Fairview Age 67-Member of Hubbard Masonic Lodge
Bailey, Joe P. 9 March 1967 Ridge Park Age 67-spouse of Mrs. Lela E. Bailey
Bailey, Mary Elizabeth 10 Dec 1964 Dallas, Tx Former resident of Hillsboro, Tx.
Baird, Gene C. 29 March 1961 Ridge Park Age 59-Native of Holland, Tx, moved to Hillsboro 1937. Spouse of Margie Cooper-married 1936
Bairrington, Mrs. J. W. 12 July 1961 Fairview Age 72- died in Waco hospital.
Baker, Ramsey 16 Sept 1965 Bethlehem Age 76/ Married Nora Pendleton 13 Aug 1913
Barham, Sarah E. 26 April 1962 Rose Hill Cem. Age 86-Blooming Grove Pioneer
Barker, Mrs. Martin 26 Oct 1961 Whitney Age 80-b. 18 March 1881 Whitney. She was formerly, Edna Dyer, daughter of W S and Nancy Hill Dyer. Her Grandfather was Judge J H Dyer, first county judge of Hill County. Married Martin Barker 25 Sept 1901.
Barnard, James Henry 18 April 1963 Ridge Park Age 81, born in Ark. Came to Tx in 1908 near Brandon. Moved to Hillsboro, Tx. in 1958. Married Fannie Morris 1 Jan 1905
Barnes, Arthur E. 20 Feb 1964 Peoria Age 74-born Arkansas. Died Feb. 14, 1964. Married Ethel Bennett 10 Sept 1910
Barnes, Arthur Raymond 25 Nov 1965 Peoria Born 26 Sept 1927 in Whitney.
Barnett, Della (Gunter) 11 Feb 1965 Ridge Park Age 81-native of Roswell, Ga.; came to Texas when age of 15 near Abbott. Married Claud Barnett 11 April 1903.
Barnett, J. C. (Skip) 22 Aug 1963 Ridge Park Married Lizzie Mae Wood 25 Jan 1923.
Barrett, Frank S. 12 Dec 1963 Not listed Age 67-born in Massey Community. His wife preceded him on 5 Jan 1961. Lived in Malone, Tx.
Barrington, Mrs. B. E. 27 Sept 1962 Fairview Age 68-lived in Hubbard 25 years. Spouse of Elmer Barrington.
Barron, Douglas 21 June 1962 Itasca Age 67 born near Itasca. Married Bessie Mae Martin 1918
Basham, Miss Rosa Lee 24 Feb 1966 Bethlehem Age 84, born Whitney, Tx. Retired School Teacher.
Basham, Thomas B. 20 May 1966 Bethlehem Age 78-formerly lived in Hillsboro, moved to Whitney at age of 19.
Batton, Mrs. John Walter 27 Sept 1962 Salem Age 75, native to Irene, Tx. Dau of Mr. & Mrs. James Wilson. Married John Batton 1907. Member of Eastern Star
Batton, Nettie Melton 3 Dec 1964 Salem-Irene Age 77, born in Irene 21 June 1887. Married S H Batton 3 Nov 1907.
Baucom, James F. Sr. 31 Jan 1963 Covington Age 69- WW I-married Minnie Mill-after her death in 1946, he married Mrs. Lena Sprouse.
Baugus, George W. 30 Aug 1962 Heath Age 58-native of Blum. Married Travis Sensing 1 Nov 1935
Beal, Oscar O. 25 March 1965 Whitney Age 78, native of Hill County. WW I veteran. Married Letha Thompson 5 April 1908.
Bearden, E. E. 17 Aug 1961 Ridge Park Age 84-born in Red River Co and came to Hill Co 64 yrs ago. Spouse of Lillie.
Bearden, J. M. 22 Oct 1964 Milford Age 84-resident of Milford, Tx.49 yrs.
Bearden, Marion D. 28 Feb 1963 McKinney, Tx Age 50-died in Midland. Native of Hillsboro, Tx.
Bearden, Mrs. J. M. 2 April 1964 Milford Age 79-native of Ala. Born 4 June 1885. Married J M 22 Sept 1901near the Oak Branch Community. Resident of Milford since 1915.
Bearden, Mrs. Josie 8 Feb 1962 Ridge Park Age 89-resided in Hill Co prior to Mr. Bearden's death 22 April 1940. They were married 15 Nov 1888. Died in Dallas at her grand-daughter's home.
Beaty, Nannie Ann 19 May 1966 Ridge Park Age 81-Hillsboro native. Died in Arlington Nursing Home.
Beavers, John E. 13 Jan 1966 Arkansas Born 7 Jan 1900 Hill County, Tx./ Services were held in Commerce.
Beavers, Mrs. Lena 21 Nov 1962 Ridge Park Age 84-native of Glen Rose, Tx. Married 5 March 1894 to T A Beavers who passed away 31 Dec 1917.
Bedell, Mrs. Mae Tom 6 May 1965 Ridge Park Native of Hill County, Tx. Spouse of Arthur Bedell. Died in San Antonio, Tx.
Bedner, Mrs. Joe (Francis C.) Hornsby 8 Nov 1962 Ridge Park Age 49 born in Abbott, Tx. Married Joe Bedner 14 July 1937.
Beene, Homer H. 15 June 1967 Ridge Park Born 30 Sept 1903 in the Vaughan Community. Married 16 Dec 1925 Emma Dee McIlroy.
Beene, Mrs. Wood 15 Sept 1965 Ridge Park Born 17 Dec 1882 near Vaughan. Dau of W T & Elizabeth Hunt. Formerly Jessie H. Hunt. Longtime Hill County resident. Was visiting her son Eugene in Candian, Tx at time of death.
Beene, Wood 5 Dec 1963 Ridge Park Prairie Valley Comm. and moved to Vaughan when 5 yrs. old.
Belote, James M. 5 June 1961 Ridge Park Born in Miss. and moved to Tx age 18 yrs. Married 17 June 1939 in Miss. Spouse of Vera.
Bennett, Cooper 6 Feb 1964 Peoria Born in Bethel Comm. 9 March 1888. Married Mrs. Viola Glenn 10 Aug 1935.
Bennett, Cora May 19 Oct 1961 Ridge Park Native of Hill County. Married Joe H. Bennett 2 Dec 1894. Joe passed away 29 June 1931.
Bennett, Den 18 Nov 1965 Peoria Age 74-married Una Hardin 3 Oct 1914. Lived in Bethel Comm. most of his life.
Bennett, Joe B. 15 March 1962 Austin, Tx. Son of the late Mrs. Joe H. Bennett.
Bennett, Johnnie Lee 1 July 1965 Peoria Age 69-born in Whitney, Tx Married Augusta Battles 30 Dec 1921
Bennett, Mrs. E. G. (Pete) 24 June 1967 Abilene Relatives in Hillsboro, Tx.
Bennett, Mrs. Emma Pearl 9 Jan 1964 Vaughan Age 78-resident of Hillsboro since 1924. Her husband Geo. F. Bennett died in 1936.
Bennett, Rosa Gladie 27 Feb 1964 Peoria Age 85-born in Macon, Ga 31 March 1879. Came to Tx at age of 7 yrs locating Mayfield, Tx. Married Lige Bennett 8 Aug 1893. He died 13 June 1955.
Bentley, Hettie D. 27 May 1965 Vaughan Born 3 Aug 1888 in Miss to Mr & Mrs Jim Henry Williams. Came to Tx age 6 yrs. Married 1898 he died 26 July 1946.
Bernhardt, J. A. 27 Oct 1966 Not listed Died in Clifton, Tx; relatives in Hillsboro, Tx. Services are pending.
Berning, John H. 26 June 1967 Ridge Park Born 1 July 1897 in Hillsboro, son of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Berning Sr. Died in Cuero. Married Mina Bond 24 June 1948.
Berry, Joe 3 May 1962 Hillcrest Age 70-born Bethel Comm. Married Willie Hardin 1913.
Berryhill, Mamie Virginia 6 Dec 1962 Cottonwood Age 84- born Utica, Miss. Came to Tx in 1900 & was oldest resident of Penelope. Spouse John Thomas Berryhill passed away 21 Oct 1915.
Bessire, Julius C. 7 Oct 1965 Hillcrest Age 69-born near Aquilla, Tx.-WW I Veteran
Bethke, Mrs. Jennie 7 Jan 1965 Willow Hole Cem Died at Grant-Buie Medical Center. Mother of Mrs. J. Howard English.
Bilbrey, Mrs. V. A. 24 May 1962 Peoria Formerly Jimmie Powers. Lived in Ft. Worth, Tx at time of death. Native of Hill County.
Bills, Mrs. J. Doug 12 July 1962 Fairview Age 84-lived in Hubbard all her life.
Bishop, Roy L. 21 March 1963 Not listed Arrangements pending- Marshall & Marshall Funeral Home. Lived in Whitney, Tx
Black, J. B. 3 Sept 1965 Myrtle Cem Age 69-born in Itasca, buried in Ennis, Texas. WW I Veteran and Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen.
Black, James H. 20 Feb 1964 Chamberlain Age 76-former resident of Hillsboro. Lived in Kingsville. Tx for about 50 yrs.( Retired) Missouri Pacific Railroad conductor from 1916-1960
Black, Mrs. Eugene (Lake) 9 July 1964 Ridge Park Age 42-born in Lovelace Comm. to H M & Myrtle Lake. Lived in Hill County until 1941. For the past 3 yrs she had lived in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Black, Mrs. Rowena Abbott 16 Dec 1965 San Francisco,CA Age 75-born in Hillsboro and was dau of Judge and Mrs. Joe Abbott of Hillsboro, Tx. Moved to Ca. at the age of 18. Spouse of Paul Black
Blair, G. Center 9 Sept 1965 Ridge Park Spouse of Ora Bradshaw. Lived in Hill County all his life. Born in Abbott, TX.
Bland, Kelly 26 April 1962 Ridge Park Age 61-died at his son's home, Johnny Bland of Cedar Hill, Tx.
Blocker, Mrs. Berniece 11 Nov 1965 Brandon Born 7 March 1888-died in Terrell Hospital. Married Robert M. Blocker 15 Aug 1909; he died 17 Dec 1954.
Blocker, Robert M. 21 Dec 1964 Peoria Age 83,born in Tn.- Spouse of Bernice Osburn, married 15 Aug 1909. Came to Brandon, Tx age 7 yrs.
Board, Effie Lee 11 Feb 1965 Edgewood Age 86-native of Edgewood. Spouse of T M Board. He died 1929. Relatives in Hillsboro, Tx.
Boatwright, Robert L. 26 June 1961 Ridge Park Age 62-born in Hill Co. WW II Veteran. Died in Dallas, Tx. hospital.
Bobbitt, James L. 31 Oct 1963 Ridge Park Age 56-native of Lockney, Tx. Married Ora Maye Strickland 25 Dec 1941 in Oklahoma. WW II Vet
Bobbitt, Joseph T.(Jake) 30 May 1963 Ridge Park Age 77-born 10 Oct 1886. Married Julia Ferrell. She died 1929. Member of IOOF Lodge
Bobbitt, Mrs. Jo Kinley 19 Dec 1963 Ridge Park Born 2 Aug 1879 in Roanoke, Denton Co, TX. Married 4 March 1906 to Tilford Oscar Bobbitt. Lived in Hillsboro last 5 yrs.
Bodine, J. T. (Jim) 4 Oct 1962 Ridge Park Age 78-b.11 Sept 1884. Lived in Aquilla 50 yrs. Married Ina B. Stone who passed away 22 Feb 1958. He was retired blacksmith.
Bolton, Carl 18 June 1964 Garland Age 65- Brother to Abbott resident, Mrs. Marty Colville.
Bolton, Mrs. Edger 9 Dec 1965 Not listed Former resident of Hillsboro, Tx. Connally Funeral Home-Waco, Tx.
Bond, Mary Avarilla Wigley 15 Nov 1962 Ridge Park Born 5 Aug 1877 in Mineola/dau of Carey Walker & Wm. Echols Wigley. Moved to Hillsboro around 1895. Married George D. Bond 10 Jan 1894 in Hillsboro, Tx. Worked with Methodist Mexican Mission 1925-1945
Bonner, Mrs. Guy 20 Dec 1961 Not listed Born and reared in Whitney-died in Chula Vista, CA.
Booker, Tom A. 21 Feb 1963 Brandon Age 79-native of Hill Co
Boone, Miss Helen 22 July 1965 Ridge Park Services held Saturday by Rev. John Dillingham. Relatives in Hillsboro, niece, Mrs. John Goodman and nephew, J M (Pop) Boone.
Boone, Mrs. C. M. 18 Jan 1962 Ridge Park Age 85-native of Brandon. Married 20 Dec 1899. Lived in Abbott area. Mr. Boone passed away 25 Jan 1945.
Booth, Mrs. Dorothy Cranfill 27 June 1963 Cransfills Gap Age 16- killed in car crash. Married 16 days. Born in Meridian 15 Jan 1947. Spouse of Joseph Booth of Whitney.
Bottom, William Franklin 15 April 1965 Hillcrest Age 84-born in TN. Spouse of Kate
Bowers, Raymond Orion Jr. 13 May 1965 Ridge Park Infant son of Mr & Mrs Raymond O. Bowers. Died May 4 in Bossier City, La. Grandparents lived in Hillsboro, TX.
Bowers, Robert F. 26 July 1962 Ridge Park Age 92-born in TN. Lived in Mo. before moving to Hillsboro. Died in hospital in Roswell, N M.His wife preceded him in death in 1924. Relatives in Hillsboro, TX.
Bowman, Abraham 28 Sept 1961 Ridge Park Born 11 Aug 1915 Hill Co.. Died Saturday in Wichita Falls hospital. Married Dorothy Ridlehuber 1938. Lived in Amarillo at time of death.
Boyd, Henry Tracy 26 Aug 1965 Peoria Born 8 Dec 1910 Hill County near Whitney. Married Lillian Lorene Wade 22 Aug 1937. Retired house mover and trucker.
Brady, Philip Hurley 16 April 1964 Peoria Age 77-born Aquilla, reared in Hill Co. Engineer for MKT RR 50 yrs. Retired 1959. Died in Denison MKT hospital. Lived in Bellmead, Tx.
Bragg, Ben F. 10 Oct 1963 Hillcrest Born at Peoria, spent lifetime in Union Bluff Community since 1900. Married Mamie Reed 30 May 1904 by Rev. J M McDaniel.
Bragg, Thomas Granville 2 May 1961 Merkel Age 84-born at Peoria, Tx.Worked for his uncle who owned W H Bragg Dry Goods Co. in Hillsboro, Tx. Later he organized Martin-Bragg Dry Good store with Will Martin and it later became Martin-McDonald. Spouse of Bessie Reed Bragg who helped him establish Br
Brannan, Mrs. Delia 24 July 1963 Ridge Park Age 92-born Franklin, Ky. Came to TX age 12 settling in West. She married C D Brannan 27 Dec 1888 in Abbott. He preceded her in death 3 Nov 1941.
Brannan, William H. "Tip" 18 Feb 1065 Rest Haven Age 68-died in Lubbock. Spouse of June/ relatives in Hillsboro.
Branscome, Miss Audrey 12 July 1962 Ridge Park Died 7 July 1962-info on her Mom's obit.
Branscome, Mrs. G. B. 14 April 1966 Ridge Park Age 94-married George Ben Branscome 16 Dec 1894. He preceded her in death 21 Aug 1932.
Bransford, Mrs. J. W. 17 Dec 1964 Ridge Park Age 70-former resident of Hillsboro, Tx. Her husband preceded her in death 15 May 1953. Living in Abilene at time of death.
Braziel, Michael Lee 23 May 1963 Bethlehem Born 5 June 1962 to Mr & Mrs Jess E. Braziel. Eleven months old.
Breeding, Elizabeth G. 14 Oct 1965 Restland/Dallas Nee Pitts, widow of F W (Boss) Breeding. Sparkman Funeral Home, Dallas, TX.
Breeding, Estella 8 April 1965 Ridge Park Born 6 Aug 1890 in Ala. Married Frank M. Breeding 14 July 1920. He preceded her in death 19 Oct 1946. Member of First Methodist Church and Order of the Eastern Star.
Breeding, S. W. 27 Feb 1964 Not listed Died 25 Feb Tuesday in Dallas, TX. Spouse of Elizabeth Pitts Breeding. Former resident of Hillsboro.
Brewington, Mrs. Cary 19 Nov 1964 Ridge Park Widow of W R Brewington. Died in Corsicana hospital. Member of DAR and Episcopalian.
Brice, Henry L. 13 Oct 1966 Tirk Cem. Age 56-Spouse of Mrs. Inza Mae Brice. Superintendent of schools since 1952 in Hubbard, TX. President of TX State Teachers Association of Hill County.
Bridges, Julius Franklin 25 Nov 1965 Memorial Park Born in Beckville, Tx. Lived in Hillsboro past several years. Buried in Greenville, TX.-Wife Norma Jean. Employed with Austin Bridge Co. for 20 yrs.
Brin, Ed 23 Aug 1963 Rodes Sholom Cem Age 67-born 7 July 1895 Hillsboro. WW I & WW II Veteran. Member of American Legion and Volunteer Fire Dept in Hillsboro. Buried in Waco, TX.
Brislow, Martin Luther 23 May 1963 Ridge Park Age 65-died Friday in San Antonio. Brother of Carl Bristow of Hillsboro. Wife Elizabeth
Bristow, Al (Biffilo) 2 April 1964 Not listed Age 58-died in Omaha, Neb. Was native of Hillsboro, Tx. Spouse of Katie
Brittain, Frank Oscar 6 Oct 1966 Coon Creek Cem Age 81- native of Roswell, N M, lived in Bosque Co 40 yrs, past 10 yrs in Ft. Worth. Buried in South Bend. Wife, Ida Mae McDaniel died 19 Dec 1922. Relatives in Hill County.
Brockett, Myrtle Ruth 27 Aug 1964 Covington Age 81-born Glen Rose, TX. Married in Cleburne. Lived in Hillsboro since 1940.
Bromley, James Harrison 9 Dec 1962 Not listed Age 71. Died in Whitney, Tx hospital. Wife-Winnie Davis Bromley. Marshall & Marshall officiating.
Brooks, Clarence Welborn 31 Aug 1961 Ridge Park Age 49-born in Midland, Tx. Married Lola Mae Taylor 1942. WW II Veteran. Was found shot Monday at his home. Died in VA hospital in Waco, Tx.
Brooks, Matthew Ervin 9 March 1967 Itasca Age 82-native of Springfield, Ala.-Came to TX as young man and settled in Williamson County, Tx.- Lived in Grandview, TX since 1919. Married Fannie Hotchens who died in 1948.
Brooks, Mrs. C. W. 10 Jan 1963 Ridge Park Former Sadie Brunson, native of Hill County, Tx. Married Nov 1909. Member of Woodbury Baptist Church.
Brooks, Wilburn L. 20 Feb 1964 Ridge Park Age 48-died Feb 12 in Newhall, Calif. Native of Abbott, Tx. WW II Veteran. Brother of Warren Brooks of Whitney, Tx.
Brown, Dillon Brooks 19 Dec 1963 Not listed Age 83-died in Itasca, Tx. Thursday morning. Lived in Aquilla, Tx. Marshall & Marshall Funeral Home, services pending.
Brown, E. J. 19 July 1962 Ridge Park Died Springdale, Ark-formerly of Hillsboro, Tx. Survived by wife and 2 sons, 4 grandchildren.
Brown, Hallie L. 29 Oct 1964 Not listed Age 80-born near Lampasas, Tx and moved to Itasca in 1895. Past president of Itasca Rotary Club. Married Docia Martin Brown 22 June 1915. On Board of Directors of Hillcrest Hospital in Waco, Tx. for 6 years.
Brown, Infant 30 Aug 1962 Ridge Park Infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C R Brown.
Brown, Jack 5 May 1966 Woodbury Age 56-native of Hill County. Past employee of Marshall & Marshall Funeral Home.
Brown, Jessie Lee 27 May 1965 Not listed Born in Hill County and was member of Peoria Baptist Church. Spouse of Addie. Marshall & Marshall Funeral Home in charge. Died Saturday in Grant-Buie hospital.
Brown, John C. 16 Aug 1962 Not listed USAF Sgt-10 yr. Veteran died 9 Aug at VA Hospital in Dallas. Wife was Ina Ray. Services at Little Zion Baptist Church in Hillsboro, Tx.
Brown, John Milzia 3 Jan 1963 Peoria Retired carpenter, native of Hill County. Married Jane Necessary 5 May 1940. She preceded him in death 31 March 1953.
Brown, Melvin 28 June 1962 Oakwood Cem. Born 31 Aug 1897 at Chester, S C. Came to Tx at age 2 in Blooming Grove. Later lived in Waco and Mertens before moving to Hillsboro 16 yrs ago. Married Frances Louise Hendrix 7 Jan 1924. She died June 1947. He married Corine Gunlock 8 Feb 1958. Mr. Brown
Brown, Russel J. 2 April 1964 Fairview Age 67-Retired Humble Oil Employee and rancher near Hubbard. Eubanks Funeral Chapel in Hubbard. Wife-Montrue Brown.
Brown, Tom 18 July 1963 Woodbury Age 63-native Texan. Married Lena May Upchurch 9 Sept 1930. Spent most of his life in Hill County.
Brun, Miss Barbara Jean 23 April 1964 Not listed Age 29-born 13 April 1935-died in a Terrell Hospital. Parents lived in Hillsboro, Tx.
Brunson, Clarence L. 20 June 1963 Ridge Park Age 67-native of Hill Co WW I Veteran.
Brustrom, Miss Maretta 8 Nov 1962 Fairview Age 26-born 3 March 1936 in West, Tx. Died Friday in Hillcrest Hospital, Waco, Tx.
Bruton, Mrs. J. A. 1 July 1965 Itasca Age 76 born near Timson. Moved to Itasca 1921. Married 1909. Sister of O F Bradham of Coleman.
Bryan, Mrs. Ada Gertrude Malone 4 Jan 1962 Covington Age 79-native of Ark. Came to Tx at age 3 locating in Ellis Co. Married William V. Malone 1902 and moved to Osceola area. He died 18 Feb 1941. She married Edd F. Bryan 17 Aug 1955, he died 8 Dec 1957.
Bryant, Charles Edward 19 March 1964 Ridge Park Age 41-born 31 May 1922 in Hillsboro. Passed away in Honey Grove (Sunday) of a heart attack.
Bryant, Novella Elizabeth 2 Aug 1962 Ridge Park Died 31 July in a Dallas hospital where she had lived 2 yrs. Married D M Bryant 2 Dec 1900 in Emmett, Tx. He died 21 Nov 1956.
Bryant, William Jackson 11 June 1964 Miles, Texas Age 73-native of Coleman Co, Tx. Died at home of his sister, Mrs. Mark Butler in Hillsboro, Tx. Services at Johnson Funeral Home of San Angelo, Tx.
Buchanan, Mrs. Jewel N. 11 March 1965 Prairie Valley Age 62-married O C Buchanan 18 yrs ago.
Buckaloo, Robert 19 May 1966 Ridge Park Died Tuesday in Wills Point.
Buerger, Mrs. Maybell 21 Dec 1964 Peoria Born and raised in James Community in Hill County. Married Oscar Buerger 14 May 1916 in First Methodist Church in Hillsboro. Age 75
Buie, Graham 22 Oct 1964 Ridge Park Wife was Lenola Ward Thompson. He was born 5 April 1891 in Mertens, Tx. He was retired farmer.
Buie, Mrs. Lillian Ann 13 Oct 1966 Milford, Tx Age 71-native of Blooming Grove. Married Clark N. Buie in 1936 and he precede her in death July 1955. Died in Ft. Worth, Tx.
Bunch, Mrs. Clara May 26 July 1962 Vaughan Age 61-died in Huron, Calif  Tuesday 21 July. Lived in Lenorah, Tx before marrying Jim D. Bunch. Lived in Hill County for several years.
Burge, Ollie H. 18 Oct 1962 Fairview Age 68-died Oct 12- Lived in Bowman Community all his life. Wife is Viola Bates Burge. Eubanks Funeral Home in charge.
Burks, Mrs. Coral 13 Oct 1966 Brandon Age 79-married Olin Clinton Burks in 1924 and he died 25 Dec 1953. Lifetime resident of Brandon, Tx.
Burleson, Mrs. Laura E. 31 Oct 1963 Lebanon Age 81-native of McLennan Co, had lived in Aquilla area all her life. Spouse-C F Burleson. Services held Monday at Connally Chapel, Waco, Tx.
Burns, Edward Franklin 6 Dec 1962 Ridge Park Age 80-married May Pearl Norris when he was 20 yrs old. She passed away 9 Dec 1942.
Burns, Willey E. 8 March 1962 Salem-Irene Age 79-died in Houston, Tx. Native of Gaston, Ala-came to Tx as young man and settled in Irene. Married to Lela Bailey for 55 yrs.
Burrell, Mrs. Frances 24 Aug 1961 Ridge Park Age 74-native of Mobile, Ala. Married Emmitt Arnold 27 Dec 1903-he died Dec 1917.In Dec 1919 she married W A Burrell. He died 19 Jan 1948
Burrell, Mrs. Frances 31 Aug 1961 Ridge Park Age 74-native of Alabama. She lived in Blum at time of death.
Burt, Joe 2 May 1966 Vaughan Age 70-born near Aquilla. Married Inez Black 11 Dec 1910.
Burt, Sid R. 14 Nov 1963 Ridge Park Born 21 Jan 1895 in Hill Co., lived here since 1903. Married Miss Agnes Whitlock 24 Aug 1918.
Burton, William C. 28 June 1962 Hillcrest Age 78- Born in Star City, Arkansas. Married Lizzie Mae Brockman 18 Feb 1904. They came to TX in 1905 locating near Penelope. Lived in Itasca past 10 yrs.
Butcher, Mrs. Dave 7 Jan 1965 Ridge Park Age 54-born 2 Jan 1909 in Corsicana. Married Dave Butcher 10 Feb 1940. Lived in Hillsboro the past 20 years.
Butts, J. C. 1 Feb 1964 Ridge Park Born Aug 1874 in Gainesville, Ga. Came to Tx at the age of 13.
Butts. Mrs. Jayne D. 22 Dec 1966 Vaughan Died in Beaumont, Tx.-relatives in Hillsboro
Buzek, Mrs. Marie 2 April 1961 Penelope Age 74-born in Czechoslovakia. Lived in Penelope most of her life.
Byars, Dr. Cato S. 16 Jan 1964 Ridge Park Born 20 Nov 1908 in Johnson County. WW II Veteran and a chiropractor. Lived in Hillsboro since 1948. Married Novie Boots Reese 10 Nov 1949.
Bynum, Mrs. Claude 12 Nov 1963 Hillcrest Born 29 Jan 1895 in Evant, Tx. Mother of Mrs. Norman L. West of Hillsboro.
Byrn, Ida Stevens 21 Sept 1961 Covington Born 2 Jan 1879 at Osceola. Married Arthur D. Byrn 5 Jan 1902. They resided in TN for 3 yrs before moving to Osceola 1904. Mr. Byrn died 31 Aug 1960. Lived in Covington at time of death.
Byrum, Mrs. Nancy Jane 3 oct 1963 Prairie Grove Former Nancy Jane Minnix, dau of George Minnix. Relatives in Hill County. Died in Houston, Tx. Marshall & Marshall conducted services.
Cagle, Harold 10 Jan 1963 Frost Cem. Age 28-killed in car wreck with his dau, Urban in Corpus Christi. Nephew of Virgil Cagle of Hillsboro.
Cagle, Mrs. Ed (Sallie Frances Parker) 1 Oct 1961 Hillcrest Age 75, native of Ark. Married Lester Edgar Cagle 29 Aug 1914. He died 6 April 1957. Lived in Brandon area 17 yrs.
Cain, Donald Jay 8 May 1961 Peoria Infant of former Faye Williams and Ray Cain of Hillsboro. Born 18 April, died in Lake Charles, La. hospital.
Cain, Mrs. Marian Lucille 22 Aug 1963 Not listed Age 39-native of Hill County. Died in Long Beach, CA. Body arrive in Hillsboro Sat. Services pending at Marshall & Marshall Fun. Chapel.
Caldwell, Robert B. 21 Feb 1963 Not listed Funeral with Marshall & Marshall Funeral Home.
Calloway, L. C. 25 March 1965 Itasca Died in Corpus Christi, Tx.
Calloway, Mrs. Maude Smith 23 Jan 1964 Whitney Born in Bosque Co-Married Otho 14 Sept 1903. He passed 19 Feb 1943. Retired school teacher. Died Friday in Lutheran Sunset Home in Clifton, Tx.
Camp, Ben F. 9 May 1963 Blum Age 79-native of Ala. He came to Blum from GA at age of 9. Married Georgia Adair April 1914. She died 1924
Camp, George David Sr. 24 Aug 1964 Not listed Died in Austin, TX. Former Deputy Tax Collector in Hill Co. Operated mercantile business in Blum for many years. Retired from IRS in Austin. Reared in Blum, Tx.
Campbell, John Karl 28 March 1963 Inglewood Cem Deid March 21 in Los Angeles. Married Marguerite Paris of Dallas. She died 1953. Leader of Boy Scout Troup in Hillsboro. Member of Rotary Club.
Campbell, Mrs. Lena 4 Jan 1964 Ridge Park Age 92- native of Graves Co, KY. Married 23 Dec 1895 to A D Campbell and soon after came to Whitney, TX. Moved to Hillsboro 1910.
Campbell, Mrs. Lydia Beatrice (Ward) 13 Dec 1964 Not listed Age 62-native of Georgetown, Tx. Lived in Covington, died in Cleburne, Tx hospital. Married 27 June 1920-member of Blum Pentecostal Church.
Cannamore, Arvel D. 15 April 1965 Salem-Irene Age 55-wife's name is Jessie
Cannamore, G. C. 3 Aug 1961 Salem-Irene Age 73-native of GA. came to Tx age 9 to Ft. Worth. Later moved to Navarro And Hill Counties. Married Louise York Sept 1906
Cannamore, Mrs. Louise Bertha 19 July 1962 Salem-Irene Born Little Rock, Ark-came to Tx age 9 near Irene. Moved to Hillsboro 1945. Married Geo. C. 3 Sept 1906 and he died 28 July 1961.
Cannon, Mr. Ira 22 Oct 1961 Ridge Park Age 80-born in Calhoun Co, Miss and came to Tx 2 yrs old. Married Miss Sara Frazier 28 Dec 1906. She died 2 Oct 1957
Cantrell, John Pearl 25 Jan 1962 Ridge Park Age 76-lived in Hillsboro before moving to Waxahachie. Married Dovie Morrison 1906 in Hillsboro. Owned and operated Cantrell Grocery Store in Waxahachie.
Cantrell, Mrs. D. A. 13 Feb 1964 Ridge Park Formerly Mary Lillian Turner-lived in Hill Co since age 16.
Capps, John F. 16 July 1963 Peoria Age 63-native of Boone Co., Ark. Moved to Ok. Indian Terr. as small boy, came to Tx 1905 locating in Covington. Married Eura Tarter 1920, she died 1939. He then married Ola Beene 1941. She died 1949, he then married Mrs. Marguerite Cobb Nov 1951. WW II Veteran.
Carmichael, James Q. 2 Jan 1964 Hillcrest/ Dal, TX Age 78-born near Woodbury. Elected Co Clerk of Hill Co 1913 and served 6 yrs. Moved to Dallas 1921. Brother of C D Carmichael of Hillsboro, Tx.
Carmichael, Miss Margaret 5 Nov 1964 Ridge Park Native of Hillsboro, Tx. Dau of Geo and Annie Carmichael.
Carmichael, Mrs. Joe 16 April 1964 Whitney Age 88-born in Dallas. Married 1910 at Hillsboro. Formerly Maggie H. Hord.
Carress, Harry A. 25 March 1965 Not listed Age 71-born in Hutchison, Kansas and came here from Iowa 1953. Married Carolyn Kinzle of Ellinwood, Kansas 1914. Member of 1st Methodist Church.
Carter, G. B. 24 Aug 1964 Not listed Lived in Colbert, Ok.-Husband of Miss Hazel Hammer, formerly of Hillsboro, Tx.
Cartwright, Mrs. Madora 9 May 1963 Not listed Age 84 Moved to Vaughan as a young girl. Married Albert Sidney Cartwright who died 15 Aug 1957. Services at Marshall & Marshall Chapel.
Caskey, Eugene E. 7 Nov 1963 Restland Cem Jacksonville, Tx. Age 78-born in Bell (Hard to read?) Co. Lived in Jacksonville 1915-1961 when he moved to Itasca, Tx.
Cathey, Mrs. Bettye 11 March 1965 Restland-Dallas, Tx Age 60-Born in Frost, Tx. Sister of Hill County Judge J. Howard English. Died at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Tx.
Cato, Mrs. Frances Rowan 20 Feb 1964 Rose Hill Cem. Age 66-dau of Mrs. Lucy Rowan of Whitney. Wife of O. M. Cato. Buried in Cleburne, Tx.
Cauble, Osie 15 Nov 1962 Rest Haven Memorial Park-Corsicana, Tx Age 60-born in Vaughan Comm. and lived in Hillsboro until 1938. Married Clara Mae Duke 1921.
Caudle, Mr. Lee 27 Feb 1964 Peoria Born 4 Aug 1885 Ala.-moved to Hill Co age 19. Married Della Bennett 6 Jan 1909.
Cavett, Connor Herron 9 Feb 1965 Whitney Age 62-died in El Dorado, Ark.-Retired Butcher. Sp of Sammye Lawson of Whitney.
Cawlfield, Mrs. Will (Bess Smoot) 27 June 1963 Forest Park Cem. Houston, Tx. Relatives in Hillsboro.
Cepica, Johnny Wesley 7 Dec 1961 St. Joseph-Ennis, Tx Age 31-died in accident while changing flat tire north of Corsicana, Tx. Resident of Hubbard.
Chaffin, Mrs. Alice 6 Feb 1964 Ridge Park Age 96-native of TN. Came to TX 72 ago. Married 23 Dec 1888 Dan F. Chaffin. He died 7 Feb 1938.
Chamblee, Dovie Tucker 9 Jan 1964 Memorial Hill- Kennendale, Tx Spent childhood in Bynum. Dau of W H Curtis. Relatives in Hillsboro, Tx.
Chaney, Mrs. Nona B. 25 Oct 1962 Restland-Dallas, Tx Age 72-died in Irving, Tx. Relatives in Hillsboro, Tx.
Cheak, Mrs. Nannie E. 10 June 1965 Whitney Age 78-born near Atlanta, Ga. Parents-Mr & Mrs J. C. Shaw. Husband-Joe Cheak died 1933.
Cheatham, Mr. B. H. 21 Feb 1963 Hillcrest Cem Born 5 May 1920 in Peoria. Married Gracie Mae Taylor 12 Nov 1942.
Chennault, Agnes 1 Nov 1996 Brandon Born 20 Aug 1921 Hillsboro, Tx. Daughter of Clarence Ovidiah & Ellen Romelder Swearingen Chennault. Taught school 42 yrs-last 25 in Ft. Worth, Tx. Retired 1982.
Choate, Thomas Sebe 5 Nov 1964 Milford Cem. Age 82-retired rancher.
Christian, Mrs. Maggie Mae 13 Feb 1964 Ridge Park Born 12 May 1881 in Peoria. Married 25 Dec-66 yrs ago to Charles Wesley.
Christie, Mrs. Elza 1 Feb 1962 Heath Born 8 Jan 1874 Steiner Valley. Married 29 Aug 1893 Robert Lee Connolly, he died 1918. Later married A L Christie who died 1955.
Christopher, Mrs. Lonnie 20 Dec 1961 Peoria Age 83-Member of Presbyterian Church.
Claridy, H. W. 20 Dec 1966 Peoria Age 76/ native of Tn.-Died in Whitney Hospital
Clark, Mrs. Lottie 29 March 1962 Covington Age 88-Her husband was rural mail carrier at Covington, he died 12 March 1943.
Clark, Sam B. 15 Aug 1963 Hillcrest Age 78-spent most of his life in the Huron, Peoria Whitney and Woodbury communities. Married 5 March 1905 to Miss Annie Nivin.
Clark, Sherwood W. 18 June 1964 Laurel Land/ Ft. Worth, Tx. Age 43-native of Blum. WW II Vet. Married Mary Ruth Taylor of Blum 1946.
Clarke, Mrs. C. E. 21 June 1962 Mt. Calm Cem Age 83-born at West. Formerly Alice Ashley.
Clements, A. B. 14 Jan 1963 Not listed-possibly Peoria Cem. Born 8 March 1874 Miss., came to Tx 1890. Married Lula Byers 20 Nov 1926. Residents of Peoria last 30 yrs.
Clements, Will H. 4 Aug 1962 Greenie Age 84-born in Bosque Co and lived in Aquilla area before moving to Byrome 12 yrs ago.
Cliett, Mrs. Linna Mae 31 May 1962 Ridge Park Born 25 Oct 1885 at Tyler, Tx. Came to Hill Co 1892. Married A. Gus Cliett 4 July 1909.
Cliett, Mrs. Terry Reed 14 Dec 1961 Peoria Age 82-born in Tupelo, Miss. Married Peter Wm Cliett 25 Dec 1899. He died 28 Sept 1948.
Clifton, Mrs. Dona Franks 7 Jan 1965 Itasca Former resident of Hill Co., she passed away in Gunter, Tx.
Clinard, Tom Z. 2 Nov 1965 Hillcrest Born 5 Sept 1890 in Rogers, Tx. Lived in Hill co since 1932. WW I Veteran. Spouse of Lois
Clinkscales, Gary Lee Jr. 7 March 1963 Ridge Park Infant son of Mr & Mrs G L Clinkscales. He was born 22 Feb.
Cobb, Inf dau/James R. Cobb 17 Nov 1966 Peoria Grandchild of Marguerite Myers of Hillsboro.
Cobb, James D. 7 Nov 1967 Peoria Age 91-native of Hill Co. Married Lottie Estelle Bennett 19 March 1899.
Cobb, Mrs. Ethel 27 Sept 1962 Brandon Age 83-born in Tn. Married G W Cobb 8 June 1902.
Cochran, Burr D. 23 May 1963 Ridge Park Age 77-Veteran of WW I
Cockerham, John Lee 1 March 1962 Itasca Age 67-moved to Tx 1909
Coffey, Mrs. Rowayne 1 Dec 1966 Laurel Land Dau of Mrs. Amy Pharris of Hillsboro. Mrs.Caffey was the former Elouise Saylors. Lived in De Sota, Tx at time of death; buried in Dallas, Tx.
Coggin, Mrs. Annie Mae 24 Feb 1966 Ridge Park Spouse of G. D. (Jake) Coggin-native of Milford, Tx. Moved to Ft. Worth 1942
Cogswell, Wilson A. 21 May 1964 Waco Memorial Park Age 73-born in Hill Co.-Lived in Eddy, Tx. at time of death. Married the former Camilla Woollsey.
Cole, E. L. 16 Dec 1965 Not listed Age 61-born in Bynum Comm. Sparksman's Funeral Home of Dallas in charge of service.
Cole, Mrs. Evelyn 27 June 1964 Ridge Park Married Marvin Cecil Cole Sr. 23 May 1914 at Whitney. Died in Ft. Worth, Tx.
Cole, Tan P. 25 Oct 1962 Brandon Native of Indiana. Married Annie McCommas who died 25 Sept 1945. Lived in Bynum
Collier, Emmett F. 31 March 1966 Ridge Park Age 78-native of Henderson, Tx. Married Amanda Tyler 12 June 1910, she died 15 Sept 1961; he later married Mrs. Virgie Nichols
Collier, Mrs. Amanda 21 Sept 1961 Not listed Born 10 June 1892 at Milford, Tx. Marshall and Marshall in charge of services.
Collier, Nathan D. 25 March 1965 Vaughan Age 85-born in Hill Co.,-married 10 Nov 1901 to Miss Lillie Mae Helms who died March 1959.
Collier, Ross 17 Dec 1964 Not listed-Dallas, Tx Age 54-born Rienzy near Malone; nephew of E F Collier of Hillsboro. Died in Dallas.
Collins, Mrs. Rose Paschal 12 March 1964 Okmulgee Cem, Ok. Age 53-born in Hillsboro, Tx.
Conger, Delinda J. 4 Aug 1966 Not listed Infant dau of Mr & Mrs Kenneth Roy Conger of Hillsboro, Tx.
Connor, H. A. 7 Jan 1965 Avinger Cem. Age 86-died in Grant-Buie Hospital. Was visiting his daughter, Mrs. Clark.
Conover, Thomas Marion 20 Dec 1966 Ridge Park Age 73-native of Hillsboro. Married Mrs. Flores M. Huffines 1929. Masonic Lodge
Coody, Mrs. Sallie 26 Aug 1965 Blanton Age 83-born 4 Sept 1881 in Blanton, lived in Wise Co for 35 yrs. Married John Frank Coody 30 July 1897. He died 31 Aug 1957.
Cook, Mrs. Roxie Yates 30 May 1963 Ridge Park Age 82-born in Culp Community. Moved to Dallas 1931. Married W A Yates 5 Dec 1897, he died 11 June 1919. She later married M T Cook who died 7 Dec 1927.
Cooper, Mrs. Richard 17 Sept 1964 Milford Born in Milford, Tx to Mr & Mrs E S Mackey. She died in Terrell Hospital.
Corbin, Frank M. 22 Dec 1965 Not listed Born 2 Dec 1897 at Nada, Tx. Married Bessie Watson 23 Dec 1933. Was mail carrier for Abbott area 1921 -1962 when he retired.
Cornelius, Mrs. Burneica Izora 10 Oct 1963 Ridge Park Born 1 Feb 1909 in Harper, Gillispie Co to Joseph & Etna Fairchild. Married Thomas Henry 25 Sept 1925. Moved to Hillsboro 1943. She was LVN nurse.
Corridon, Ronald Earl 18 Nov 1965 Houston, Tx Age 44, born in Hillsboro, son of the late Mr & Mrs R E Corridon Sr. Went to live with uncle, George Rogers and they reared him to manhood.
Coslett, Clanton Joe 13 Aug 1964 Peoria Born 31 May 1963. Infant of Mr & Mrs J D Coslett Mother is former Etta P Lewis Died in Children's Medical Center in Dallas.
Counts, Mrs. Martha Hueherson 9 May 1964 Ridge Park Died in Austin, Tx. Widow of Dalton G. Counts who died 1939.
Cowley, Joe Bailey 1 July 1965 Laurel Land/Dallas, Tx. Dudley M. Hughes Funeral Home/ relatives in Hillsboro, Tx.
Cowley, Mrs. Jennie McCown 24 May 1962 Covington Came to Hillsboro 1912. Married Robert Jackson Cowley 12 Nov 1892. He died 7 Oct 1937.
Cowley. R. J. 16 Sept 1965 Willow, Okla. Age 72-former resident of Hill County.
Cox, George Butler 5 Sept 1963 Bethlehem Age 90-native of Bosque Co. Married Emily McCabe 2 May 1893. She died 6 Feb 1959.
Cox, George E. Sr. 26 Aug 1965 Ridge Park Born 18 Sept 1889-son of Hill County Sheriff John P Cox Sr. Married Jewell Briggs 29 March 1910.
Cox, Mrs. Ella Elizabeth 9 May 1961 Ridge Park Age 66-Marshall & Marshall Funeral Chapel.
Craig, Mrs. Maude 16 Dec 1965 Ridge Park Born Illinois-member of First Baptist Church 50 yrs. Preceded in death by husband Arthur B. Craig, 4 Sept 1962.
Craig, Mrs. Myrtle 16 Sept 1965 Ridge Park Former resident of Hillsboro, lived in Greenville, Tx at time of death.
Crain, William L. 11 March 1965 Not listed Age 72-born in Brandon, Miss. 1882 and spent most of life in Vicksburg, Miss, moving to Hillsboro 13 years ago. Member of Baptist Church. Brother of T C Crain of Hillsboro.
Crawford, John W. 13 Dec 1962 Ridge Park Age 73-born in Dalton, Ga. came to Tx as a baby with his parents. Moved to Hillsboro 1905. Married Mezueri F. Shetley 15 Sept 1907.
Crenshaw, Charles 24 Aug 1964 Lubbock ?? Former Hillsboro resident, now living in Lubbock.
Crocker, H. Jerrel 20 June 1963 Ridge Park Age 66-native of Abbott, Tx. Married Ethel Selby 29 May 1920. WW I Veteran. Rural mail carrier 40 yrs until he retired 31` Oct 1959.
Crow, Alvis Edward 27 June 1964 Forreston Cem. Age 62-Boze Funeral Chapel, Waxahachie, Tx. Died Tues. night June 16. Father of Mrs. Jackie Miller of Milford, Tx
Crow, Otis 24 Jan 1963 Brandon Age 85-native of Ark-born 17 Dec 1878; came to Tx 1904. Married Lizzile Stevens 1913.
Crowder, J. Green 25 Oct 1962 Ridge Park Native of Peoria. Was auto dealer. Married Leta Mae McClendon 1916.
Crowe, Charles N. 27 May 1965 Brandon Age 73-native of Ark. Married Eva Gibson 1919. WW I Vet
Crowe, Mrs. Rose L. 16 April 1964 Houston, Tx Relatives in Hillsboro, Tx.
Culberson, Mrs. Fannie Wright 30 Jan 1964 Tulsa, Okla. Former resident of Hillsboro, Tx.
Culverhouse, Mrs. Lydia 4 Feb 1965 Whitney Age 80, native of Caldwell Co. Spouse of W L Culverhouse.
Cunningham, Elword Sr. 24 Jan 1963 Whitney Born 2 Sept 1898 Bastrop Co, Tx/ Married Fannie Tanner 21 July 1917.
Cunningham, Leonard 5 April 1962 Ridge Park Born Gibson Co, Tenn. Age 64
Cunningham, Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth 22 Aug 1963 Rosemound Cem-Waco, Tx. Age 89-lived in Waco at time of death. 56 Grandchildren, 129 Great grandchildren, and 16 gg grandchildren. (Mrs. Clayton Stokes of Hillsboro, Tx.)
Cupp, Mrs. Olive A. 10 June 1965 Hillcrest Married 1 Jan 1906, born in Whitney, Tx
Curbo, Ben 20 Dec 1966 Ridge Park Age 65-native of Hill Co. Married Anna Williams 1925.
Curbo, Dud 27 Oct 1966 Oak Grove Cem. Age 62-lived all his life around Woodbury Comm.- Married Martha Holland 1925.
Currie, Mrs. Nancy M. 17 Oct 1963 Bethlehem Native of Ark-came to Tx as infant with Sam & Mary Golden. Spouse of Harry J. Currie.
Curry, Earl (Buck) 4 Feb 1965 Ridge Park Age 59-
Curry, Frances E. 8 Feb 1962 Ridge Park Age 86-born in Dallas Co. Married John Henry Curry 18 Feb 1891.
Curry, Grover C. 8 May 1961 Ridge Park Age 71 born in Fisher Co. Married 6 Aug 1913 to Mable Stapleton. Moved to Hillsbor from Hubbard and operated service station on Rose Hill 36 yrs. Mable died 26 May 1959.
Curry, Mrs. Effie 18 Jan 1962 Ridge Park Born in Ala.-came to Tx as a child. Service held at Marshall & Hollingsworth of Itasca.
Curry, Mrs. Ethel 26 April 1962 Ridge Park Born 13 Oct 1886 Tn. Came to Tx as child and located near Woodbury. Married T W Curry 7 Jan 1906. He died 27 April 1919.
Curry. Mrs. Maggie Christopher 19 April 1962 Ridge Park Age 80 died Friday in Dallas. Widow of Jesse C. Curry.
Curtain, John 31 March 1966 Whitney Age 65-born Curtain, Tx. Married 6 Oct 1922 Emma Golden.
Curtis, Edward O. 13 Dec 1961 Ridge Park Age 44-native of Bynum, Tx. Active member of Farm Bureau
Cypert, Joe J. 6 Dec 1962 Hickey Age 72-born Wayne Co, TN. Age 3 came to Tx. Married Deberah Keen 14 Jan 1915.
Cypert, Maude D. 6 April 1967 Ridge Park Age 79-native of Hill Co. Married Ralph N. Cypert 1907. He died 1928.
Cypert, Mrs. E. B. 25 July 1965 Hickey Native of Roger, Ark-born 15 Sept 1880 came to Tx age 16 and married E B Cypert in 1898 Hillsboro. He died 5 June 1940.
Cypert, W. C. 31 Aug 1961 Hillcrest Age 64-spouse of Mary Anna