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How to Write and Submit Your Story and Photographs

I. Who is eligible to participate?
   A. County residents.
   B. Past county residents.
   C. Those with roots in the county.
II. How much may I submit, and what is the cost?
   A. Each household is encouraged to send in 500 words of family history and one photograph.
   B. These amounts will be published free.
   C. In addition, if your ancestors were in the county previous to 1903, you may submit 500 words of pioneer history and another photograph per household. Only one pioneer story is permitted at no extra cost per family grouping or genealogy. You may combine these words and the 500 words of II. A. into one article. A one-column wide photograph may replace the two single photographs allowed.
   D. Additional words are 15 cents per word. Each additional regular photograph, each full column width photo, or each double deep photo is $15.00 per photo. A two-column wide, double-deep photograph may be purchased for an extra $45.00.
III. What will I write?
   A. About your ancestors.
      1. Why and when they came to the county.
      2. Births, marriages and death dates.
   B. Yourself and your family.
      1. Childhood, school days and other events.
      2. Jobs. residences and pastimes.
   C. Details of ancestry for future generations.
IV. Article Directions
A. Double-spaced typed or word processing on bond paper.
   B. Include at end of article:
      1. Word count and sources.
      2. Your name and address.
      3. Typed photo caption(s).
V. Photograph Directions
   A. Kinds and sizes
      1. We cannot be responsible for your original and valuable photographs. PLEASE, only submit DUPLICATES of your photographs.
      2. We will accept 35mm color, black and white or studio quality prints.
      3. No photocopies of faded Polaroid prints will be accepted for use. Laser prints must be on photographic paper.
      4. Any size up to 8" X 10".
      5. All will be reduced to 2-1/2" X 1-3/4" size, unless you pay the extra amount described in II. D., or it qualifies as pioneer status.
    B. Identification
      1. Place a return address label with telephone number on back of each photo, or print information lightly on photo back with a felt tip pen.
      2. Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you want your photos returned by mail.
   C. Captions
      1. Limited to 10 words.
      2. Type captions at the end of the article.
VI. Additional Articles
   A. Histories of churches, clubs and organizations.
      1. Each allowed 250 words and one photograph free.
      2. Additional words and photographs as in II. D.
   B. Communities and major topics allowed 600-750 words and one photo at committee discretion.
   C. Tribute, memorial and business advertisement section.
      1. The only pages with a cost to submitter.
      2. Contact committee members.
VII. Writing Assistance
   A. We offer a free writing workshop. Watch your local newspaper for time and date.
   B. Contact committee members.
VIII. Restrictions
A. Articles cannot harm nor embarrass anyone.
   B. No genealogical charts or tabular material.
   C. Committee reserves the right to delete spurious material.
   D. Pioneer material subject to verification.