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Taken from Handbook of Texas Online

HILL COLLEGE. From 1923 to 1950 Hillsboro Junior College, one of the earliest municipal junior colleges in Texas, operated in the same building as Hillsboro High School, in Hillsboro. The Hillsboro public school system had planned for separate buildings, but the high school had burned down on April 6, 1922, so the funds for the two schools were combined, and a three-story building on the site of the old high school building was erected. The junior college operated on the third floor. It opened with six faculty members and fifty-two students on September 10, 1923. In 1947 two temporary classroom buildings were added to the grounds for the junior college. In 1950 it closed for lack of funds.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Hill County Historical Commission, A History of Hill County, Texas, 1853-1980 (Waco: Texian, 1980). Fay M. Little, History of Hillsboro Junior College (M.A. thesis, Baylor University, 1964).

Harold B. Simpson




We present this book with the hope that it will serve to light the candle of memories in the years when 1946 and1947 live only in thoughts; that each page will prompt a story of the happy days of our youth in Hillsboro College.


This has been an unusual year in the life of Hillsboro College. It has been a year marked by the kind of change which can only lead to improvement. In 1947 a new era came into being. Student life was inoculated with a new spirit. The idea which now prevails is new, and yet it is old----as old as America itself. It is the idea of democratic living. Long ago we learned that people live most harmoniously and profitably in a society which offers every man and woman an opportunity to be a part of the government.  Why couldnt such a system, known to be effective in instances where vast numbers are involved, work well at Hillsboro College?  Needless to say, the plan has been highly successful.  The formation of the entire student body into council groups was the first step undertaken. A Student activity committee composed of students elected to represent their respective council groups now function with the faculty in the promotion of every conceivable activity designed for making life in the school more beneficial and pleasant.  The foundation has been laid; the groundwork is formed.  It remains for those who follow to further the plan.  To these students of tomorrow who must carry on by enlarging upon what has been done this year, this book is dedicated.  It is dedicated in the solemn hope that our work shall not have been in vain and that the fruit of our endeavors shall be lastingly beneficial to the school and to the world.

These records were taken from yearbook that is in Hillsboro City Library. They are in opposite side with records for Hillsboro High School for 1947. They only list sophomores and freshman in this yearbook.

We transcribed them in hopes they would be helpful to others. If anyone has information on History of the College please email it to webmaster. We welcome any additional information.

HCGS Volunteer
September 2004

NAME Position at the College or place of residency
Keeton, Mrs. E. B.
Lance, Mr. M. T. ..
Beard, Mrs. E. D. .
Eastland, Herman Jr. President
Carter, Mrs. Henry
Stubblefield, Mr. Cecil
Calvert, Mr. R. W. .
Berry, Miss Jean Bookkeeper-Bus. Mgr.
Smithson, Mrs. Wiley Secretary to President
Dawson, W. R. Registrar
Dudley, Miss Harry Dean of Students
Barnes, Miss Kitty Fay Secretary to Registrar
Allen, Mr. E. P. Education, Psychology. Mathematics
Traughber, Mr. M. S. Education, Economics, Government, History
Noell, Mrs. M. G. English
Patterson, Miss Elizabeth English
Godsey, Mr. J. T. Biology, Bacteriology, Physiology
McCuen, Mr. H. F. Chemistry, Mathematics
Kaderli, Mr. J. N. Engineering, Physics
Morrison, Mr. W. T. Mathematics
Campbell, Mrs. Dale Home Economics
Davis, Mrs. W. A. Business Administration
Conaway, Miss Ruth Business Administration
Bond, Miss Mina Librarian
Dawson, W. Read Romance Languages
Sweeney, Miss Helen History, Government
Musgraves, Miss Demetra Physical Education
Raymer, Lloyd Physical Education
Davis, Mrs. Ruby K. Art
Richardson, Mrs. Parmer Music
Wood, William Speech
Head, Eugene President
Counts, Henry Vice-President
Head, Rowena Secretary
Neal, Jack Parlimentarian
Riddle, Clarence Reporter


Wm Wood; Miss Elizabeth Patterson
Bassinger, Bernarr Hillsboro
Bell, Tom Milford
Boyd, Billy Gene Hillsboro
Bourland, Christine Itasca
Acton, James B. Hillsboro
Brackett, William Hillsboro
Breeding, Wm. Thos. Hillsboro
Brooks, Ben A. Jr. Dallas
Barnes, William Hillsboro
Ball, Royce E. Hillsboro
Bearden, Wilton Hillsboro
Campbell, Wanda Hillsboro
Clark, J. H. Hillsboro
Collier, Brooksie Nell Grandview
Compton, Edgar (Cotton) Waco
Cunningham, Carl Hillsboro
Farris, Dick Hillsboro
Fawcett, Garland Hillsboro
Fusotn, Melba Italy
Gardner, Oneta Faye Itasca
Gilmore, Betty Whitney
Goss, Dorothy Faye Itasca
Foster, Maxine Hillsboro
Head, Eugene Cleburne
Head, Rowena Cleburne
Hutyra, Edwin West
Irvin, Doris Itasca
Kocian, Ernest W. West
Kirkpatrick, Lynn C. Hillsboro
Keeton, Nell Hillsboro
Major, Wanda Itasca
Malone, Morris Hillsboro
Mann, Nancy Malone
Marshall, Howard Hillsboro
McCauley, Theta Hillsboro
McCauley, Jack Hillsboro
McEver, Brice Hillsboro
McGee, El Wanda Graham
Perry, Roger Mertens
Powers, Leslie Hillsboro
Raney, Howard Waxahachie
Reese, Raymond Hillsboro
Riddle, Charles Italy
Roberts, Lee Roy Kaufman
Rhoads, Kathryn Hillsboro
Smith, Barbara Bynum
Smith, Zelda Nell Itasca
Shrader, Annette Italy
Stiff, Robert S. Hillsboro
Sumner, James D. Hillsboro
Sumner, John D. Itasca
Terry, Ada Hillsboro
Longino, Horace Waxahachie
Wallace, Joe M. Hillsboro
Watson, James David Hillsboro
Wilson, Joe Hillsboro
Counts, Henry Hillsboro
Dickinson, Hubert F. State Home, Corsicana
Dormer, Owen Hillsboro
Forbes, Herman H. Itasca
Cockerham, Earl Milford
Darden, Jack A. Hillsboro
Walker, D. B. Hillsboro
Hayes, Ina Mary Hillsboro
Beane, Daniel E. Eagle Lake
Ellison, James H. Hillsboro
Miller, Sylvester (Buddy) Hillsboro
Neal, Pat Hillsboro
Phillips, Billy Hillsboro
Rollins, Wm. G. Hillsboro
Watson, Jim Ben Itasca
Worley, Dow Malone
Wright, Jewel Orville Italy
Snelson, Billy Bob President
Selby, Raymond Vice-President
Loveless, Jaynelle Secretary
Keeton, Eulayne Reporter


Miss Demetra Musgraves, Mr. John T. Godsey
Adams, Billie V. Hillsboro
Adams, Joyce Frost
Akins, F. E. West
Allredge, Lu Jeanne Hillsboro
Allen, Robert Hillsboro
Anthony, Joan Hillsboro
Anderson, Lee Roy Temple
Ashley, Robert West
Barnes, Donald Hillsboro
Barton, Lambert West
Beavers, William Robert Hillsboro
Bell, Jimmy Milford
Belzner, Clara Rae Hillsboro
Bieltfeldt, Otto E. Malone
Bigham, Ray D. Milford
Black, Henry Ray Hillsboro
Blair, William B. Itasca
Boyd, Ray Hillsboro
Brady, William Hillsboro
Breeding, Leon Hillsboro
Burbank, Janice Italy
Burks, Billy Gene Brandon
Cain, John Bynum
Carmichael, Alvin Hillsboro
Carmichael, Bettye Hillsboro
Carmichael, John Hillsboro
Carr, James Hillsboro
Carroll, Ray Dean Italy
Clark, Billy Hillsboro
Clark, Lee Hillsboro
Conditt, Bill Hillsboro
Coutret, Alex Itasca
Coleman, Doris Lucille Hillsboro
Clonch, Robert Abbott
Craig, Valorie Malone
Crawford, William Hillsboro
Crowe, Charles Brandon
Cunningham, George J. Hillsboro
Curlee, Austin Itasca
Curlee, Sammie Itasca
Curlee, Sterling Itasca
Cypert, Kenneth Hillsboro
Davis, Billy Joe Hillsboro
Davis, Wilmot Grandview
Dennis, Oletha Clifton
Dickey, C. L. Hillsboro
Dominy, Rose Marie Hillsboro
Dorsey, Elton Hillsboro
Dunn, William Whitney
Ellison, Joe Itasca
Ervin, Lanelle Mertens
Files, Robert Itasca
Findley, Billie Marie Whitney
Finley, W. A. Malone
Cleveland, Tom Hillsboro
Garrett, Robert Mertens
Gerik, Edith Aquilla
Goss, Harry Itasca
Griffin, George Hillsboro
Haidusek, Alois D. West
Hall, Charles Grandview
Harris, Joline Grandview
Harris, Betty Hillsboro
Hardison, Johnnie Whitney
Harmon, Bill Hillsboro
Harper, Harold Itasca
Hart, Betty Wayne Italy
Harvey, Sarah Hillsboro
Hawes, Joe Itasca
Hawk, Betty Hillsboro
Haywood, Alton Waxahachie
Holasek, Raymond Joseph West
Heath, Gilbert Hillsboro
Hofman, Clyde Waco
Howard, Jink Penelope
Hutchison, Sue Whitney
Irwin, Ross Hillsboro
Jeffrey, Sam Lorena
Johnson, R. J. (Jungle) Hillsboro
Johnson, Sue Hillsboro
Johnston, Merle Hillsboro
Jones, Brinson Waxahachie
Keenom, Margie Ruth Waxahachie
Keeton, Eulayne Hillsboro
Keeton, O'Mar Hillsboro
Kilgore, Joe Itasca
Klintchek, Fred West
Kostohryz, Laura Jean West
Kramolis, Ramon West
Lavendar, Clint Hillsboro
Ledingham, Dick West
Livingston, Peggy Grandview
Loveless, Jaynelle Hillsboro
Lucien, William F. West
Mann, Ella Louise Malone
Matthews, Otis Italy
McClung, Burhl Hillsboro
McKown, Billy Tom Hillsboro
McGown, Dan Whitney
McCollum, Dorothy Faye Itasca
McCoy, Jack West
McElroy, Charles Hillsboro
McGee, G. V. West
McMahan, Earl Whitney
Merkel, Margie Hillsboro
Milam, Robert Waxahachie
Moore, Chrystelle Itasca
Morgan, Harry Glenn Abbott
Neal, Marvin Brandon
Nuchols, Linda Hillsboro
Podsednik, Johnnie Bynum
Patterson, Roy Shelton Mertens
Payne, Glenn Abbott
Payne, Virginia Hillsboro
Peters, Arnold West
Popp, Frances Abbott
Pratt, William H. Dallas
Pustejovsky, Dorothy Abbott
Pustejovsky, Wesley Abbott
Reyes, Rudolph Avalon
Reese, Neilda Imogene Hillsboro
Robinson, Ray Dallas
Ramirez, Steven Hillsboro
Russell, Clovis West
Russell, Eldon West
Sessions, Lila Hillsboro
Selby, Raymond Abbott
Sides, Paul Abbott
Smallwood, Joe Dallas
Snelson, Billie Bob West
Starnes, Willie Hillsboro
Soukup, Tony West
Sumner, Betsy Hillsboro
Smithson, Wiley Hubbard
Standlee, Mary Hillsboro
Terry, Mary Nell Hillsboro
Thrash, R. H. Grandview
Thrower, Wesley West
Triplett, Bobbie Lucelle Hillsboro
Turner, Bobbie S. Hillsboro
Underwood, Bill Itasca
Urbis, Joe West
Watson, Bill Itasca
Webster, Richard Waxahachie
Wilcox, J. D. Abbott
Wiley, Ben Itasca
Wilson, Margaret Hillsboro
Younger, Peggy Jean Bynum