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Odom Cemetery

   Odom Cemetery, Hill County, Texas, is located about 5.5 miles southeast of Whitney. Drive south on FM 933 about 4.2 miles to HCR 2122. Turn east and drive about 1.25 miles. The cemetery is on the right (south) side of the road. View Map.
   This cemetery was inventoried by Roy Bessire in June, 2003. 

Hill County Genealogy Society thanks Don Arnold for furnishing comments on the individuals buried here. 

I suspect that Ollen Odom is also buried in the cemetery. If it is near the place known as Red Point or even earlier as Dead Horse, it is almost assured that he is buried there.  Don Arnold


Surname Given Name Born Died Comments
Hightower M. (N) J. Sep 9, 1838 Apr 20, 1880 wife of J. T. The earliest dated marker, 1880, is that of M(N) J Hightower, wife of J T. This is the marker for Nancy J Odom, daughter of Ollen Odom. She was married to Thomas Jackson Hightower and lived near Hillsboro. She was born in 1839 and her children were Jessee, Mary, James and Porter ages 13 to 3 at the time of her death. Thomas then married a woman named Angela and also assumed the responsibility for a young girl, a ward, named Martha Robins born 1874 in Tennessee. Apparently this was not the daughter of his new wife, Angela.
Odom Alice Mar 19, 1901 Feb 4, 1913 The fourth marker is that of a child, Alice Odom. She was the daughter of George Washington (Pete) Odom and his wife Annie Lee Johnson of Aquilla Texas. Alice was born March 19, 1901 and died at day-break on Friday , February 4, 1913, at her home, 124 Anderson Street, Hillsboro. .She was the 11 year-old granddaughter of Jacob and Catherine Odom and James Carrol Johnson and Elba Tennessee Hudson. Her siblings were Elba (11), Carl (7), Clyde (6) and Gorman (2) at the time of her death.
Odom Catherine Jan 6, 1843 Sep 26, 1911 wife of Jacob.  The third oldest marker is for Catherine Odom, wife of Jacob dated Sept 6, 1911Catherine was born in Arkansas in 1845 and came to Hill County with her husband Jacob, his brother John O and sister-in-law Meta Odom Berry. In 1870, they are found farming the property acquired by Ollen Odom. Catherine and Jacob had at least 6 children. They were Fannie b.1862, David E b. 1864, Bull b. 1866, Polly A b. 1869, Wiley b. 1878 and Robert M b. 1882. All of their children were grown at the time of her death..
Odom D. (David) O. Feb 3, 1863 Dec 10, 1896 The next marker is marked Feb 3, 1896. It is for D (David) O Odom, He was born to Jacob and Catherine Odom on Feb 3, 1864 in Parker County, Texas. He married Martha Eudora Hudson on December 24, 1885 in Hill County. D O ( David ) died at the age of 32, leaving Lemuel D (10) , Archie L ((9), Robert (6), Fred Guy (3) and one girl, Kittie Ora age 1. His widow later married a man named Butler and was known by the Odom family as Granny Butler. She eventually lost her eye-sight and died in 1958 in Hillsboro.
Odom Minnie Mae no date Jan 1945 The last marker is for Minnie Mae Odom . It is simply dated 1945. Minnie Mae was the wife of Robert M (Miller) Odom, son of Jacob and Catherine. She was born in 1877. They had at least one child, Claude J,. who was born in 1903.
Odom Jacob Oct 9, 1836 Oct 17, 1917 husband of Catherine.  The fifth marker is for Jacob H ( Uncle Jake) Odom. He died October 17, 1917. He was at the home of his son, George Washington Odom in Hillsboro at the time of his death. He was the husband of Catherine and his death was about 14 months after her death