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Scotts Chapel Cemetery

Lat: 3150'07"N, Lon: 9711'04"W

Take I-35 South from Hillsboro (toward Waco) for 8 miles. Exit to F. M. 1304 (Exit 359); turn right Follow 1304 for 7.3 miles to HCR (Hill Co. Rd.) 2234. At 2234, turn left for 1.1 mile. Cemetery will be seen off to the right. (Once you go over a narrow wooden bridge, the cemetery will not be far.) View Map.

Typed by Yvonne Akin
Cemetery records updated by Lloyd Nichols in 2003. 

Abbott Willie May 1/18/1889 8/24/189l lot#2
Adcox Charles F 1916 1921 lot#5, 
Adcox Charles P. 10/29/1877 9/18/1961 lot#5
Adcox John B. "Shorty" 1/13/1914 9/11/1993  
Adcox Lucy D 12/21/1886 7/05/1951 lot#5
Anderson J. W. 12/15/1859 2/18/1901 lot#3, Woodman of the World marker
Anderson Sophia Catherine 8/31/1876 5/02/1955 lot#3
Anderson W. E. 9/04/1883 3/01/1913 lot#3, Woodman of the World marker
Barron J. C. 11/11/1854 3/04/1918 lot#2
Barron M. J. 3/01/1836 4/02/1883 lot#2
Bell Sarah F. M.   9/06/1876 lot#2, age: 19y.5m22d, wife of Cyrus T. Bell
Bell (infant) 8/27/1876   lot#2, age: 3m.Dau.of Cyrus T.& Sallie Bell
Bellamy Barien L. 1/24/1841 2/1/1894 lot#3
Bennett Ada 8/10/1886 8/16/1909 lot#2, Wife of J. J. Bennett
Bennett J. J. 3/08/1876 8/24/1916 lot#3
Bennett Vernon 10/23/1908 8/05/1910 lot#2, Son of J. M & L. E. Bennett
Blakely Samuel L. 12/12/1832 1/20/1900 lot#3
Blocker L. L. 1885 1961 lot#3
Blocker Narcissa A. 6/14/1853 1/17/1923 lot#3
Blocker W. T. 1/08/1849 1/10/1922 lot#3, Masonic emblem
Blocker Wm. A. 12/05/1876 12/17/1912 lot#3, Woodman of the World marker
Blooker Roy L. 2/14/1901 1/08/1902 lot#3, Son of J .M. & M. M. Blooker
Bolton Pearl   6/04/1908 lot#2, age: 18y.2m.14d. Dau. of Rev. M. G.& S.E. Bolton
Brogden Bulah 4/10/1876 4/01/1960 lot#2
Brown Elmer "Wood" 7/15/1878 9/17/1949 lot#3
Brown Musa Teru 9/29/1881 9/18/1952 lot#3
Brunson Gerald F. 9/25/1938 4/7/2002  
Carico H. C.     no dates, s/ w wife, lot#3
Carico Mrs. H. C.     no dates, s/ w H. C., lot#3
Cato Ada 10/24/1891 6/23/1893 lot#3, Dau. of O. M& C. A. Cato
Cato Anna Mae 5/10/l884 5/27/1909 lot#3, Wife of Earl G. Cato
Cato H. L. 7/31/1876 12/31/1948 lot#3, Son of O. M.& C.A. Cato
Cato Cora A. 12/04/1855 5/22/1894 lot#3, Wife of O. M. Cato
Cato Earl G 6/08/1881 7/24/1966 lot#3, Son of O. M.& C. .A. Cato
Cato Laura C. 11/15/1878   lot#3, Dau. of O. M .&C. A. Cato
Cato Louisa 9/04/l885 4/21/1920 lot#3, Dau. of O. M.& C.A. Cato
Cato O. M. 6/10/1852 11/02/1930 lot#3
Chapma(a) 0llie E. 10/07/1887   lot#2
Chenault John M. 3/30/1901   lot#2, age: 65y.7m.25d. Masonic emblem
Chenault (infant) 8/02/1903   lot#2
Chenault Elizabeth 9/11/1841 4/23/1907 lot#2, Wife of J. M. Chenault
Chenault Mildred 2/18/1905 4/07/1907 lot#2, Dau. of S. B.& Dora Chenault
Clampitt W. J . 1/05/1917 1/l5/1917 lot#3
Clampitt B. F.   12/30/1917 lot#3, age: 45y. 11m.21d.
Clampitt Mary Ellen 3/07/1877 2/23/1936 lot#3
Coker Elbert C. 4/27/1912 5/25/1914 lot#2
Cook Loyd Alfred 11/06/1915 9/28/1916 lot#2
Counts Frankie D. 6/27/1892 9/21/1892 lot#2, Dau. of G. .& Jessie Counts
Counts Rex M. 4/24/1891 8/17/1891 lot#2, Son of C. M.& Jessie Counts
Cox Freddy no dates   lot#2, Infant son of I. Earl & M. E. Cox
Cresham David Clarence 1/12/1890 12/03/1890 lot#2
Cresham Susan Elsie 11/05/1884 8/06/1885 lot#2
Cunningham Margaretta 1/20/1841 6/11/1900 lot#2, Wife of W. P. Cunningham
Cunningham W. P. 5/01/1837 5/29/1896 lot#2
Davis Hester A. 5/26/1849 8/06/1905 lot#3
Denton Alice 3/09/1880 11/02/1880 lot#4, Dau. of J.& S. F Denton
Denton Ernest Lee 8/12/1875 10/27/1880 lot#4, Son of L.& S.F. Denton
DeShazo Claudie 2/25/1905 4/04/1905 lot#3, Son of R. M. & Onie DeShazo
DeShazo Martha J. 1/10/1855 2/18/1907 lot#3, Wife of M. E. DeShazo
DeShazo Sabelia G. 3/--/1855 10/05/1905 lot#3, Wife of S. L. DeShazo
Farquhar John C. 8/21/1857 4/17/1930 lot#2
Farquhar M. E. 7/01/1872 l0/11/1890 lot#2, Wife of R.R. Farquar
Farquhar Steven P   1/11/1878, lot#2, age: 48yr 11mo 25da
Farquhar Susan C.   9/17/1882 lot#2, age: 24yr, Wife of W. E. Farquhar
Farquhar (Infant) 9/02/l888 9/02/1888 lot#2, Son of W. E.& M. L. Farquhar
Farquhar (Infant) 1/17/1890 1/17/1890 lot#2, Son of W. E.& M. L. Farquhar
Farquhar Corey A.   10/31/1877 lot#2, age: 2y.lm.16d.Dau.of R. F& S. Farquhar
Farquhar James W. no dates . lot#3, Son of Stephen & Rachel Farquhar
Farquhar May L. 12/28/1868 1/27/1894 lot#2, Wife of W. E. Farquhar
Farquhar Rachel 3/05/1839 6/30/1892 lot#2, Wife of S. Farquhar Sister of Ellouisa Harris
Farquhar Richard R.(Dick)   1/04/1946 lot#3, age: 83y 10mo 13da
Farquhar Sarah A. 4/26/1858 11/28/1916 lot#2
Farquhar W. E. 12/06/1859 1/01/1922 lot#2, Woodman of the World marker
Farquhar Dorthy Mae 9/7/1921 3/1/2002  
Farquhar Floyd 8 Aug 1912 7 Dec 2002  
Frier (Infant) no dates   lot#4, Son of J. R.& M. E. Frier
Frier J. R. 2/11/l858 11/18/1883 lot#4
Garcia Lisa Brunson 26 May 1967 25 Sept 2002  
Garquhar Floyd 7/12/1912 12/7/2002  
Gillespie Mrs. M.A.   7/26/1939 lot#3, age: 69.y.
Glenn Clemmie Lea 6/26/1921 2/19/1922 lot#3
Glenn Edith Catherine 6/29/1907 4/28/1908 lot#3, Dau. of W. M.& E. E. Glenn
Glenn Lillie E 1873 1912 lot#3
Glenn Sam B. 1866 1942 lot#3
Glenn Sam H. 3/17/1902 5/28/1908 lot#3, Son of S. B.& L. E. Glenn
Glenn Wm. M. 5/31/1869 8/14/1909 lot#3
Glenn A. Moody 8/1/1926 7/1/1998  
Glenn Ina B. 1/1/1900 5/22/1971 Married: 7/13/1919
Glenn John A.  1/9/1898 5/6/1977  
Glenn Joe 7/27/1908 11/11/1921  
Gray Charles Robert 8/26/1878 l0/16/1879 lot#3, Son of I. C.& M. E. Gray
Gresham Emily C. 4/04/1828 4/05/1899 lot#2, H. P. Harris' Sister
Gresham G. M. 3/18/1859 6/08/1879 lot#2
Gresham J. R.   10/17/1872 lot#2, age: 5y 9m 5d
Gresham W. B. 2/25/1855 12/25/1882 lot#
Griffin Mary 2/22/1814 7/03/1893 lot#2, Wife of D.A. Griffin
Griffin Cynthia A. 1/28/1875 9/27/1882 lot#2, Dau. of J. M.& Sarah A. Griffin
Griffin Fannie E. 2/02/1858 2/22/1859 lot#2, Dau. of J M.& M. E. Griffin
Griffin James C. 9/28/1869 10/27/1870 lot#2, Son of J. M.& M. E. Griffin
Griffin John W. 4/14/1807 6/18/1882 lot#2
Griffin Mollie E. 6/30/1872 9/13/1894 lot#2, Dau. of J. M.& S. A. Griffin.
Griffin Robert 8/17/1868 11//17/1868 lot#2, Son of J. M.& M. E. Griffin
Guthrie Elmo R. 8/14/1885   lot#2, age: 1y.20d. Son of J. S. & L.A. Guthrie
Haile Sallie Boyett 1848 1929 lot#3
Hammel H. J. 11/19/1819 8/29/1877 lot#2
Hammel John M. 10/23/1863 7/09/1889 lot#2
Hammel Rebecca T. . 9/6/1880 lot#2, age: 19y.9m.21d. Dau. of H.J. & E. D. Hammel
Hammel E. D. 1/06/1826 7/10/1892 lot#2, Wife of. H. J. Hammel
Hammel Edga F. 7/26/1867 1/22/1870 lot#2, Son of H.J.& E. D. Hammel
Hancock Jeanette Hope 3/06/1858 4/19/1911 lot#2, A.53y.1m.13d, wife of J. E. Hancock, dau of T. M.& Semantha Word"
Hardin (Infant) 5/22/1900 5/22/1900 lot#3, Dau. of C. G.& T. Hardin
Hardin Bettie 3/07/1892 9/08/1892 lot#3, Dau. of C.C.& B. F. Hardin
Hardin Clifford Earl 1/4/1899 5/30/1901 lot#3, Son of J. W. & M. M. Hardin
Hardin Henry Roe 6/25/1891 7/18/1892 lot#3, Son of J. W. & M. M. Hardin
Hardin Jimmie 10/29/1900 7/04/1901 lot#3
Hardin Jimmie 11/02/1862 11/20/1900 lot#3, Wife of Ben Hardin
Hardin (Infant) 7/04/1898 7/04/1898 lot#3, Dau. of C. G.& T. Hardin
Hardin (infant) 9/4/1899 9/04/1899 lot#3, Son of C. G. & T. Hardin
Hardin (Infant)   9/8/1881 lot#4, Son of J. W. & M. M. Hardin
Hardin Henry P. 1/28/1867 11/13/1883 lot#4
Hardin James W. 4/25/1893 8/16/1894 lot#3, Son of J. W. & M. M. Hardin
Hardin Lum C. 1892 1923 lot#3, Pvt Co. F, 11th, Inf. 5th. Div.
Hardln James Bennie 1/01/1891 2/21/1893 lot#3, Son of Ben & Jimmie Hardin
Harris Ellouisa 7/20/1837 5/14/1896 lot#3, Wife of H. P. Harris
Harris H. P. 4/20/1830 2/21/1917 lot#3, marker placed 1/14/2000
Harris W. C. 4/2/1865 10/11/1903 lot#2, Woodmen of the World marker
Harris (Infant) . 1/17/1887 lot#2, Dau. of W. C. & L.C. Harris
Harris Lucy C. 11/14/1867 5/11/1889 lot#2, Wife of W. C. Harris, Dau. Of T. M. & Semantha Word"
Harris Mattie   8/19/1899 lot#2, Wife of W. C. Harris
Henderson (Infant)   9/13/1887 lot#2, Son of J. F. & M. E. Henderson
Henderson I. B. 8/5/1824 3/22/1887 lot#4
Henderson I. W. 3/8/1874 12/3/1877 lot#4, Son of I. B. & A. Henderson
Henderson L. A. 10/21/1856 9/01/1871 lot#4, Dau. of I. B.& A. Henderson
Hestilow Mary Francis   12/20/1950 lot#5
Hestilow N. B.   5/31/1939 lot#5, age: lm.1d.
Holt Harry Lee 8/12/1871 8/27/1882 lot#4, Children of J. O.& F. M. Holt
Holt William Edgar 12/23/1869 12/18/1884 lot#4, Children of J. O.& F. M. Holt
Hyatt Curtis Isidora 2/28/1897 10/26/1904 lot#3, Son of O. M.& L. N. Hyatt
Hyatt L. N. no dates   lot#3
Jackson Edward   10/28/1882 lot#2, age: 3m 18d, son of E. L.& M. E. Jackson
Jackson Amanda C. 4/10/1810 11/22/1885 lot#2, Mother of H. P. Harris and Emily C. Gresham
Jackson Nannie Vashti 7/15/1886 11/08/1887 lot#2, Dau. of E. L.& M. E. Jackson
Johnston A. L. 7/01/1823 12/28/1888 lot#2
Johnston E. E. 1/01/1826 4/08/1908 lot#2,Wife of A .L .Johnston
Johnston Martha J. 6/22/1862 4/12/1886 lot#2, Wife of D. P. Johnston
Jourdin J. W. 8/02/1862 3/05/1912 lot#3
Jourdin Virgil H. 8/29/1885 4/04/1914 lot#3, Camp 798, Chandler Texas Woodmen of the world marker
Keith Oscar L. 8/6/1848   lot#4, Husband of M. A. Keith
Kendrick Mary M.   2/15/1877 lot#4, age: 45y 8m 9d, Wife of W. H. Kendrick
Kennedy Martha May 7/07/1889 5/l6/1902 lot#3, Dau. of J. M.& M. E.Kennedy
Kennedy J. M. 5/15/1854 1/12/1935 lot#3
Kennedy John G. . 5/27/1881 lot#3, age: 33
Kennedy John M. 10/4/1869 1/6/1899 lot#4
Kennedy Mary P. 7/24/1891 10/24/1926 lot#3, Dau. of J. M.& Mina Kennedy
Kennedy Mina . 2/14/1952 lot#3
Lambert Amanda S. 9/26/1871 4/07/1910 lot#3, Wife of P. D. Lambert
Lambert Ernie Don 6/30/1957 7/4/1995  
Lambert John William "Big Daddy" 12/16/1896 9/3/1986  
Lambert Marvin Shirley 7/13/1920 12/27/1994  
Martin Mary D. 7/12/1865 1/03/1879 lot#2
Martin Wm. L. 4/19/1826 2/27/1872 lot#2
Martin A. G. 2/11/1829 2/04/1872 lot#2
Martin John H.   11/07/1881 lot#4, age: 15y. Son of U.& Polly Martin
Martin John 3/03/1801 3/29/1867 lot#2, age: 66y.26d
Martin Sarah E.   4/16/1876 lot#4, age: 39y 15d, Dau.of J. W.& Patsey Scott
Mathews D. W. 4/25/1860 8/20/1891 lot#2
McFall Sam no dates   lot#1
McFall Catharine   8/20/1889 lot#1, age: 72y, wife of Sam McFall
Moor (Infant) 7/31/1900 7/31/1900 lot#3, Son of Mr.& Mrs. J. L. Moor
Moor Laura A. 3/7/1899 12/29/1900 lot#3, Dau. of Mr.& Mrs. J. L. Moor
Moore Louise Cato no dates   lot#3
Morrison Fletcher 3/19/1883 4/05/1884 lot#2, Son of J.C.& F. M. Morrison
Morrison Robert P.   7/05/1882 lot#2, age: 2y 9m 16d, Son of J.C. & F. M. Morrison
Morton Jessie Norma 5/23/1883 12/14/1883 lot#2
Morton Maggie May 6/18/1878 10/04/1882 lot#2
Neyhard Pvt. Charles F. 8/30/1913 11/02/1941 lot#3
Neyhard Charles J. 3/01/1880 9/12/1955 lot#3
Neyhard Elizabeth M. 10/06/1890 11/25/1918 lot#2
Neyhard Rosie Lee 8/17/1911 1/15/1940 lot#2
Peeples Eula Bell Blooker 1/28/1896 1/16/1923 lot#3, Wife of E. B. Peeples
Petty John M. 1806 6/29/1870 lot#2
Petty Judiethe 3/08/1860 9/16/1889 lot#2, Wife of C.W. Petty
Pledger Robert W.  1852 Aug 7, 1878 brother to Jane Vaginni (Pledger) Creswell.
Price Washington    9/05/1885 lot#4, age: 49y.
Rayford Elenee    12/27/1874 lot#2, age: 56y.7m.24d Wife of R. Rayford
Rayford Elijah    7/13/1893 lot#2, age: 27y.9m.14d. Son of R. E. Rayford
Rayford Robert    2/20/1878 lot#2, age: 56y.llm.10d.
Reece Ider H    9/23/1870 lot#2, age: 9m.4d.Dau. of H. H. & N. I. Reece
Rogers L. B. 1/12/1905 5/19/1960 lot#3
Rogers  Ed 1870 1953   
Rogers Nora 1880 1976   
Scoggins (Infant) 6/25/1905 6/25/1905 lot#4, Dau. of W.W. & H. C. Scoggins
Scoggins Will W. 7/14/1876 11/6/1914  
Scott Ann 12/14/1849 10/29/1913 lot#4, Wife of W. Scott
Scott J. C. B. 1823 2/29/1888 lot#4
Scott James W.   10/30/1877 lot#4, age: 73y.10m.22d
Scott James W.   11/22/1870 lot#4, age: 19y.2m.14d
Scott Lawrence 2/13/1899 1/26/1900 lot#4, Son of W. H. & L. E. Scott
Scott Louella 6/7/1878 12/09/1900 lot#2, Wife of W. H. Scott
Scott Louisa 10/22/1827 9/15/1905 lot#4, Wife of P. G. Scott
Scott Monroe M.   4/4/1886 lot#4, age: 19y.2m.26d.
Scott P. G. 6/13/1825 1/28/1892 lot#4
Scott Walter 6/30/1849 1/10/1911 lot#4
Shaw Katie F. 1/15/1879 9/04/1958 lot#3
Smith Glenn V. 10/6/1935 10/6/1935   
Spharleb Oscar H. S. 4/17/1880 6/25/1883 lot#2, Son of F. R.& Kate Spharleb
Steele M.S.(M. Stanford) 4/16/1864 3/24/1883 lot#2, Son of David & Margaret Steele
Steele Margaret A.   9/28/1880 lot#2
Steele T. C.(Thomas Crockett) 9/25/1850 12/01/1872 lot#2, Son of David & Margaret Steele
Steele (Infant) 1915 1915 lot#3, Son of Mr.& Mrs. Wile Steele
Steele David E. 12/02/1815 9/30/1905 lot#2
Steele Josephene 10/13/1883 10/20/1883 lot#2
Steele Kenneth 11/22/1925 6/20/1927 lot#3, Son of Mr.& Mrs. J. F. Steele
Steele Lousia F. 1852 1926 lot#3
Steele Margaret 1/27/1824 3/22/1901 lot#2, Wife of D. E. Steele
Steele Sam N. 1849 1922 lot#3, Son of David & M. Steele
Steele Wiley 1890 1918 lot#3
Stembridge J. H. 4/13/l820 2/18/1902 lot#4
Stembridge Laura 7/12/1880 1/23/1896 lot#4, Dau. of H.R.& M.A. Stembridge
Stembridge Minnie Pearl 5/30/1897 3/11/1900 lot#4, Dau. of H.R.& M.A. Stembridge
Suggitt William Earl 10/18/1929 12/20/1995  
Swoar Melviny   10/20/1892 lot#3, age: 74y, Wife of B.F. Swoar
Taylor Richard L. 11/10/1899 1/26/1900 lot#3, Son of Wm. C.& J. Taylor
Taylor Jessie   1/05/1900 lot#3, age: 18y, wife of W. C. Taylor
Thomas (infant) 2/11/1900 2/11/1900 lot#4, Son of Mr. &Mrs. C. W. Thomas
Tipps Cynthia   10/12/1881 lot#4, age: 58y.11m.7d Wife of P. W. Tipps
Tipps J. W.   11/06/1877 lot#4, age: 1y.2m.16d. Son of J. W.& M. E. Tipps
Tipps Rev. P. W. 8/24/1821 3/5/1885 lot#4
Treadwell Freddie   5/27/1881 lot#4, age: 8d. Son of W.W.& C. E. Treadwell
Treadwell H. H.   8/18/1874 lot#2, age: 2y.6m.1d.Son of V.V.& W. A. Treadwell
Treadwell H. R. 5/02/1827 6/02/1862 lot#4
Treadwell J. M.   12/09/1875 lot#2, age: 3y.9m.16d.Son of V.V.& W. A. Treadwell
Treadwell Henry C.   8/02/1868 lot#4, age: 1y.6m.26d. Son of W. W.& C. L. Treadwell
Treadwell L. C.   8/21/1877 lot#2, age: 2y.4d. Son of V.V. & W. A. Treadwell
Treadwell Martha D. 11/29/1857 6/08/1873 lot#4, Dau. of H. R. D.& S.E. Treadwell
Treadwell S. L.   9/03/1874 lot#2, age: 7m.19d. Dau. of V.V.& W. A. Treadwell
Treadwell Willie D.   8/23/1889 lot#4, age: 4y.8m.18d. Son of W.W.& C. E. Treadwell
Triplet Ruthy 12/30/1893 2/13/1894 lot#2
Triplet (Infant) 9/02/1888 1/03/1889 lot#2, Dau. of F .B.& M. E. Triplet
Triplett Frankin E. 1/16/1850 8/19./1894 lot#2, Masonic emblem
Tripplett Mary E. 9/08/1854 2/10/1914 lot#2
Walker S. E. 3/31/1852 8/26/1881 lot#4, Wife of James Walker
Wallace Cora Lee 1/15/1892 10/09/1913 lot#2, Wife of H. M. Wallace
Webb Mary J. 12/10/1859 12/01/1930 lot#3
Webb John 5/16/1851 11/15/1906 lot#3, Woodman of the World marker
Williford Bill      
Williford Carson 1888 1969  
Williford Ceclia      
Williford Hollis Doc 11/18/1918 11/20/1989 US Army WWII
Williford Hub      
Woodard Pearl 5/6/1893 3/08/1901 lot#3, Wife of J. Woodard
Word James M.   12/04/1888 lot#3, age: 1m.25d.Son of J. M.& Nannie Word
Word Lucy 2/11/1886 10/07/l895 lot#3, Dau. of J. M.& Nannie Word
Word Nannie 10/18/1888   lot#3, A.27y.1m.24d, wife of J. M. Word, Dau. of T. M.& Semantha Word"
Wylie Emiley B.E.   3/29/1884 lot#2, age: 59y, wife of L.J. Wylie
Wylie Louis J.   1/25/1886 lot#2, age: 72y.
Yarborough Emma Eleanor 9/27/1878 7/31/1894 lot#3, Dau. of D. M.& Ada E. Yarborough
Young Lunicia E.   10/30/1878 lot#2, age: 35y, wife of J. W. Young