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Henderson County, Texas
Historical Commission
PO Box 1412
Athens, Texas 75751

Current Hours: Wednesday,Thursday,Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.




Article I: Name

The name of this organization is "Henderson County Historical Commission" (HCHC, Commission) in accordance with Chapter 318 of the Texas Local Government Code.

Article II: Purpose

The purposes of the HCHC shall be:

A. To preserve, protect, and promote the history of Henderson County, Texas.

B. To conduct programs as may be suggested by the Texas Historical Commission.

C. To provide a unified and effective voice for Henderson County historical preservation activities – not to duplicate or replace other existing historical organizations and activities.

D. The Henderson County Historical Commission may, as needed, establish relationships with other organizations with regard to its programs and activities; however, these organizations shall be separate entities and at no time may another organization act on behalf of or purport to represent the HCHC.

Article III: Policy

The Henderson County Historical Commission shall create and maintain a comprehensive Policies and Procedures Manual that details the operating policies of the Commission, by subject matter, and spells out the procedures that are to be followed in adopting and enforcing these policies. The Commission shall be guided in its development of its Policies and Procedures Manual by the Texas Preservation Handbook for County Historical Commissions, Texas State Law, Federal Law (including Internal Revenue Service requirements), acts and decisions of the Henderson County Commissioners’ Court, and by the needs and requirements of the HCHC membership, officers, and committees.

The Policies and Procedures Manual shall be periodically reviewed and updated as necessary to meet legal requirements and sound practices. The official copy of the Policies and Procedures Manual shall be maintained in the administrative offices of the Commission and will be available to Commission officers, members, and the interested public upon request. The official copy shall not be removed from the Commission’s custody at any time.

Article IV: Membership

A. Any resident of Henderson County shall be eligible for membership on the HCHC. Any non-county resident shall be eligible for appointment to the Commission provided they have an abiding interest in the county’s history and maintain an active interest therein.

B. Membership categories shall be classified as regular, associate, and honorary.

1. Regular members are appointed by the Henderson County Commissioners’ Court and are appointed for a term of two (2) years. Regular members must be sworn into their position by the County Judge. Each regular member is encouraged to be an active participant and to be present for all meetings possible. Regular members shall notify the HCHC office if they cannot attend a meeting. Any regular member who misses at least three consecutive regular meetings of the Commission without properly notifying the HCHC office shall be removed as a regular member and will become an associate member.

2. Associate members are those interested in the HCHC programs and activities but are unable to attend monthly meetings on a regular basis. Associate members also include regular members who have not yet been sworn in by the County Judge.

3. Honorary members shall be those who have made outstanding contributions toward preserving the history of Henderson County. All past Commission Chairs who are not regular members shall become honorary members.

C. Any member contemplating resignation from the HCHC shall prepare a letter of resignation and present it to the Chairman of the Commission. The Chairman shall read the letter at the time of the next regular meeting and have it entered into the minutes of that meeting, and the resignation will then become effective.

D. At the end of each two year term of office all regular members who wish to be re-appointed shall contact the Commission Chairman. The Chairman shall compile a list of re-appointments along with any recommended new appointments for submission to the County Judge and the Commissioners’ Court for appointments to the HCHC.

Article V: Officers and Duties

A. Officers of the HCHC shall be the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Finance and Budget Officer.

B. All officers shall be elected by a majority vote of the regular members at the November meeting of even-numbered years. The term of office for those elected shall be for two years and will begin on January 1 of odd-numbered years.

C. Duties and Responsibilities

1. Chairman

a. Shall preside at all meetings of the HCHC.

b. Shall appoint chairman of all HCHC committees and appoint any special office created by the Executive Committee

c. Shall report annually to the Henderson County Commissioners’ Court on the past activities of the HCHC and to give a status and progression report of the coming year’s activities.

d. Shall complete and submit, on a timely basis, the required year-end annual report to the Texas Historical Commission as required by Texas law.

e. Shall represent the HCHC at all times or designate a representative when unable to do so.

f. Shall be the official liaison with all other bodies (public and private), organizations, and associations involved with similar responsibilities and activities.

g. Shall have the powers of supervision and management of the HCHC office and its personnel.

2... Vice Chairman

a. To perform the duties of the chairman in his/her absence.

b. To perform the duties of program chairman when appropriate.

3. Secretary

a. To record and transcribe all minutes of HCHC meetings.

b. To handle all correspondence of the HCHC as assigned by the Chairman.

c. To maintain the official membership roster of the HCHC and to record attendance of all HCHC meetings.

4. Finance and Budget Officer

a. To serve as the custodian of all funds of the HCHC that are to be presented to the County Treasurer for deposit into the HCHC account.

b. To distribute funds as directed by the HCHC.

c. To make a monthly report to the HCHC of receipts and disbursements.

D. Records

All elected officers, appointed officers, and committee chairpersons shall relinquish their records to the HCHC Chair immediately upon the completion of their term of office or the completion of a project.

Article VI: Executive Committee

A. The Executive Committee of the HCHC shall consist of all elective officers – Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Budget and Finance Officer.

B. A quorum is necessary for a meeting of the Executive Committee and shall consist of the presence of at least three members (a majority) of the Committee.

Article VII: Standing Committees

A. The standing committees shall be the:

1. Historical Preservation Committee

2. History Appreciation Committee

3. Research and Marker Committee

4. Publicity Committee

B. The HCHC Chairman may, at any time, appoint such additional committees as necessary or desirable.

C. The duties of each standing committee shall follow the guidelines found in the Handbook for County Historical Commissions, and each committee shall be furnished with the necessary guidelines. Committees created by the HCHC Chair shall follow the guidelines and/or mandate determined by the chair at the time of creation. The HCHC Chair, or the Executive Committee, may authorize additional duties and responsibilities as needed.

D. All standing committee chairmen shall be appointed by the HCHC Chairman at the beginning of each new term.

E. The members of each standing committee or any specially created committee shall report directly to committee chairman, and the committee chairman shall report to and be responsible to the HCHC Chairman.

F. The chairman of each committee (standing or special) shall recruit committee members to serve with them from the HCHC membership, including associate members or honorary members. The committee chair shall inform the HCHC chair of their selections, and the HCHC chair shall make the official appointment of the membership of each committee. HCHC members may serve on more than one committee.

Article VIII: Nominations and Elections of Officers

A.   The nominating committee shall consist of three members of the regular voting membership. The HCHC Chairman shall appoint one member to serve on the nominating committee. One member of the nominating committee shall be elected from the members who are present and eligible to vote at the October meeting. One member of the nominating committee shall be appointed by the executive committee.

B.   The nominating committee shall submit one nominee for the office of Chairman, one nominee for the office of Vice-Chairman, one nominee for the office of Secretary, and one nominee for the officer of Finance and Budget Officer.

C.   Nominations may be made from the floor, with prior consent of the nominee, following the report of the nomination committee.

D.   The election of officers shall be held at the November meeting of even numbered years.

E.   Voting shall be by written ballot, unless there is only one candidate for the office, in that case, voting may be by a show of hands.

F.   Vacancies in any elected office shall be filled by the chairman of HCHC for the unexpired term of office at the next meeting following a vacancy.

Article IX: Meetings

A. Meetings of the HCHC shall be set by the Chairman of the HCHC. The HCHC Chair may present a choice of a meeting time to the regular members of the Commission prior to the setting of a meeting time. A quorum consisting of a simple majority of the regular members shall be necessary to hold a meeting and conduct official business.

B. The HCHC Chair shall publish an official agenda for each meeting at least seven days prior to the scheduled meeting and provide each Commission member with a copy by regular mail or electronic mail.

C. Any Commission member who wishes to have an item added to the official agenda shall contact the HCHC Chair and make an official request or may bring forth the item at the meeting under "Public Input" or "Announcements" provided it does not violate the requirements of the Texas Open Meetings Laws.

D. Robert’s Rules of Order (current edition) shall govern the HCHC in all matters not covered by these By-laws provided there is no inconsistency with the current edition of the Texas Preservation Handbook for County Historical Commissions as published by the Texas Historical Commission. Texas laws pertaining to public groups, open meetings, and citizen involvement shall always be followed and will prevail over Robert’s Rules of Order.

E. The HCHC Chair may appoint a Parliamentarian to provide guidance in matters of meeting decorum and parliamentary procedure.

Article X: Amendments

These By-laws may be changed or altered by Amendment and the following procedure shall be followed:

A. A committee shall be appointed by the HCHC Chairman to consider any revisions in the Commission By-laws.

B. The By-laws committee shall present the suggested revisions to the By-laws for vote at a regular scheduled meeting. Any proposed changes shall have been submitted to the members, in writing, at least one (1) month prior to the meeting at which the changes are to be considered. The written copy may be provided on paper or by electronic means.

C. These By-laws may be amended at any regular scheduled meeting provided there is a quorum of regular voting members present. The required vote for passage shall be two-thirds of the quorum present and voting.

D. Those By-law revisions which are passed shall be presented by the HCHC Chair to the County Judge and the members of the Commissioners’ Court for their review and approval.

E. All By-law changes require an approval vote of a majority of the five members of the Commissioners’ Court.





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