Sheriffs of Henderson County


Aug. 1846-1848 Bluford (Blewford) SHANKLE
Sept. 11, 1848 James B. DAVENPORT (Ex-Officeo Services)
1849 James B. DAVENPORT
Aug. 1849-1850 N. H. GRAY
Aug. 1850-1852  James BALL
1852 James BALL 
Nov. 1852 E. A. CARROLL
Dec. 1852 William C. BOBO
1853 William C. BOBO
Aug. 1853 A. J. McDONALD
Jan 1854 A. J. McDONALD
1854-  July 1875 Tandy HOWETH
Aug. 1857-March1859 Jesse J. SMITH
April 2, 1859-1860 E. A. CARROLL
1861-1862 J. C. DUNN
1863-1864 A. M . DAVIS
Nov. 1864 Tandy HOWETH
1865-1868 William DAVIS
1869 W. C. TITSWORTH (appointed by military authorities)
1871 William DAVIS (Removed without legal cause by Dist. Judge)
1872 J. H. SKINNER (also presiding officer)
1873 J. H. SKINNER
1874-1875 J. C. GOODGAME
1876-1886 William DAVIS, Deputy Sheriffs REISON, CARVER, ELBERT, RUDD, DAY, E. D. TERRY
1887-1888 George C. OSBORNE
1889-1894 J. H. WOFFORD
1895 J. F. COOK
1896-1900 K. RICHARDSON
1901-1904 W. O. WILLIAMS 1904 Deputy Sheriff Don BARRETT
1905 ? (W. O. WILLIAMS)
1906-1908 John W. WOOD
1909 ? (John W. WOOD)
1910-1916 J. P. MORROW
Nov 1917-1920  W. O. WILLIAMS 
Dec 1, 1921 W. J. GENTRY
1922 W. J. GENTRY
Jan 8, 1923-1924  W. J. GENTRY
1925-1927 J. P. MORROW
1928-1929 C. C. PHARRIS
1930-1932 Joel BAKER
1932-1946 Jess SWEETEN
1947-1948 Dean HOLIMAN
1949-1954 Jess SWEETEN
1955-1979 J. W. BROWNLOW
1980-1985 Charlie FIELDS
Researched by Jewel LAMBRIGHT 1985

From 1988 to 2000 Howard Burton "Slick" ALFRED
2001-2009  Ronnie BROWNLOW son of J. W. BROWNLOW 
2009 - 2016 Ray NUTT
2016 - Present Botie HILLHOUSE


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