Recorded by Jana Williams Shumate

Published in TX A.G.O. Jan. 1984

The following is the oath that persons serving in the government under the Confederacy took before assuming office. The list is of those who took that oath and served in the Condederate Government in Henderson Co. TX during the War between the States.

I ____ do solemnly swear that I will faithfully and impartially perform all the duties incumbent upon me as ____ of Henderson County according to the best of my skill and ability agreeable to the constitution and laws of the State of Texas and also the constitution and laws of the Confederate States of America so long as the State of Texas shall remain in that Confederacy. And I do further solemnly swear that since the 2nd day of March 1861 that I being a citizen of of Henderson County, Texas have not fought a duel with deadly weapons, nor have I acted as second in carryng a challenge or acted, advised, or assisted any person thus offending, so help me God.

	BASS, A.J.		Coronor		Aug 17 1864
	BLYTHE, R.M.		J.P.		Aug 15 1862
	BOLES, Henry		J.P.		Aug 15 1862
	BOLES, Henry		J.P.		Feb 21 1865
	BOLES, L.C.		J.P.		Feb 21 1865
	BOWMAN, John		Coronor		Aug 15 1862
	BOX, J.W.		J.P.		Sept 10 1863
	BRIDGES, A.J.		J.P.		Aug 15 1862
	CALRK, William		Constable	Aug 23 1862
	CAMPBELL, Sam		Constable	Aug 1864
	CARPENTER, B.F.		Constable	Aug 23 1862
	CARROLL, Elias A. 	Dep Sheriff	Feb 1865
	CARVER, W.W.		Co. Comm.	1862
	CLARK, William		Co. Comm.	1862
	CLARK, W.F.		Co. Comm.	1862
	CLENTON, James D.	Dep Clerk	Mar 13 1865
	COLLINS, J.H.		J.P.		Aug 18 1862
	COTTON, P.C.		J.P.		Aug 1864
	DAVIS, A.M.		Sheriff		1862
	DAVIS, S.D.K.		Constable	1862
	DEEN, J.M.		J.P.		1863
	DUNCAN, J.M.H.		Constable	Aug 12 1864
	GILMORE, H.L.		J.P.		Aug 11 1864
	GODGES, W.C.		J.P.		1864
	HAWLEY, James L.	J.P.		Aug 1864
	HOLLAND, B.C.		Dis Clerk	Aug 1862
	JORDAN, R.W.H.		Co. Surveyor	1864
	KNIGHT, K.K.		J.P.		Aug 18 1862
	LEWIS, R.B.		Surveyor	Aug 1862
	LITTLEFIELD, J.		Constable
	McDONALD, J.M.		J.P.		Aug 1862
	McDONALD, J.M.		J.P.		1864
	McMANUS, J.C.		J.P.		Aug 23 1862
	McMANUS, Jacob		J.P.		1864
	MILLER, James W.	J.P.		1864
	NAIL, A.G.		J.P.		Aug 1864
	OWEN, D.A.		Chief Justice	1862
	OWEN, I.D.		J.P.		Oct 1862
	OWEN, D.A.		Chief Justice	Aug 15 1869
	OWEN, I.D.		J.P.		1864
	PASCHAL, John T.	Co. Comm.	1864
	PATTERSON, John		Constable	1862
	PERKINS, A.T.		Constable	1864
	PICKERING, W.C.		J.P.		1864
	PIPPIN, B.G.		J.P.		1864
	PRICE, W.G.		J.P.		1863
	RATLIFF, John G.	J.P.		1862
	RICE, A.T.		Tax assessor collector	1862
	RICE, Albert T.		Tax assessor collector for War tax Feb 18 1863
	RICE, A.T.		Tax assessor collector	1864
	RICHARDSON, S.N.	Co. Comm.	1862
	RICHARDSON, S.M.	Co. Comm.	1864
	SANDERS, D.W.		J.P.		Aug 1862
	SANDERS, C.R.		J.P.		1864
	SIMPSON, R.H.		J.P.		1862
	SPIVEY, Enoch *		est. Ferry Trinity River    1862
	SPIVEY, Temple		J.P.		1864
	TANDY, Howith		Sheriff		1864
	TANNEHILL, A.S.		Constable	1862
	THOMAS, R.B. *		Ferry Bond	1864
	THOMPSON, Jeff E.	Dist. Clerk	Dec 20 1862
	THOMPSON, Jeff E.	Co. Clerk	1864
	THOMSON, Jeff E.	Co. Clerk	Aug 14 1862
	TIDWELL, Josiah		Co. Treasurer	Aug 18 1862
	TIDWELL, J.		Co. Treasurer	1864
	WALKER, W.D.		J.P.		Aug 1864
	WARRELL, K.L.		Constable	1864
	WATSON, Allen		J.P. 		1864
	WEAKS, James		J.P.		1864
	WILBANKS, John		Constable	1864
	WILEY, R.W.		Co. Comm.	1862
	WILSON, H.D.		Dep. Sheriff	April 7 1865
	WO_ELL			Constable	1862
	WOFFORD, B.W.P.		J.P.		1864
	WYATT, W.H.		J.P.		Feb 1865
	WYATT.W.H.		J.P.		1864

* Enoch SPIVEY, Temple SPIVEY and T.B. GREENWOOD established a ferry across 
the Trinity River and was given a license for the ferry on condition that 
they would keep good and sufficient boats for the use of said ferry. And 
will keep the banks of each side of said ferry in good repair and so graded 
and leveled that the rise shall not exceed two feet in every seven feet from 
the waters edge to the top of the bank and shall be well attended at all 
times and comply with the laws governing ferries. 
* Ferry bond transfered to R.B. THOMAS April 7 1865.

from - Bunny Freeman

County Coordinator
Bunny Freeman
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