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I am always looking for someone to transcribe the names in a yearbook for Henderson Co. email: Bunny Freeman if you have one that I don't have listed.

Athens High School


Class of 1908 & 09 30th Year Class Reunion 1938

Athens High School Alumni 1915 - 1921

Athens High School - 1915

Scanned photos of 1915 yearbook Athens High School

Athens Weekly Review Jan. 25, 1917

The Athenian, Athens High School Annual 1919

Athens High School 1920

Athens High School 1922

Athens High Class of 1928 Reunion

Athens High School Class of 1934 Seniors page 1

Athens High School Class of 1934 Seniors page 2

Athens High School Class of 1934 Seniors page 3

Athens High School Class of 1934 Seniors page 4

Athens High School 1935 Seniors

Athens High School 1936 photos

The Athenian, Athens High School Yearbook 1938

The Athenian Athens High School Yearbook 1939  

The Athenian, Athens High School Yearbook 1940

The 1941 Athenian, Athens High School

The 1942 Athenian, Athens High School Yearbook

Would you transcribe the names in a yearbook? Email address at the bottom of the page.
Do you have a yearbook for 1943-45?

The Athenian, Athens High School Yearbook 1945 - 1946

The Athenian, Athens High School Yearbook 1947

The Athenian Yearbook 1947-1948

The Athenian Yearbook 1948-1949

The Athenian, Athens High School Yearbook 1949 - 1950

School Faculty 1950 Athens

Athens High School Yearbook 1950-1951

Athens High School Yearbook 1955-1956 partial scan

Class of 1959 from their 40 year reunion program

Athens High School Class of 1959 website

 1962 Athens High School Yearbook

1967 Athenian Yearbook  



1946 Third Grade picture

1946 Fourth Grade Picture

Brownsboro School Pictures 1945-1946, 6th, 7th, 8th grade & Boys & Girls Basketball

Brownsboro High School 1946, Yearbook

Class Roll Brownsboro HS Baccalureate Service Program

Class of 1940 Brownsboro HS


CROSS ROADS - Thompson's Mill


Thompson Mill ca 1913


1940 Cross Roads High School Seniors

Cross Roads School in 1879

Cross Roads School 1927 - 28

Cross Roads School Circa 1945-47

Boyce Anding Cross Roads Graduate 1949

Cross Roads Yearbook 1949

1st and 2nd grade class of Cross Roads Grade School 1958





Malakoff High School built in 1927

Malakoff Elementary School, 1940s Third Grade

Malakoff High School Band, ca 1944

Outstanding Students Malakoff, 1947

Class of '49, Malakoff

Band Camp 1950

Malakoff High School 1954 Annual

Malakoff High School 1955 Football Team

Malakoff Class of 1954/55

Program of Malakoff Junior Senior Banquet 1956

Class of 1958 Malakoff High School

Alamo Ward Grammar School, Malakoff

Malakoff Class of 1936 - 50 year reunion 1986




History of Trinidad School


Trinidad Trojan Football Team 1930s or 40s


Trinity Valley Community College Lady Cardinals, 5 times National Basketball Champions 2004


The Cardinal 1956 Henderson Co. Jr. College Yearbook

Cardinal Inn Photos

If you have an old annual from any school in Henderson Co. we would love to have the names to put on the School page


Bunny Freeman

Transcription of School Papers/Grade Books

Beck's Chapel School

Your Help is Appreciated please DONATE

Mallard Prairie School 1932-1933

Mill Run School 1924-1925

Mill Run School 1925-1926

Mill Run School 1926-1927 7th - 10th grade

Old Alligator School in 1869

Pauline School 1921-1922 (Part 1)

Pauline School 1921-1922 (Part 2)

Pauline School 1922-1923

Pauline School 1924-1925 (part one)

Pauline School
1924-1925 (part two)

Sampson School 1926-1927

Stockard School First & Second Grade

Henderson Co. School Records 1881-1884 (Teachers)

Mill Run School 1926 -1927 Elementary

Grammar School Honor Roll Athens Review March 19, 1936

Centerview Public School 1898-99

Grammer and High School Honor Roll 1927

Henderson Co. Students N. TX State Teachers College 1933

Henderson Co. Historical Commission website:
Teachers Who Taught at West Athens Elementary

Athens Female School 1859    



Can you help identify any of these children?

Most of these photos are large, so they may take a while to load.

Big Rock School 1916

Centerview School

New York School 1928

Sand Springs School

Tool School 1908

Picture of an Unknown School of Henderson County

Picture of Turkey Creek School

Picture of Larue High School ca 1923

Rome School

Eustace School 1907

Clear Creek School 1914

Ash School 1927

Malakoff School Students ca 1920

Sand Springs Singing School 1905-1910

Athens Grammer School 1912

Brownsboro School Students (picture 1)

Brownsboro School Students (picture 2)

R. C. Fisher & Class 1930-32

Athens High School 1911

Leagueville School 1902/03 Big Picture slow to load

Mrs. Wilkins Class

Bruce Academy

Mill Run School

Do you have an old picture we could use?

R. L. Rushing 1908

Unidentified School

Cottonwood School ca 1906 (Lee Roberson website)

Unidentified School 2

West AthensSchool 1906


Brownsboro School 1926 or 1927

Pottowattomie School 1929

West Athens Elementary School 1962 Pic

West Athens Elementary School 1965 Pic

West Athens Elementary School 1971 Pic

West Athens Elementary School 1971 Mrs Lambs Class Pic

South Athens Elementary late 1960s

West Athens Elementary 1967/68?

Athens Middle School

Turkey Creek School Fall 1919

ATHENS HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1936 50 year reunion

Unknown School Aley?

Fourth Grade Athens Grammer School 1925-26

Pottowattomie School 1941 Large Photo

Cottonwood School Picture 1

Cottonwood School pic. 2

Cottonwood School ca 1907

Eustace 1926

Aley School

  Unidentified School - Henderson Co. TX

  The Baxter Basketball Team ca 1923

Flat Creek School House

New York School 1929

Baxter School, 1914/15

South Athens Elementary 1967-1968

South Athens Elementary, 1966-1967

West Athens Elementary 1963-1964

1961 West Athens Elementary

  Martin Springs School circa 1929-1931

Martin Springs Primary School circa 1931-1934?

Martin Springs School circa 1932-1936?

  Martin Springs School early 1900s

  Clear Creek School circa 1900

Aley School 1936-1937

West Athens Elementary 1963

Athens Elementary School Fourth Grade Class1921

Athens High School 1946 building photo

Malakoff 4th Grade 1928

Malakoff 2nd grade 1926

Malakoff HS Class of 1936 50th reunion

Murchison School Students 1903-1904

Brownsboro School 1898

Bethel, Sand Springs, or Ash?

Mallard Prairie School, Grades 1 & 2 1935-1936  

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