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Submissions and pictures from Nancy Faulk White Adams, Richard and Mary Flaws Jackson, & Donzas

Alford, Cora Belle Burns     b. Mar. 5, 1884      d. Sep. 22, 1974

Baxter, James Isaac        b. Nov. 13, 1875      d. Oct. 1, 1911       s/o R O & Belle James
this is the only Baxter I found in this Cemetery.  Buried next to JAMES family. (NFWA)

Finklea, Cleo         b. 1898      d. 1987       s/w Otto

Finklea, Otto C.        b. 1896            d. 1951        s/w Cleo Mason

Flournoy, James H.           b. 1906         d. 1916

Garrett, Helen L.          b. Mar. 23, 1886           d. Jul. 10, 1932          w/o R. E. Garrett

Garrett, Sarah E.           b. 1860        d. 1927          s/w Truman

Garrett, Truman V.           b. 1860           d. 1937         s/w Sarah

Jackson, Alton            b. Mar 22,1917          d. Apr 7,1973         s/w Mary Bea

Jackson, Cena            b. May 23, 1856            d. Jan 31,1937           s/w David

Jackson, David            b. Oct. 20, 1853           d. Jan. 20, 1896           s/w Cena

Jackson, Herman           b. 1891          d. 1973          s/w Ottie Bell

Jackson, Infant Son            b. 1900             d. 1900          s/w Texas & Thomas Jackson

Jackson, Mary Bea             b. Aug 17, 1926            d. ----

Jackson, Ottie Bell            b. 1891          d. 1958           s/w Herman

Jackson, Rhoda             b. Apr 17,1849          d. Dec 30,1928         s/w Wiley Mother

Jackson, Texas Lue            b. 1862 d. 1933           s/w Thomas J and Infant Son

Jackson, Thomas J.                b. 1858          d. 1936         s/w Texas and Infant Son

Jackson, W. E.                b. Aug 20, 1889             d. Jan 16,1932

Jackson, Wiley             b. Sep. 5, 1848           d. Jan.10, 1920          s/w Rhoda Father

Mays, Thomas Bascom             b. Mar. 17, 1919         d. Apr. 2, 2002           d. Winnsboro, Wood Co (NFWA)

Minter, Helen Gay Purcell              b. Aug. 5, 1917           d. Mar. 29, 2002        w/o Paul d/o Penn & Martha Purcell (NFWA)

Nickols, Irah Turner             b. 1895          d. 1980

Nickols, William Earl             b. Aug. 10, 1897           d. Mar. 5, 1973

Perrin, Mathew           b. Mar., 1854             d. 1926         h/o Mary; Mary is buried at Belmont Cemetery in Fannin County, Texas (MFJ)

Perrin, Oliver W.         b. Jul. 20, 1878         d. Jan. 15, 1921       h/o Cynthia Garrett; s/o Mathew & Mary Perrin (MFJ)

Pharr, Connie            b. Dec. 26, 1903         d. Sep. 25, 1976           s/w Lee

Pharr, John W.           b. Apr. 1, 1844           d. Feb. 6, 1933          s/w Mary Lou

Pharr, Lee             b. Aug. 19, 1903           d. Feb. 15, 1986           s/w Connie

Pharr, Mary Lou           b. Apr. 15, 1858           d. Mar. 4, 1898           s/w John W

Pharr, Will Edd (Bill)           b. Jun. 12, 1935         d. Oct. 25, 1992

Pool, Hoyd Delton           b. Feb. 13, 1906        d. Jun. 7, 2001       w/o Ruby Irene Palmer Pool WWII; blacksmith (NFWA)

Randolph, Mildred Floyd            b. Jan. 29, 1917           d. Nov. 20, 2003        d/o Amanda and Carl Randolph

Scrimshire, Mary A.            b. Aug 5, 1875         d. Oct 17,1949          s/w W Norton

Scrimshire, W. Norton           b. Sep. 8, 1873           d. Dec. 25, 1932          s/w Mary A

Simms, Lillian L Passmore          b. Sep. 17, 1908      d. Feb. 11, 2001 Pickton Cemetery Hopkins County Texas, USA

Turrentine, Lillian Lavina Quattlebaum          b. Jul. 20, 1916         d. Oct. 1, 2001            w/o Wilson Irby Turrentine; d/o Oscar Paul and Margaret Ophelia Scrimshire Quattlebaum

Whisenant, Margaret          b. 1856         d. 1939          s/w William

Whisenant, William          b. 1855         d. 1937          s/w Margaret

Williams, Cynthia (Josephine Garrett)        b. Aug. 30, 1884        d. Jan. 23, 1976      w/o Olive Perrin & S B Williams (1931); d/o Truman & Sarah Garrett (MFJ)


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