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Last modified: 7 MAY 2010

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Newspapers Past and Present

Cumby Rustler
Front Porch News
Hopkins County Democrat
Hopkins County Echo
MySSNews.com - searchable from the year 2000
Northern Standard
Sulphur Springs Daily News Telegram - searchable 2004 - 2008
Sulphur Springs Gazette
Texas Star
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Archived Articles

1867 Black Jack Grove Killings

1889 Sulphur Springs Gazette - July 5, 1889

1900's Hopkins County People - No. 1

1900's Hopkins County People - No. 2

1908 Cumby Rustler - A year of news

Birthright Cyclone - Sulphur Springs Gazette, May 10, 1907

Black Jack Grove, 40 Years Ago - 1932 Cumby Rustler

Black Jack Post - 1885

Hopkins County Democrat - Oct 3, 1901

Vincent/Hoskins Article - May 9, 1913 - Rains County Leader

Wester 50th Wedding Anniversary - Nov. 20, 1908

July, 1924 Sulphur Springs Daily News-Telegram - People in the news

August, 1924 Sulphur Springs Daily News-Telegram - People in the news

Rains Leader
Mr. and Mrs. M.A. Vincent returned Monday from a visit with their daughter, Mrs. W. B. Hoskins, at Cumby

Wester 50th Wedding Anniversary

J. M. WESTER, Sulphur Springs Gazette, Nov. 20, 1908. Mr. and Mrs. J. M.. Wester celebrated their golden wedding at their home in this city. J. M. Wester was born in Graves County, Kentucky, on November 18, 1837. At the age of 21, he married Miss M. L. Bastic, of Weakly County, Tennessee. She was just 16 and the sweetheart of his early childhood - the playmate of his youth. They moved from Kentucky to Sulphur Springs in April 1862, and in August of the same year he enlisted in the Confederate service and remained until the close of the war. They have eight children and two dead. The children are: W. Y., G. T., L. B., S. H., Frank B., Edna and Bessie Wester, and Mrs. Linnie Beyersaw of Hope, Arkansas. Three of the boys and one of the girls are married.