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James T. Bowman & (1) Jennie Westberry  (2) Fannie Johns



                                                                                                                          Generation No. 1

1. James T. Bowman  was born 31 OCT 1860, and died 19 JUN 1940.  He married Jennie Westberry.  He married Fannie Johns. She was born

1 MAR 1861, and died 6 FEB 1936.

Children of James T. Bowman and Jennie Westberry are:


2 i. Wessie Bowman. She married David S. Gallant.

3 ii. Mae Etta Bowman. She married John Lester Yates.

4 iii. Eva Bowman. She married Jim Asa Bynum.

Children of James T. Bowman and Fannie Johns are:


5 i. Barney Bowman was born 1879. He married Ida Thorn.

6 ii. Maggie Bowman was born 1880. She married Lamon Huff. She married Jim Magee.

7 iii. Robert Augustus Bowman was born 1881, and died 1927 in FLORA, MS.  He married Martha Elizabeth Matthews, daughter of William Jasper Matthews and Nancy Ann Hanes. She was born 24 NOV 1881, and died 8 SEP 1956 in FLORA, MS.

8 iv. Nannie Bowman was born 28 JAN 1887, and died 23 AUG 1957. She married Eugene Huff. He was born 11 SEP 1886, and died 23 SEP 1950.

9 v. Lela Edith Bowman was born 23 NOV 1888, and died 19 OCT 1970. She married Joseph Ellison Lancaster. He was born 13 JUN 1886, and died 22 SEP 1962.

10 vi. Oscar W. Bowman was born 7 APR 1892 in Rankin County, MS, and died 8 NOV 1968 in Rankin County, MS. He married Alice Huff. She was born 26 JUL 1892 in Rankin County, MS.

11 vii. Willis Bowman was born 18 NOV 1895. He married Leona Conrad. She was born 22 MAR 1899.

12 viii. Elna Bowman was born 1896. She married Charles Edward Gray.


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