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James "Asa" Bynum & Margaret "Polly" Box


James "Asa" Bynum  was born 1801 in Pendleton Dist., SC, and died 1887 in Houston Co., TX; buried in the Bynum Cemetery, Houston Co., TX. He married Margaret "Polly" Box 17 Dec 1822 in Blount Co, AL; died before the 1850 census.

Children of James Bynum and Polly Box are:

+1 i. Stephen Bynum, born ca 1824 in Blount Co, AL.

+2 ii. Griffin A Bynum, born ca 1828 in Blount Co, AL; died Bef. 1880.

+3 iii. Sarah Bynum, born ca 1833.

4 iv. Asa Bynum, born ca 1837 AL; died January 1860 Houston Co., TX of Typhoid Fever.  He was shown as married. 

+5 v. Jasper Bynum, born ca 1841.


1838 Republic of Texas Tax Rolls

1846 Texas Poll Tax List


1850 Houston Co., TX: BYNUM, James, 49, farmer, NC; Stephen, 26, AL; Sarah, 17, AL; Asa, 13, AL; Jasper, 9, Houston Co., TX.
1860 Houston Co., TX: BYNUM, James, 59, farmer, 600/836, TN; Roda, 55, h/w, TN; COBB, Dory, 14, f, TX; PIERSON, Ben, 14, m, TX

1. Stephen Bynum was born 1824 Blount Co., AL.  He married Rebecca.

Children of Stephen Bynum and Rebecca are:

                                       i.   Mary Bynum, born 1855 TX.
                                       ii. James Bynum born 1857 TX.
                                       iii.  Byron Bynum born 1858 TX.
                                       iv.  Thomas Bynum born 1861 TX.


1870 Weldon, Houston Co., TX: BYNUM, Steven, 46, farmer, AL; Rebecca, 38, k/h, MS; Mary, 15, TX; James, 13, TX; Byron, 12, TX; Thos., 9, TX.


2. Griffin A Bynum was born 1-12-1828 in Blount Co, AL, and died 12-3-1889; buried in the Bowdoin Cemetery, Houston Co., TX. He married (1) Sarah J. ?. She was born ca 1833 TN. He married (2) Martha Middlebrook, she died about 1895; her first husband was James Bowdoin; she is buried in the Bowdoin Cemetery, Houston Co., TX.


Children of Griffin Bynum and Sarah are:

                                       i.  William Bynum born 1852 TX.

                                       ii. Jinn Bynum, female, born 1854 TX.

                                       iii. Polly Bynum, born 1857 TX.

                                       iv.  Susan Bynum born 1859 TX. 

Children of Griffin Bynum and M. Unknown are:

i. Susy Bynum, born ca 1866.

ii. Nebo Bynum, born ca 1876.

iii. Henry Bynum, born ca 1878.

Census Information:
1850 Houston Co., TX: BYNUM, Griffin A., 22, farmer, AL; Sarah J., 17, f, TN.  Living next to father, James Bynum.
1860 Houston co., TX: BYNUM, Griffin, 35, Fmr, 2560/1500, NC; Sallie, 30, TN; Wm., 8, TX; Jinn, 6, f, TX; Polly, 3, TX; Susan, 1, TX.
1880 Houston Co., TX: BYNUM, G.A., 52, farmer, AL SC AL; M.A., wife, 45, GA GA GA; Susy, 14, dau, TX.


3. Sarah M. Bynum, born ca. 1833 Blount Co., AL.  She (1) Bascom Robinson from MS; she married (2) (unknown) Parker.


Children of Sarah Bynum & Bascom Robinson:

                                     i. Xantippia Jane Robinson b. 1851; married Eugene Amelious Williams.

                                     ii. Hariet Robinson b. 1857.

                                     iii. Andrew B. Robinson b. 1859/1860.


Children of Sarah Bynum & (unknown) Parker:

                                     i. James Parker b. 1864

                                     ii. Ida R. Parker b. 1872.



Sarah Bynum is on the 1850 US Federal Census listed as age 17.

Sarah Robinson is on the 1860 US Federal Census listed age 28.

Sarah Parker is on the 1880 US Federal Census listed age 48 widowed.


5. Jasper Bynum was born ca 1841. He married Mrs. Martha Taylor.


Children of Jasper Bynum and Martha Unknown are:

 i. Allie Bynum b. 1876.

 ii. Griffin Bynum b. 1879.

1880 Houston Co., TX: BYNUM, Jasper, 39, farmer, TX SC ?; Martha, 42, wife, k/h, MS MS MS; Alley, 4, dau, TX; Griffin, 1, son, TX; TAYLOR, Roland, 8, stepson, TX ? MS; ?igd??, Ada, F, 20, niece, MS MS MS.