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NEEDHAM B. PERMENTER (JAMES III, JAMES, JAMES, JOHN D) was born Abt. 1809 in NC, and died 1877 in Bell Co., TX. He married NANCY C. ADCOCK Abt. 1833 in NC, daughter of HENRY ADCOCK and KEZIAH WEBB. She was born November 20, 1812 in Anson Co., NC, and died January 30, 1895 in TX.

Moved to Mississippi where some, if not all, of his children were born; then moved to Texas. The family stopped at Crockett, TX in 1855, then moved to Bell Co., TX in 1860 where they settled in Old Aiken. They later moved to Stampede in Bell Co., TX

Burial: 1877, Moffatt Cemetery, Bell Co., TX
Property: December 05, 1850, Land patent MS1510_.346, Kemper Co., MS, 39.99 acres
Residence 1: 1846, Kemper Co., MS5
Residence 2: 1850, Kemper Co., MS
Residence 3: 1854, Kemper Co., MS6

Census 1860

Houston Co., TX, Elkhart P.O.:

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Census 1870

Bell Co., TX

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1880 Bell Co., TX census:  PERMENTER, Nannie


i. HENRY PERMENTER, b. 1834, NC.

2. ii. JOHN GRAY PERMENTER, b. September 1836, NC; d. 10-8-1926 Bell Co., TX; buried Moffatt Cemetery, Bell Co., TX; married Margaret Allie Barnett b. 1850 AR.

3. iii. CAROLINE SPENCER PERMENTER, b. 1840, NC; d. Abt. 1870.

iv. ELIZA PERMENTER, b. 1842, NC.

+ 4. v. JAMES Durant PERMENTER, b. June 25, 1842; d. Bef. 1884.

5. vi. ROBERT C. PERMENTER, b. 1844, MS; married Mary Newsome.

6. vii. NEEDHAM WESLEY PERMENTER, b. January 05, 1846, Kemper Co., MS; d. August 23, 1929, McLennan Co., TX; married Melissia Morrow/Marrow.

viii. ANN PERMENTER, b. 1848, Kemper Co., MS.

ix. MATTIE PERMENTER, b. 1849, Kemper Co., MS; m. BOB KELLER.
Moved from Bell Co., TX to Wilbarger Co., TX with her mother about 1885. Did not marry until after her mother's death. Had no children.
Name may be Martha.

7. x. LEACY A. PERMENTER, b. March 12, 1849, MS; d. September 09, 1924; married Joseph Taylor Marshall, 1869 TX, b. 2-2-1846 TX.

8. xi. MILLARD FILLMORE PERMENTER, b. September 1857, MS; d. February 20, 1914, Kern Co., CA.; married Sarah E. Barefoot abt. 1880; b. 1861 AR.

+ 4.  JAMES DURANT PERMENTER (NEEDHAM B.1, JAMESA, JAMESB, JAMESC, JOHND, ?E) was born June 25, 1842, and died Bef. 1884. He married CARPALONA FAIRY (LONNIE) TOWNSEND Abt. 1865 in TX, daughter of THOMAS TOWNSEND and NANCY DEAN. She was born May 23, 1837 in Crockett, TX, Houston Co., and died February 10, 1902 in Houston Co., TX.

Letter to James D. "Jim" Permenter and wife Carpalona "Loney" Townsend Permenter from sister Leacy A. Permenter. (Letter in possession of Noel Durant and Betty Lange Permenter, Dec. 1999)

Belton, Texas January the 6th 1869
Mr. & Mrs. Permenter

Dear Brother and Sister with the greatest of pleasure I . . . Letter which I recd . . . some time ago. It afforded me great pleasure. I would have wrote to you before now but I have not had an opportunity of . . . in the office. I wrote to Cousin ? the 4 of December and the letter is here yet we have been so busy ? Christmas we have done nothing. This leaves us all . . . & I hope to find you all in good health. I have ? more Christmas <could not read following line>. . . to share of my fun. We have been to seven or eight Parties this Christmas. I have enjoyed myself very well dancing Sister. Mother is perfectly willing for us to dance. You know how she ust to hate it Jim. Need went to a Party New Years and danced. I was very much surprised to see him out on the floor. He can beat you talking to the girls. He tells them all ? he loves them. He has gave his self to all of the girls for New Years & Christmas gifts. Fore or five clames him tho he says he has not forgoten Miss Helen Thornton yet. Loney I clame New Years gift off of you and Jim. I have had Christmas & New Years gifts than I ever had before in my life mostly apples and candy. Oh Loney you ought to see my sweet hearts. I have got so many I don't know what to do with them. One of them is 10 feet high & one is 5 feet. Some times 6 or 8 young men comes to take me to a Party. The first that asks me is the first that goes with me. Matt has been staying with Callie 2 or 3 weeks. She came home a few days since Callie is up ? She has been very ? I stayed 2 weeks with her she had one conjestive chill about the first of December. I have been looking for you a long time. I want you to come to see us as soon as you can. Tell Henry to come to see us

You had better come if you want if you want me to tell you a secret if you want to see the prettiest Man in Bell County. Oh Sister, Need's sweet heart tells me that Need is going to marry in the spring. I am going to a party next Monday night. I am going to curl my hair. I know I will charm all of the Boy then. Well Sister I have wrote enough foolishness. Pa has killed his meat. He has enough meat and corn to do him. He has hired a negro man today. I recon he will stay with him John and family as well. He has rented a place in Coryell Co. 5 miles from us <could not read next line>. He has the sweetest baby in the Bell Co. I must close for this time. My love to all and Henry & Family too. Tell them to write to Pa for they want answer none of my letters. Please write soon. I remain your Sister, Leacy A. Permenter


11. i. JAMES NEEDHAM PERMENTER, b. September 25, 1867, Crockett, TX, Houston Co.; d. August 23, 1937, Cain City, TX, Gillespie Co.; buried Harper Cemetery, Harper, Gillespie Co., TX.

12. ii. CARPALONIA FRANCES PERMENTER, b. August 03, 1869, Houston Co., TX; d. 1908; married Noah F. Brewer 1-8-1885 Houston Co., TX.