Thomas Roderick TOWNSEND & Nancy Pamelia Ann DEAN


Generation No. 1

Thomas Roderick TOWNSEND was born 7 FEB 1797 in Marlboro, South Carolina, and died 31 AUG 1838 in La Grange, Fayete Co., Texas.


He married Nancy Pamelia Ann DEAN 17 APR 1819 in Georgia. She was born 18 DEC 1805 in Beaufort Co. South Carolina, and died 8 DEC 1886 in Crockett, Houston Co., Texas.

Children of Thomas Roderick TOWNSEND and Nancy Pamelia Ann DEAN are:


1 i. Elizabeth "Betsy" TOWNSEND was born 1821 in McIntosh Co. Georgia, and died after 1896 in Hays Co. Texas. She married Francis John JOHNSON 20 JUN 1834 in Houston Co., Texas.

2 ii. Morris TOWNSEND was born 29 JAN 1824 in Georgia, and died 9 OCT 1881 in Crocket, Houston Co. Texas. He married Emily ATKINSON 23 DEC 1856 in Texas.

3 iii. Clementine TOWNSEND was born 1825 in Jefferson Co. Florida, and died after 1892 in Texas. She married William J. JOHNSON about 1842 in Houston Co., Texas. She married Green Marion CAUDLE about 1857 in Llano Co., Texas.

4 iv. William Spencer TOWNSEND was born JUN 1826 in Jefferson Co., Florida, and died after 1892 in Texas. He married Nancy in Texas. He married Mary ALLBRIGHT after 1870 in Texas.

5 v. Thomas "Gideon" TOWNSEND was born JAN 1828 in Jefferson Co., Florida, and died after 1892 in Texas. He married Charlotte SHANNON.

6 vi. Light Stapleton TOWNSEND was born 30 OCT 1834 in Crocket, Houston Co., Texas, and died 23 SEP 1928 in San Antonio, Bexar Co., Texas. He married Susan TOWNSEND 28 NOV 1857 in Colorado Co., Texas. He married Mary Elizabeth RAGSDALE 14 AUG 1864 in Uvalde Co., Texas.

7 vii. Carpalona Fariy TOWNSEND was born 23 MAY 1837 in Crocket, Houson Co., Texas, and died 10 FEB 1902 in Houston Co., Texas. She married George Washington ALLBRIGHT about 1853 in Houston Co., Texas. He was born 7 MAR 1827 in Limestone Co., Alabama, and died 1864 in Alabama. She married James D. PERMENTER about 1866 in Texas. She married W. J. HATCHER 19 NOV 1884 in Crocket, Houston Co., Texas.