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James Joseph Babb and Mary “Molly” E. Weaver


Generation No. 1


1.  JAMES JOSEPH3 BABB  (JAMES M.2, WILLIAM H.1)1 was born 12 May 1865 in Hamilton Co, Texas2,3, and died 04 Apr 1930 in Houston Co., Texas4,5.  He married (1) MASSY SHEPPARD.    He married (2) MARY MOLLY E. WEAVER Abt. 1885 in Hamilton Co., Texas.  She was born Mar 1871 in TX, and died 1920 in Houston Co., TX.  Burial: Hagen Cemetery Houston Co TX


Children of JAMES BABB and MARY WEAVER are:

                   i.       ROBERT WILLIAM4 BABB, b. 13 Mar 1886, TX; d. 27 Mar 1958.

                  ii.       MINNIE BABB, b. Mar 1894, OK.

                 iii.       RUTH A. BABB, b. Mar 1896, TX.

2.              iv.       SUSIE ELLEN BABB, b. Jan 1900, TX; d. 06 Aug 1934, Houston Co., TX.

3.               v.       ANNIE ETHEL BABB, b. 28 Jun 1903, Houston County TX; d. 09 Oct 1950, Houston Co., Texas.

4.              vi.       WILLIAM RHODES "BUCK" BABB, b. 28 Jun 1903, Houston County TX; d. 01 Jan 1988, Crockett, Houston Co., TX.

                vii.       JAMES YOUNG BABB, b. 1905, Houston County TX.

5.            viii.       PERMILIA MARY BABB, b. 27 Jan 1906, Eastland County TX; d. 17 Apr 1955, Tampa, FL.

                  ix.       CHAMBERS ALVIN BABB, b. 1910, Houston County TX.

                   x.    I. M. BABB, b. 1913, Houston County TX.

                  xi.       RUTH BABB, b. 18 Sep 1906, Houston Co., TX; d. Jul 1994, Elmwood, OK.




Generation No. 2


2.  SUSIE ELLEN4 BABB (JAMES JOSEPH3, JAMES M.2, WILLIAM H.1) was born Jan 1900 in TX, and died 06 Aug 1934 in Houston Co., TX.  She married ROLLIE CLINTON MORROW Abt. 1920 in Houston Co, TX, son of ALLEN MORROW.  He was born 21 Oct 1900 in Houston Co., TX, and died 12 Apr 1969 in Conroe, Montgomery, Texas.


Children of SUSIE BABB and ROLLIE MORROW are:

                   i.       JOHN CLINTON5 MORROW, b. 1922, Houston Co., TX; d. 1995.

                  ii.       ROLLIE CLINTON MORROW, JR., b. 1933, Houston Co., TX; d. 2002.

                 iii.       ROBERT L. MORROW, b. 1927, Houston Co., TX.

                 iv.       LOIS MORROW, b. 1924, Houston Co., TX.

                  v.       THELMA MORROW, b. 1930, Houston Co., TX.


3.  ANNIE ETHEL4 BABB (JAMES JOSEPH3, JAMES M.2, WILLIAM H.1)5 was born 28 Jun 1903 in Houston County TX6,7, and died 09 Oct 1950 in Houston Co., Texas8,9.  She married THOMAS ABNER ADAMS 1928 in Houston Co TX, son of JOHN ADAMS and EMMA ALLBRIGHT.  He was born 09 Aug 1895 in Collin Co., TX, and died 01 Jul 1970 in Houston Co., TX10.


Children of ANNIE BABB and THOMAS ADAMS are:

                   i.       JAMES JOSEPH5 ADAMS, b. 31 Mar 1931, Houston Co TX.

                 ii.       ANNIE BELL ADAMS, b. 26 Jan 1933, Houston County TX; d. 2007 living Texas City.

                 iii.       ROY ROGERS ADAMS, b. 31 Jul 1944, Houston County TX.


4.  WILLIAM RHODES "BUCK"4 BABB (JAMES JOSEPH3, JAMES M.2, WILLIAM H.1) was born 28 Jun 1903 in Houston County TX14,15, and died 01 Jan 1988 in Crockett, Houston Co., TX.  He married (1) MARY PEARL ADAMS15 Abt. 1931 in Houston COunty, daughter of JOHN ADAMS and EMMA ALLBRIGHT.  She was born 26 Dec 1909 in Houston Co., Tx, and died 08 Aug 1999 in Beaumont, Jefferson Co., TX.  He married (2) MAGGIE LEE ALLBRIGHT15 Abt. 1937 in Texas, daughter of WILLIAM ALLBRIGHT and MARY JONES.  She was born 04 Dec 1916 in Waller Co., TX, and died 21 May 2008 in Austonio , Houston Co., TX.

District: 28; Image: 864.0.



Children of WILLIAM BABB and MARY ADAMS are:

                   i.       DOVIE LUCILLE5 BABB15, b. 07 Jan 1932, Houston County Texas16,17; d. 27 Mar 1933, Houston Co., Texas18,19. Buried in Hagen Cemetery, Houston Co TX.

                  ii.       ALBERT CLAYTON BABB, b. 04 Feb 1934, Houston County, TX; d. 30 Mar 2005, Austinio, Houston County, TX; m. LENA BARTEL; b. Austinio Houston Co. TX. Buried in Hagen Cemetery, Houston Co TX.

                  iii.       MAMIE LOIS BABB, b. 15 Jan 1935, Houston, Co TX; d. 12 Feb 2006, Crockett, Houston Co., TX.

                 iv.       FLORA ELLEN BABB, b. 03 May 1936, Houston Co TX; d. Living Orange Jefferson Co; m. FRANK B. GILBERT, JR..


                 v.       MAMIE LOIS5 BABB, b. 15 Jan 1938, Houston Co., TX; d. 12 Feb 2006, Crockett, Houston, Texas.

                 vi.       JOHNNY LEE BABB19, b. 28 Apr 1957, Angelina Co., TX; m. JUDY A. TIMMS.


5.  PERMILIA MARY4 BABB (JAMES JOSEPH3, JAMES M.2, WILLIAM H.1) was born 27 Jan 1906 in Eastland County TX, and died 17 Apr 1955 in Tampa, FL20.  She married ELMO ADAMS.  He was born 1900 in Beckville, Panola Co., TX, and died 11 Dec 1964 in Ratcliff, Starr Co., TX.



                   i.    C. RUSSELL5 ADAMS.





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