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Patrick Casey Calvert

PATRICK CASEY CALVERT was born 1849 Indiana; died Jan. 13, 1895 Houston Co., TX, buried in the Antioch Cemetery, Lovelady, Houston Co., TX.

The Calvert Family who settled on Nevilles Prairie, Houston Co., TX. They came from Evansville, Indiana.

Patrick Casey Calvert married Mary Mae Elizabeth Moells (Mills) in1863.  She was born Feb 17, 1840 in Indiana, d. Sept. 3, 1902, buried Antioch Cemetery, Houston Co., TX, parents born in Germany.


Children of Patrick C. & Mary Calvert were:


1.  William Franklin Calvert b. Jan. 1864 Indiana, died July 18, 1933, buried Antioch Cemetery, Houston Co., TX.  He married Sarah A. Burson, born Nov. 15, 1869 MS, d. May 22, 1947, buried Antioch Cemetery, Houston Co., TX. 


1. Sarah A.A., dau, b. Aug 1888 TX;

2. Emma L., dau, Dec. 1889 TX;

3. Dora L., dau, Mar. 1892 TX;

4. Austin McGary, son, Jan 1894, TX, d. Dec 6, 1979, buried Antioch Cemetery, Houston Co., TX;

5. Lillie E., dau, Dec. 1895 TX;

6. Beulah A., dau, Nov 1897, TX;

7. William A., son, 1904 TX;

8. Florance B., dau, b. 1905 TX;

9. Allie E., dau, b. 1907 TX;

10. Gracie Alice, dau, b. 11-13-1909 TX, d. 3-10-1911 buried Antioch Cemetery, Houston Co., TX.


2.  Robert O. Calvert b. July 1868 Indiana, d. 1943, buried Antioch Cemetery, Houston Co., TX.  He married Florence Gertrude White March 6, 1904 Houston Co., TX.  She was b. 1883 TX, d. 1955, buried Antioch Cemetery, Houston Co., TX.  Children:

1., Robert C., b. 1906 TX; 2. Ezra, son, 1906 TX.

3.  Walter Patrick Calvert b. May 1869 Kentucky, d. 1925, buried Antioch Cemetery, Houston Co., TX. 


4.  Laura Louella Calvert b. 12-07-1872; d. 08-28-1899, buried Antioch Cemetery, Houston Co., TX.


5.  Tennessee Paralee "Tennie" Calvert b. Feb. 1875 TX; m. D.L. Williams Feb. 27, 1895 Houston Co., TX.


1. Ellis L., son, Dec1895, TX.

6.  Andrew Bennett Calvert b. July 1878 Texas, d. 1948, buried Antioch Cemetery, Houston Co., TX.  He married Maggie Mae, b. 1884 TX, d. 1944, buried Antioch Cemetery, Houston Co., TX;


1. James B., b. 1905 TX;

2. Leslie B., son, b. 1907 TX;

3. William B., son, b. 1909 TX;

4. Zelma N., 1912, TX.


7.  Olin C. Calvert b. May 17, 1880 Texas, d. June 23, 1967, buried Antioch Cemetery, Houston Co., TX.  He married Ella Mae Cloud June 16, 1907 Houston Co., TX.  She was b. 1890 TX, d. April 26, 1958, buried Antioch Cemetery, Houston Co., TX.

In 1868, the Calvert's moved to Kentucky where Pat got a job as supervisor in a coal mine. In 1870, the Calvert's decided to move to Texas. They came by steamboat down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, then up the Red River and Big Cyprus Bayou through Caddo Lake to the port of Jefferson. On the journey to Texas in the steamboat game room the Irishman,


Pat Calvert, won $800 and on landing at Jefferson, he bought 200 acres of land near McKinney for $2.00 per acre. Pat didn't care for farming so he traded the land for a small sawmill. When timber became scarce, Pat traded the sawmill for two pair of oxen and a wagon and headed West. They settled in Hamilton County near the area of Hico. Here the children swam in Cow house Creek and the Bosque River, when they were not riding horses.


Lee Williams, son of Tennie Calvert Williams, states that his mother had a scar on her forehead caused by a horse shying away from a rock fence as she attempted to mount him. She fell on the tocks, cutting a large gash on her forehead, leaving her scared for life.


One of Pat Calvert's relatives who had been in Texas and had fought with the Texans against Mexico was also in the bean drawing at Mier, Mexico. He was paid for his services in the army with land. He started a settlement named Calvert for himself. When Pat Calvert heard of this, he moved to Robertson County near the new settlement of Calvert. There is a monument near LaGrange with James Calvert's name inscribed on it, as a veteran in the war, and the founder
of Calvert.


After the death of "Uncle Jimmy" (James Calvert), Pat moved to the community of Post Oaks near Bremond. Here William married and started his own family.


In 1888, the Pat Calvert's family moved to Houston County and settled on Neville's Prairie. All of the children married and settled in Houston County except Laura Louella who died at age 18. Pat Calvert died in 1895 and his wife in 1902.




1880 Hamilton Co., TX: CALVERT, P.C., 49, farmer, Indiana; M.A., 40, wife, Indiana; R.M., 13, son, Indiana; W.P., 11, son, Indiana; S.E., 8, dau., Indiana; P.T., 5, dau., TX; A.B., 2, son, TX; B.B., 1/12, son, TX.


1900 Houston Co., TX: CALVERT, Mary, b. Feb1840 60, Widow, 7children 6 living, Ind. Germany Germany; Robt. O., son, July1867 32, s, Ind.; Walter P., son, May1869 31, s, KY; Andrew B., son, July1878 21, TX; Olan, son, May1880 20, s, TX.; WILLIAMS, Paralee T., dau, Feb1875 25, Wd, 2ch 1liv, TX Ind Ind; Ellis, gr-son, Dec1895 4, TX.


Narrative & some information from research of Roy C. Smith, HCHC, Houston Co., TX