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William Morrow and Margaret Foreman, and Ruhama Crowson

Generation No. 1

1. WILLIAM1 MORROW was born 1820 in TN, and died 1880 in Houston Co., Texas, USA. He married (1) MARGARET E FOREMAN Abt. 1843 in AL. She was born 1828 in AL, and died Bef. 1860 in Houston Co., Texas, USA. He married (2) RUHAMA CROWSON Abt. 1860 in Houston Co, TX, daughter of AARON CROWSON and RHODA LOVELADY. She was born 1827 in AL, and died 1921 in Houston Co., Texas. Occupation: 1850, Blacksmith

i. WILLIAM J.2 MORROW, JR., b. Bet. 1844 - 1846, AL.
ii. MALINDA MORROW, b. Bet. 1845 - 1847, AL.
iii. JAMES CRABTREE, b. 1846, MS; Stepchild.
iv. LUCY MORROW, b. Bet. 1847 - 1848, AL.
v. JAMES M. MORROW, b. Oct 1850, Walker Co.,TX.
2. vi. LEWIS H. MORROW, b. 13 Sep 1849, Houston Co., Texas, USA; d. Abt. 1937, Houston Co., TX.
vii. MARY E. MORROW, b. 1854, TX.
viii. ROBERT MORROW, b. 1856, AL.
ix. SAM HOUSTON MORROW, b. 1858, AL.

x. JOHN2 MORROW, b. 1857, AL.
xi. RHODA A. MORROW, b. 1860, Houston Co., Texas, USA.
xii. JOHN RICHARD MORROW, b. 1863, Houston Co., Texas, USA.
xiii. RHUHANNA MORROW, b. 1866, Houston Co., Texas, USA.
xiv. WELDON MORROW, b. 1870, Houston Co., Texas, USA.
xv. DAVID MORROW, b. Jun 1862, Houston Co., Texas, USA.
xvi. ANN BROWN, b. 1853, MS; Foster child.
xvii. ELIZABETH BROWN, b. 1856, MS.


Generation No. 2

2. LEWIS H.2 MORROW (WILLIAM1) was born 13 Sep 1849 in Houston Co., Texas, USA, and died Abt. 1937 in Houston Co., TX. He married MARY JANE CROWSON Abt. 1874 in Houston Co, TX, daughter of OBEDIAH CROWSON and MARTHA ELLIS. She was born 1856 in Lovelady, Houston, Texas, and died in Houston Co., Texas, USA.

Children of LEWIS MORROW and MARY CROWSON are:
3. i. JAMES B.3 MORROW, b. 1875, Houston Co., Texas, USA.
ii. RUAH A. MORROW, b. 1878, Houston Co., Texas, USA.
iii. WILLIAM G. MORROW, b. 1879, Houston Co., Texas, USA.
iv. CHARLES OBID MORROW, b. 18 Mar 1882, Houston Co., Texas, USA; d. 06 Dec 1973, Lovelady, Houston Co., TX; m. GEORGIA [--?--]; b. 17 Sep 1884; d. 12 Jul 1970, Lovelady, Houston Co., TX.
4. v. MARTHA ELLENOR MORROW, b. 12 Jun 1884, Houston Co., Texas, USA; d. 20 Oct 1981, Crockett. Houston Co., TX.
vi. BUSH A. MORROW, b. 1878, Houston Co., Texas, USA.
vii. INA MORROW, b. Sep 1898, Houston Co., Texas, USA.
viii. ARIE MORROW, b. Aug 1877, Houston Co., Texas, USA.
ix. JENNIE MORROW, b. 1888, Houston Co., Texas, USA.
x. E. C. MORROW, b. 1893, Houston Co., Texas, USA; d. 21 Jun 1896, Lovelady, Houston Co., TX.


Generation No. 3

3. JAMES B.3 MORROW (LEWIS H.2, WILLIAM1) was born 1875 in Houston Co., Texas, USA. He married MATTIE [--?--]. She was born 1876.

Children of JAMES MORROW and MATTIE [--?--] are:
i. JAMES GLOVER4 MORROW, b. 1901; d. 1967, Crockett, Houston Co., TX.
ii. LIBBY MORROW, b. 1903.
iii. EULIAN MORROW, b. 1905.
iv. ETHRIDGE MORROW, b. 03 Aug 1906, Lovelady, Houston Co., TX; d. 25 Mar 1979, Crockett, Houston Co., TX.
v. CARL MORROW, b. 1911.

4. MARTHA ELLENOR3 MORROW (LEWIS H.2, WILLIAM1) was born 12 Jun 1884 in Houston Co., Texas, USA, and died 20 Oct 1981 in Crockett. Houston Co., TX. She married ROBERT HARLEY ALEXANDER BARTEE 15 May 1904 in Houston Co, TX, son of JAMES BARTEE and ELIZABETH HADDOX. He was born 12 May 1882 in Houston Co., Texas, and died 04 Jan 1962 in Creek, Houston Co., TX.
Marriage: 15 May 1904, Houston Co, TX

i. BETTY JEWEL4 BARTEE, b. 12 Apr 1905, Houston Co., Texas; d. 28 Jun 1987, Houston Co., Texas; m. (1) UNKNOWN CHENEY; m. (2) HOMER SANDERS.
ii. LACY LEWIS BARTEE, b. 1908, Houston Co., Texas; m. (1) FLORENCE ENGLISH; m. (2) FRANCIS ALFORD KENDRICK.
iii. ADDIE LEE BARTEE, b. 1909, Houston Co., Texas; m. OSCAR WILEY CORBITT.
iv. JAMES W. BARTEE, b. 10 Apr 1911, Houston Co., Texas.
v. LENA MAE BARTEE, b. 1913, Houston Co., Texas.
vi. INA D. BARTEE, b. 1917, Houston Co., Texas.
vii. HORACE NEWTON BARTEE, b. 1920, Houston Co., Texas; m. (1) LOIS PARKER; m. (2) DARLENE PRICE ROLLO.
viii. MARY FLORENCE BARTEE, b. 27 Sep 1924, Houston Co., Texas; d. 1937, Houston Co., Texas.