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Submitted by:  Avis Wells Walton



James PATTON left his native Ireland about 1815 with a group of dissenters, due to religious unrest, and settled in the Abbyville, District of South Carolina.


We do not know who his wife was, but three children were born in South Carolina:

1.  Robert S. Patton, born 1817

2.  Samuel J. Patton, born 1820.

3.  Eliza Ann Patton, born in 1818.


Some time between 1820 and 1829, the family moved to Alabama, where three more children were born:

4.  Jane Patton, born 1823.

5.  Lucinda Patton, born 1830.

6.  George Washington Patton, born 1832.


(Robert, Samuel, Lucinda, and George are listed on the Houston Co., TX 1850 census records.  Information on the other two, I found out about through relatives of each)


Hearing of Land Grants offered in Texas, James Patton and his family moved to Texas between 1831 and 1836.



"The Republic of Texas 1836-37", a book in the Crockett Public Library.

Also a Record of 2nd class Certificate - Original Grantee Page 181 - Patton - Houston County,

     Certificate No. 22, file No. 91, 640 acres.


On May 3, 1838 The Board Of Land Commissioners, Houston Co., TX, issued Land Certificate No. 156 to James Patton for a league of Land.  A Labor of land was given to him also.  It is assumed that the Labor of Land was the aforementioned 640 acres.


The 1840 census Republic of Texas, in the Crockett Public Library shows:

James Patton, Land Title to 1107 acres.  Robert S. Patton, Land Title to 1107 Acres.

Incomplete title to 3867 acres - also two slaves.


Their land was located in the eastern part of Houston County, TX, extending from the Old San Antonio Road (Hwy. 21 East) through what is now Weches, Creath, and Tadmore communities, across Hickory Creek to Center Hill and Hwy. 7 East.  Land Map is in Houston County Clerk's office in Crockett, but it does not show the full Patton Grant survey, as they sold off some of the land.


It is not known where and when James Patton died.


There are three Patton Cemeteries.


The oldest one, a small one near Tadmore had large metal markers, which were stolen.  The second one is known as Ezell Lane Cemetery because it faces a road known as Ezell Lane.  It is on a hill and the graves are in a circle around a huge oak tree.  Ava Conner placed markers there but land was sold and markers destroyed.  The third cemetery is located on FM Road 227 between Ratcliff and Weches on original Patton land.

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