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Loranzo Davis "Dave" Shuptrine & Sarah Molisia "Sallie" Harrison

The L.D. Shuptrine family in 1923; L/R: L.D. Shuptrine, daughter Katie Wyatt holding her son Charles, wife Sallie Shuptrine holding hand of grandson Johnny Langford, son-in-law Ewell Wyatt, grandson Ralph Whitmore, daughter Rebecca Langford, daughter Maggie Whitmore, daughter Vannie Shuptrine, visiting brother Calvin Shuptrine, daughter Carrie Gallant and her husband J.C. Gallant with their three children standing in front of them, Archie, James A. and Thelma, squatted picking up rock is grandson Paul Whitmore.  Not shown in photo are son Johnny Shuptrine and sons-in-law Jim Whitmore and John Langford.

Loranzo Davis "Dave" Shuptrine was born in Houston County at Grapeland on August 16, 1862.  His parents, Nicholas Daniel Shuptrine, born in Wilkes County, Georgia on August 23, 1823 and his mother Rebecca Allen, born in Holmes County, Mississippi in 1825, were married in Holmes County in the 1840's.  The Nicholas Daniel Shuptrine family moved to Houston County about 1850.  Their children who lived to adulthood were Columbus "Lum", born in Holmes County, and George, Jim, Dave, Martha Caroline, and Calvin, all born in Houston County.


Nicholas Daniel Shuptrine served in the Civil war and received wounds which left him crippled for the rest of his life.  When he returned after the war, he found his wife, Rebecca, and his only daughter, Martha Caroline, critically ill with typhoid.  Both died within a few days.  Several years later, Nicholas Daniel married Sarah Rusk.  One son, Joe, and two daughters, Lizzie and Maggie, were born to this union.


When Dave was still in his teens, he went to Wimberly where his brother George was living and found work nearby.  At one time or another, most all of the boys lived for a while in this southwest section of the state.  Also, Nicholas Daniel was living there with his son, George, at the time of his death in 1903 and was buried at Wimberly.


Three of the boys each returned to Houston county to marry.  They must have thought that Houston County produced the most attractive girls, particularly the Harrison family, because the three brothers married sisters, daughters of William Daugherty and Jane Patton Harrison.  Jim married Elizabeth, Dave married Sarah Molisia "Sallie' and Calvin married Eliza.  Other children in the Harrison family were Martha, William, Jonathan, Mary, and Amanda.  Both the Harrison and Patton families moved to Houston County at a very early date.  William Daugherty Harrison was born in Tennessee and Jane Patton in South Carolina.


Jane Patton, when a very small child, underwent a terifying experience.  Two Indians made a raid on the school and killed the teacher and every child except Jane.  She, being very small, managed to escape during the massacre by crawling between the legs of one of the indians in the doorway and hiding in a barrel outside.


Following their marriage on July 11, 1882, Dave and Sallie Shuptrine lived in Houston County near Center Hill.  Their first child, William Edward, who was born about 1883, died before he was two years of age.  Other children were Margaret Jane "Maggie", Martha Caroline "Carrie", Catherine Bell "Katie", Eliza Rebecca, Vannie Molisia, and Jonathan Davis "Johnny".


The first school attended by the children was the Crossroads School, a very small school near their home.  It was close enough for them to go home for lunch.  Later, the attended Center Hill School.  It was a larger school taught in the Center Hill Methodist Church.  Their first teacher, after starting to this school, ws their cousin, Evan Morgan.  Later, for several years, their teacher was Hannah Patton.  They walked to school by a path that they made throught he woods.  When Maggie was older, she rode horseback to school in Kennard.


Dave and Sallie continued to live in Houston County for twenty-nine years after marrying.  He farmed and served as constable for several years.  Seeking a higher and drier limate for health reasons, Dave and family moved in November, 1911, to Bandera County.  Moving with the family were the two new sons-in-law, James H. "Jim" Whitmore, who had married Maggie, and James C. "Jimmie" Gallant, who had married Carrie.  The group traveled in three covered wagons and two buggies for more than three weeks before reaching their desitnation, where places were bought and new homes were established near Medina.


Children born to Jim and Maggie Whitmore were Ralph and Paul.  Born to james C. and Carrie Gallant were Archie, Thelma, and James Arthur.  In 1918 Katie married Ewell Wyatt and they had one son, Charles.  Rebecca married John F. Langford; their children were Johnny, Clinton, Beatrice, Joe, and Travis.  Johnny married Thelma Kelly and born to them were Edna, twins Edith and Beth, John David, and Kelly.  Vannie married Foster Stevens and they had one son, Wesley.


Dave died in 1946 and Sallie in 1947.  They were good Christian people, an honest, hardworking couple, a couple for whom children and grandchildren alike always had much love and respect.



By: Thelma Gallant

"History of Houston County Texas 1687-1979"