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                                                                                                    DENSON (Joseph) FAMILY CEMETERY

Located 3 Mi. E.-NE of Grapeland and 2 Mi E. of US Hwy. 287 off FM 2423 in the Union Chapel Area. Follow dirt road left at Cemetery sign on FM 2423 for .6 Mi., keeping to the right when it divides, to Cemetery. Joseph Denson set aside 1.5 Ac. out of his farm for a family burial ground. Two additional Ac. were deeded for enlargement of the Cemetery, by Mr. & Mrs. W. D. Ferguson in 1977. The site is fenced and well kept.

Text from the Historical Marker reads:

DENSON CEMETERY Joseph Denson (1823-89) came to Texas from Alabama with his family in the 1830s. They were among the Predestination Baptists who settled in Houston County with the Chruch's founder, Elder Daniel Parker. Joseph married Caroline L. (Houston) (1836-1918), niece of Sam Houston, about 1851, and they had eleven children. He set aside this 1.5 acres from his flum for a family burial ground and was the first to be interred here with a marked headstone. Two additional acres were deeded to the Cemetery in 1977. The Annual Denson Family Homecoming is held here.

A census was taken 11-1977 by Maggie Lee Platt Low, a native of this area. The latest update for the 3rd Edition was made by Maggie Lee Platt Low.  Further checked for the 3rd Edition by J. B. & Syble A. Gresham on August 11, 1986.


Artice Fay; b: 2-7-1914; d: (Living); h/o Loreda

Loreda Luce; b: 8-6-1917; d: 9-6-1984; w/o Artice



Cora I. (Whitaker) Chapman; b: 1895; d: 1946; w/o Lewis Chapman;

      Lloyd Anderson; dlo Elizabeth Denson & Richard Whitaker



James Henry (Flex); b: 5-3-1897; d: 9-1-1983

Velma; b.3-21-1929; d. 12-16-1929; d/o James & Loye Zera Beeson

Loye Zera W.; b.9-4-1908; d. 1-7-1993; w/o James Henry Beeson



Mary Ella; b: 2-1-1905; d: 5-12-1959; "Mother"

Tom; b: 3-3-1903; d: 4-26-1984


Annie (Cutre); b: 1852; d: 1931; w/o Duncan; m/o Eva Ruth Blue


Duncan B.; b: 1849; d: 1932; h/o Annie; f/o Eva Ruth Blue Low



?; b: 1897; d: 7-11-1979



Lewis; b: 1891; d: 1917; h/o Cora Whitaker Chapman (Anderson);

       s/o Sarah Denson & John Chapman "Dad"

Cora I. (Anderson); b: 1895; d: 1946; "Mother"

Durwood S.; b.8-18-1911; d. still living; h/o Winnie; s/o Lewis & Cora

       Whitaker Chapman

Winnie G.; b.6-19-1915; d. still living; w/o Durwood; d/o Major & Vera

        Ferguson Whitaker



Melba; b: 11-5-1922; d: 12-30-1922

John Henry; b: 7-29-1894; d: 6-3-1970; h/o Pearl Smith Clark; Pvt. US Army WWI

Pearl; b. 9 -30-1898; d. 1-15-1993; w/o John Henry; d/o Ed R. & Mary C. Smith



Ledell (Pete); b: 9-19-1927; d: 6-18-1975; h/o Wanda Fay; s/o Robert

      Conn & Johnnie Carlee Lawrence, Mar. 3-5-1944 - Age: 79 Yrs.
Carlee; b. 11-29-1907; d. 9-5-1997; w/o Robert Conn; d/o John &

       Genie Williams Lawrence

Wanda Fay; b: 5-5-1927; d: (Living); w/o Ledell

Infant; B&D: 1-15-1935; s/o Robert & Johnnie Carlee

Robert; b: 9-30-1904; d: 6-13-1984; h/o Johnnie Carlee Lawrence;

       f/o Ledell



Michael A., Jr.; B&D: 4-6-1976



Billie Sue; b. 11-26-1934; d. 3-30-1995; d/o Logan & Eva Platt




Sarepta Blue (Lucy); b.9-4-1886; d.11-1O-1986

Henry Edgar; b: 1881; d: 1969; f/o Jewel Cummings Jackson



Caroline L. (Houston); b: 11-11-1836; d: 10-21-1918; w/oJoseph

      Denson; d/o Wilson Houston & Mary Ann Crawford (Houston)

      Denson; niece of Sam Houston; Age: 81 Yrs. 11 Mos. 7 Da.
Joseph; b: 11-12-1823; d: 2-10-1889; h/o Caroline L. Houston; s/o

      Thomas C. & Polly Denson First legible headstone bur. here

Ben (Child); b: 1873; d: 1889/1890; s/o Joseph & Caroline (about 17

      Yrs. old)

Jottie (Infant); b: No Date; d: No Date; Died as infant & possibly 1st

       grave here - no marker

Thomas; b: No Date; d: No Dates; Age: 18 Yrs. - Unmarried-s/o

       Mary Ann & John



William H. (Bill); b: 4-25-1863; d: 2-14-1951; h/o Lucy Brimberry
Lucy Ann (Brimberry); b: 9-12-1871; d: 6-15-1944; w/o Bill; d/o

       Elbert & Polly Brimberry



Hulet Newton; b: 1826; d: 6-27-1891; h/o Lydia Elizabeth Cone Lydia Elizabeth (Cone); b: 1842; d: 1915; w/o Hulet Newton


Virgil; b. 9-1892; d. 09-1899; s/o Hulet & Lydia Ferguson

Emma; b. 11-06-1880; d. 1-1892; d/o Hulet & Lydia Ferguson 

Grady; b: No Dates; d: No Dates; Marked w/seashells; s/o Ruben &


Elsie; b: No Dates; d: No Dates; w/o Grady

Infant; b: No Dates; d: No Dates; ch/o Ruben & Lora E.
Infant; b: No Dates; d: No Dates; ch/o Ruben & Lora E.
Ruben; b: 1874; d: 1957; h/o Lora; s/o Hulet & Lydia

Lora E.; b: 1882; d: 1962; w/o Ruben

W. D. (Billy); b: 1864; d: 1948; h/o Laura T.
Laura T. (Skidmore); b: 1871; d: 1966; w/o Billy; d/o J. T. Skidmore

      & Elizabeth Denson

Infant; b: No Dates; d: No Dates; s/o W. D. (Billy) & Laura T.
Milton (Dick); b: 11-20-1906; d: 7-9-1978; Worked for Missouri-Pac.


Donna Marie; b.12-19-1956; d.2-25-1992



Alton Jr.; b: 6- -1921; d: 8- -1922; Age: 1 Yr. 2 Mos.


Mr. ?; b: No Dates; d: 7-10-1979;


Infant; B & D: 4-12-1929; d/o Lewis & Velma Smith Garrett

Lewis; b.8-18-1903; d. still living; h/o Velma Smith

Velma Smith; b. 1-17-1907; d. 8-20-1995; w/o Lewis Garrett



T. Sweeny; b: 2-23-1870; d: 4-23-1936; h/o Dora Williams - "Dad"

      (Marker reads Goodknight) (Family requested correction)

Dora L. (Williams); b: 3-13-1876; d: 8-20-1957; w/o Sweeny; d/o Paul

       H. Williams; and Sallie Denson "Mama"

Jack; b: 8-24-1906; d: 2-27-1980; h/o Edna Maye (Ivy); s/o Sweeny &

       Dora "Daddy"

Edna Maye (Ivy); b: 7-23-1906; d: (Living); w/o Jack - Mar. 10-21-1923, Children: Jack, Jr., Jerry, Morris, Bob, & Jane



Sam Alva; b: 3-21-1889; d: 8-16-1890; s/o Frank & Mattie (Martha

        Ann Denson) Gray

Ruby Ruth; b: 10-2-1893; d: 3-12-1894; d/o Frank & Mattie (Martha

        Ann Denson) Gray



Joseph Ooe); b: 5-31-1866; d: 8-3-1937; h/o Cora; f/o Ida Ham

       Williams; (Marker reads Hamb, although family says Ham)

Cora A.; b: 10-28-1874; d: 7-26-1948; w/o Joe; m/o Ida Ham Williams Calvin - Infant; B&D: 8-7-1915

Children - 2; b: No Dates; d: No Dates; ch/o Joe & Cora

Joe Steven; b: 6-18-1956; d: 8-21-1982

J. Warnie; b: 5-19-1909; d: 1-25-1983

Flora E.; b: 6-6-1912; d. 10-22-1993 ; w/o J. Warnie - Mar. 10-19-1930


Anita J. (Oliver); b: 2-6-1933; d: 1-21-1985; d/o Evelyn Oliver - On

       marker, w/o Evelyn Oliver



Randy Lee; b: 8-27-1953; d: 1-7-1963

William Warner; b: 9-14-1905; d: 7-29-1978; h/o Gracie Allen - Mar. 9-

      24-1922, Children: LaVerne, LaWanda, Margie, Bill & Larry

Gracie Allen; b.4-15-1904; d. 6-26-1992; w/o Wm.Warner;
          d/o Will & Ada Skidmore Allen; s/o Ruthie Allen Parker

J. Hugh; b. 11-02-1922; d. 6-21-1990; TEC 5,USA-WWII



Jewel Cummings; b: 1919; d: 1949; d/o Henry Edgar Cummings &

       Ivey Blue



Tom J.; b: 9-27-1899; d: No Dates; h/o Myrtle L. - Mar. 3-8-1947 Myrtle L.; b: 8-7-1909; d: 1-3-1982; w/o Tom J.


John Dean; b: 1-4-1944; d: 3-21-1944; s/o J. V. Langham & Dovie


J. V.; b: 3-4-1913; d: 9-18-1984; h/o Dovie Lawrence

Dovie; b. 3-05-1910; d. 8-20-1992; w/o J.V. Langham; d/o John &
          Genie Williams Lawrence



Virgil Alton; b: 9-4-1904; d: 1-23-1976; h/o Bertha Anderson; s/o

       John Lawrence & Lura Eugenia (Genie) Williams

Bertha B. Anderson; b: 1-18-1904; d: 9-28-1970; w/o Virgil - Mar.


Ora Bell (Davidson); b: 4-24-1915; d: 3-27-1934; 1st w/o Wm. L. G.

       (Dock) Lawrence d/o Mrls W. P. Davidson

Morgan Texas (Tex); b: 1882; d: 1930; Bro/o J. C. Lawrence

John Coleman; b: 1-17-1876; d: 11-6-1944; h/o Lura Eugenia (Genie)


Lura Eugenia (Genie) Williams; b: 7-19-1884; d: 7-3-1966; w/o John

        Lawrence; d/o Paul H. Williams & Sallie Denson

William L. G. (Dock); b: 10-18-1912; d: 8-1-1980; h/o Dorothy Allen;

        s/o John Lawrence & Lura Eugenia (Genie) Williams;
Dorothy D. (Allen); b: 5-28-1917; d: (Living); w/o (Dock) Lawrence Earl Edward; b: 11-27-1922; d: 2-15-1980; h/o Edna Pearl Weisinger;

        s/o John Lawrence & Lura Eugenia (Genie) Williams

Edna Pearl (Weisinger); b: 10-13-1925; d: 5-18-1982; w/o Earl

       Edward Lawrence; d/o G. W. & Callie (Matilda Caroline

       Chapman) Weisinger

Gary Earl; b. 1-20-1944; d. 12-24-1995; s/o EarI & Edna Pearl

         Lawrence - no marker

Paul Leyland  "Mutt"; b.3-22-1925; d. 12-08-1988; s/o John & Genie

        Williams Lawrence



Denzel Milton "Buddy"; b. d. 1-14-1997; 69 yrs 1 mos 1 day



Jo Ann; b. d. 10-07-1987; 50 yrs 7 mos 3 days



James D.; b. 10-05-1909; d. 6-1 3-1987; h/o Leatha V. Davidson;

         2nd: Maggie Lee Platt; s/o Harvey & Eva Ruth Blue Low

Leatha V. (Davidson); b: 1-2-1913; d: 2-5-1971; w/o James D. Low Baby; b: 10- -1938; d: No Dates; ch/o James & Leatha

Isaac Harvey; b: 8-1-1886; d: 11-22-1962; h/o Eva Ruth Blue; f/o

         James D.
Eva Ruth (Blue); b: 9-4-1891; d: 2-7-1981; w/o Harvey; m/oJames D;

         d/o Duncan & Annie Blue



Logan W.; b: 8-21-1911; d: 5-10-1984; h/o Eva Platt

Eva (Platt); b: 5-2-1909; d: (Living)



Winnard; b: 10-27-1913; d: 8-11-1985; h/o Docia T. - Mar. 2-8-1936 Docia T.; b: 10-6-1916; d: (Living)

Patsy Ruth; b. 10-16-1936; d. still living; w/o Thomas Stacy Morgan

Thomas Stacy; b. 12-31-1936; d. 01-11-1987; h/o Patsy Ruth;



Evelyn (Shaver); b: 11-3-1910; d: (Living); d/o Wm. A. & Julia

      Shaver, "Mother" (On marker w/ Anita J. Hill)



Bert L.; b: 1880; d: 1949; h/o Nancy Joanna Williams

Nancy Joanna (Anna); b: 1878; d: 1953; w/o Bert; d/o Paul Williams

         & Sallie Denson

Child; b: No Dates; d: No Dates; s/o Bert & Anna; rock marker



James E. (Bud); b: 9-23-1894; d: 8-22-1974; hjo Ruthie Allen

        Parker-Mar. 5-141922, Pvt. US Army

Ruthie Ann (Allen); b: 12-15-1895; d: (Living); w/o James (Bud)

     Parker-Children: Mildred T., Anna Bell, J. K, Jr., Lucille K, Berta D.


William Alfred; b: 3-9-1904; d: 1-30-1984; h/o Benola Lawrence; s/o

        David W. Peterson & Sarah Francis Grissett

Benola (Lawrence); b: 4-27-1918; d: (Living); w/o William; d/o John

       Lawrence & Lura Eugenia Lawrence; (Also Petterson, some

       state, but not on markers)



Tom; b: No Dates; d: No Dates; s/o John T. & Ada Platt - Rock


Ada C.; b: 11-19-1882; d: 10-26-1961; w/o John T. Platt

John T.; b: 1850; d: 1934; h/o Ada C.
Merle Ross; b: 1908; d: 1936; d/o John T. & Ada Platt

Truman L.; b: 5-27-1911; d: 8-22-1958; h/o Maggie; s/o John T. &

         Ada C.
Maggie Lee; b: 8-8-1914; d: (Living); w/o Truman; (Presently mar. to

         Jas. Low

William Henry; b: 5-20-1886; d: 5-1-1973; h/o Virgie; s/o John T. &

        Ada C.
Virginia (Davidson); b: 10-17-1894; d: 5-15-1979; w/o Henry

Aubrey H.; b: 6-8-1914; d: 10-14-1979; h/o Katy Lucille Lawrence;

        s/o Mr. Henry & Miss Virgie

Katy Lucille (Lawrence); b: 11-16-1914; d: (Living); w/o Aubrey; d/o

        John Lawrence & Lura Eugenie Williams



Lonny; b: No Dates; d: No Dates; s/o Albert P.
Albert P.; b: 4- 9-1880; d: 1-25-1962

Albert Lloyd; b: 7-30-1933; d: 5-21-1975; PFC US Army



Joyce; b. 1-19-1944; d. 11-15-1990; d/o Roy & Lorene Whitaker



Charles Clifton; b: 9-27-1918; d: 11- -1918; s/o Edell & Edith

      (marked w/pipe & can

Julia Ann (Denson); b: 8-27-1870; d: 2-11-1954; w/o W. A. (Bill)

        Shaver; d/o Joseph Denson & Caroline L. Houston
William A (Bill); b: 8-21-1868; d: 2-26-1947; h/o Julia Denson

William Elmer; b: No Dates; d: No Dates; s/o Julia & Bill - Marked


Alex Odell; b: 12-14-1893; d: 3-10-1894; s/o J. W. & L. L. Shaver

Oze Ray; b: 1-26-1920; d: 3-3-1920; s/o S. J. Shaver



Arwine; b: 4-15-1898; d: 3-3-1975; h/o Cora Estell; s/o John Clayton

         Skidmore & Mary (Texie) Chapman, Br/o Arland; Children;

         Gwendolyn, Ouita, &John

Cora (Estell); b: 11-24-1898; d: (Living); w/o Arwine - Mar. 8-15-1919;

          d/o Ada Platt

Mary Elizabeth (Texie) Chapman; b: 4-15-1875; d: 8-5-1954; w/o

          John Clayton; d/o John Chapman & Sarah Ann Denson

John Clayton; b: 9-29-1869; d: 10-19-1958; h/o (Texie) Chapman;

          s/o John Turner Skidmore & Elizabeth Denson

Helen Rose; b: 3-10-1927; d: 7-14-1930; d/o Arland

Arland, Jr.; b: 1-4-1925; d: 8-13-1925; s/o Arland

Ed; b: 1-13-1881; d: 3-20-1968; h/o Bennie Elizabeth Williams; s/o

         John Clayton Skidmore & Mary (Texie) Chapman

Bennie Elizabeth; b: 5-13-1891; d: 11-19-1977; w /0 Ed; d/o Paul

          Williams & Sallie Denson; Mar. 7-31-1910

Child; b: No Dates; d: No Dates; No marker

Calvin Dewey; b: 10-31-1915; (Living); h/o Nancy; s/o Ed & Bennie Nancy T.; b: 5-11-1923; d: 2-6-1984; w/o Calvin D.
Jason - Infant; B&D: 2-6-1980; s/o C. D. Skidmore, Jr.
A Man - Name Unknown; b: No Dates; d: No Dates

Harold P. "Boots"; b. 12-10-1918; d. 12-07-1996; s/o Ed & Bennie

        Elizabeth Williams Skidmore



B. W. (Bat); b: 1-27-1885; d: 3-3-1965; h/o Myrtle

Myrtle L.; b: 8-30-1891; d: 8-19-1978; w/o Bat

Willie A; b: 6-19-1909; d: 4-6-1977; s/o B. W. & Myrtle; h/o Rowena

Neoma (Simms); b: 1912; d: 1950; First w/o Olin Smith (Ed & Mary's


Edward Franklin; b: 12-2-1876; d: 5-4-1974; h/o Mary C.
Mary C.; b: 8-20-1876; d: 11-28-1919; w/o Edward Franklin

Infant; b: No Dates; d: No Dates; d/o Mr/s Wilburn Smith

Infant; b: No Dates; d: No Dates; s/o Mr/s Wilburn Smith

Infant; b: No Dates; d: No Dates; d/o Preston Smith

Wilburn; b: 11-10-1900; d: 5-9-1969; h/o Ruby - Mar. 1-11-1922 -


Ruby (Davidson); b: 9-16-1903; d: 3-2-1984; w/o Wilburn - "Mama"

Joyce M.; b.9-15-1926; d. still living; w/o Olan Smith; mar.4-9-50

O.E. (Olan); b.4-17-1909; d.8-9-1987; h/o Joyce M.
Rowena; b. 1-02-1910; d.6-4-1988; w/o Willie A. Smith



Elizabeth (Denson); b: 7-26-1817; d: 1-12-1894; Sis/o Joseph




Herra; b. 12-14-1921; d. 12-30-1993; h/o Mary Frances- m. 05-02-51 Mary Frances; b.8-12-1933; d. still living; w/o Herra Weems



Elsie Hood; b.1O- 22-1905; d. 11-10-1988



A. L.; b. 1-20-1909; d. still living; h/o Inez; m.8-31-1935

Bertie; b. d. bef. 1900; s/o Elizabeth Denson & Richard Whitaker

        [marked by rock, located near parents' graves]

Boyd L; b.9-30-1910; d. 9-05-1994; h/o Janey; s/o Major L. & Vera C.

        Ferguson Whitaker

Elven Stuard; b. 12-04-1901; d. 8-27-1987

Holly Roy; b. 12-14-1910; d. 8-31-1987; h/o Lorene

Inez; b.8-16-1918; d. 10-15-1991; w/o A. L. Whitaker

Lorene; b. 3-1897; d. no date; d/o Elizabeth Denson & Richard

       Whitaker [marked by rock, located near parents' graves]

Lorene Lee; b.4-19-1915; d. 11-27-1996; w/o Holly Roy Whitaker
Vera C. Ferguson; b.7-16-1894; d. 10-10-1992; w/o Major L.
        Whitaker; d/o W.D. & Laura Skidmore Ferguson

Will; b. 5-1892; d. no date; s/o Elizabeth Denson & Richard Whitaker

        [marked by rock, located near parents' graves]

Roy Lee; b: 5-25-1932; d: 9-19-1973

Michael David; b: 11-3-1956; d: 6-28-1959

Major L.; b: 10-19-1881; d: 11-27-1954; h/o Vera C. Ferguson; s/o

         Wilson Whitaker & Emmaline Denson

Vera C. (Ferguson); b: 7-16-1894; d: (Living); w/o Major Whitaker;

         d/o W. D. Ferguson & Laura Skidmore

No Name; b: No Dates; d: No Dates; Rock Marker

M. Elizabeth (Denson); b: 9-12-1867; d: 6-8-1935; w/o Richard

         Whitaker; d/o Joseph Denson & Caroline (Houston) Denson Richard E.; b: 5-2-1864; d: 10-19-1901; h/o Elizabeth Denson; br/o

         Wilson Whitaker

Holly Webster; b: 1-30-1889; d: 11-10-1961; h/o Cora; s/o Wilson

          Whitaker & Emmaline Denson

Cora; b: 7-20-1893; d: 9-29-1918; w/o Holly Webster Whitaker

Infant - Son; B&D: 1921

S. Edmund; b: 1-6-1886; d: 11-17-1968; h/o Velma - Mar. 10-16-1907;

          s/o Wilson Whitaker & Emmaline Denson

N. Velma; b: 10-12-1890; d: 6-19-1967; w/o Edmund Whitaker Emmaline (Denson); b: 9-23-1858; d: 6-27-1936; w/o Wilson

         Whitaker; d/o Joseph Denson & Caroline (Houston) Denson Wilson; b: 11-25-1856; d: 2-20-1937; h/o Emmaline Denson; br/o


Sarah Louise; b: 1918; d: 1919 C. L.; b: 8-10-1879; d: 5-23-1957; h/o


Mollie B.; b: 9- 1889; d: 7-8-1955; w/o C. L.
Ruby Loraine; B&D: 1923

Annie Bell; b: 1912; d: 12-27-1934

Boyd L.; b: 9-30-1910; d: (Living); h/o Janey - Mar. 1-7-1933; s/o

         Major & Vera Whitaker

Janey B.; b: 5-5-1913; d: 12-8-1983; w/o Boyd L.; Children: Donald,

        Diane, & Ginger

D. B.; b: No Dates; (Living)



Lawrence N.; b: 2-17-1909; d: (Living); h/o Mamie - Mar: 8-10-1935 Mamie M.; b: 7-16-1906; d: 2-12-1981; w/o Lawrence



Paul H.; b: 1-9-1851; d: 7-30-1922; h/o Sallie Denson

Sallie (Denson); b: 2-8-1851; d: 7-30-1929; w/o Paul Williams; d/o

         Joseph Denson & Caroline (Houston) Denson

Daniel (Dan); b: 9-24-1879; d: 3-21-1933; h/o Ida B. Ham; s/o Paul

         Williams & Sallie Denson; Rock Marker

Ida B. (Ham); b: 9-11-1891; d: d.9-8-1965; w/o Dan Williams; d/o Joe

       &  Cora Ham, Metal Marker (Illegible)

Baby; b: No Dates; d: 1915; d/o Dan Williams & Ida Hamb; Twin to

         Anna Laura

Garland Lee; b. no date; d. 4-30-1995; 75 yrs 8 mos 16 days; s/o Dan

           & Ida Ham Williams


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