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1850 Mortality Schedule

Enumerator--Martin D. Hart 

Microfilmed and located in the Texas State Archives, Austin, Texas. 
Name Age Sex Place of Birth Month of Death Occ/Marital Status Cause of Death Days Ill
John McElrath 3/12 M Texas Aug Not Known 21
Mary Williams 6 F Ohio May Conj. Chill 2
Lavina Williams 9 F Tenn Sept Conj. Chill 3
Nancy Hargus 2 F Texas Jan Inf. Bowels 11
William T. Daniel 4 M Texas Aug Fever 9
Sarah Atterberry 1/12 F Tex Jan Not Known 7
///// 16 F Not Known Nov (Slave) Dropsy 3 Mos.
Susanah J. Perry 27 F Ill Apr. Married Consumption 12 Years
John R. Hoggan(?) 1 M Texas Apr. Not Known 24
Martha E. Anderson 1/12 F Texas Apr Not Known 1
Edward Mooney 44 M Tenn May (Married) Inf. Plura 17
Martha Garret 22 F Texas MAr. Not Known 6 yr.
Rebecca J. Keith 1 F Texas Mar Not Known 6 mos
Jacob Fanning 10/12 F Texas July Not Known 6 mos.
Elind Bush 25 F Ky March Married Childbed Sudden
Nancy Riley 2 F Tex Oct Flux 7
Sarah Odell 27 F MO July Married Coler 6
Elizabeth Taylor 11/12 F Texas June Not Known Sudden
Elinor Threatt 49 F Va Feb Married Conj. Fever 8
Howard Thompson 8 Days M Texas Feb Not Known  3
James Hobbs 75 M N. Car Sept Farmer/Married Fever 8
John B. Daniel 26 M Tenn Dec Farmer/Married Ulent. Fever 8
Mary Shaw 26 F Ill Apr Married Childbed 8

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