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1880 Census


   The Marshalls in 1880 residing at Precinct 2:  Abram G., Adlie, America, Annie, Artemus, Bamner, Belzora, Brance, Branceford, Brown, Delitha, Eliza Ann, Emma J., Eva, G. N., George B., George E., Harrison, Henry, Hester, Ira, Iran, J. J., James E., Joel E., John, John E., Larkie, Lelah, Lou, Lucy, Maria, Mary L., Mary L., May, Miles, Nancy, Nancy E., Otly, R. S., Robert, Rosalee, S., S. H., Sally, Samuel, Stephen, Tallitha, Thomas, Vermell, W. H., W. R., William T., Willie, and Winfied.  
   Marshall, Joel D., 32, TX TN TN
   Marshall, Nancy, 30,  TX TN TN
   Marshall, George E., 16, TX
   Marshall, Harrison, 8, TX
   Marshall, Bebzora, 6, TX
   Marshall, Stephen, 4, TX
Marshall, S., 57, TN VA VA
   Marshall, Mary E., 43, TN TN TN
   Marshall, Artemus, 11, TX
   Marshall, James E., 19, TX
   Marshall, George B., 16, TX
Miller, J. L., 44, SC SC SC
   Miller, Emma, 37, MS AL VA
   Marshall, Willa A., 15, (daughter), MS SC MS
   Miller, William, 12, MS
   Miller, Leona, 12, MS
   Miller, Jessie, 6, MS
Marshall, Thomas, 64, TN VA VA
   Marshall, Hester, 64, TN KY GA
   Neighbors are John Wharton, George Wharton, John Russell, 

J. R. Howard, and E. M. McDonald. The Stephen Marshall who married the "Sinna" Keith was listed as a
preacher. I think on the above census, he was listed as a farmer.

Submitted by Sarah Swindell

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