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Isham Hall Williams Family

Isham Hall Williams was born December 10, 1825, in Russell or Scott County, Virginia. He was the third child of James Thomas Williams and Mary Hall Williams. As a young man, Isham and three of his brothers migrated to soutwest Missouri along with neighbors, the Jonathan Hilton family. They settled in Benton County, Missouri, initially. Isham had a number of adventures as a young man, including going to California to seek his fortune as a gold miner, and taking a voyage around the world.

Isham returned to Missouri where he met and married Sarah Elizabeth Feaster on May 25, 1852. Between 1852 and 1870, the Williams had eleven children. One of the children, Grace Marion Williams, died at about fourteen months of age. The remaining ten children grew up, married and had children of their own.

Two of the older daughters are found living in Texas in 1880. A third daughter gave birth to her first child in Hunt County on August 24, 1884. There is a handed down story that the Williams family first came to Texas in 1877, but returned to Missouri. Some documents tend to support this theory.

The remainder of the family migrated to Hunt County around 1888-1889 and settled in the area south of Greenville and east of Caddo Mills. In addition to Isham and Sarah, their children Margaret Jane Williams Hughes, John William Williams, Elbert Sovier Williams, James Wiley Williams, Frances Elzada Williams Judy, Jasper Lafayette Williams and Charles Gilmer Williams all lived in the same area in southwest Hunt County. Sikes Grove

Front Row:
John William Williams b. 30 Sept. 1860 d. 16 Nov 1921 m. Arizona Wilson 31 July 1884 (Barry Co MO)
Elbert Sovier Williams b. 22 Jan 1863 d. 19 Aug 1947 m. Wakely Dudding 10 Sept 1894. (Hunt Co TX)

Second Row:
Margaret Jane Hughes b. 25 Nov. 1859 d. 24 Oct. 1850 m. Richard Milton Hughes 8 Oct. 1879 (Lawrence Co. MO)
Sarah Angeline Dickson b. 8 Nov 1855 d. 4 Oct 1939 m. David Rhudyard (Lawrence Co MO) 4 Sept 1873 m. John D. Dickson 1881 (Hill Co TX)
Frances Elzada Judy b. 24 Jun 1872 d. 1 Jan 1960 m. Allphin Alexander Judy 30 Dec 1887 (Lawrence Co MO)

Third Row:
Jasper Lafayette Williams b. 7 Apr 1879 d. 25 Jan 1973 m. Emma Elizabeth Tanner 17 May 1903 (Hunt Co, TX)
Charles Gilmer Williams b. 20 Jan 1870 d. 1 Jan 1940 m. Martha Ida Gray 22 Aug 1901 (Hunt Co TX)

Back Row:
James Wiley Williams b. 1 Sept. 1860 d. 7. Feb 1937 m. Jessie May Williams 5 Nov 1885 (Lawrence Co MO) m. Ida Mae Stafford 28 May 1896 (Hunt Co TX)

It is possible that this family photo was made when the family gathered for the funeral of Isham Williams in February 1907. One of the sisters lived in Panhandle, Texas and another lived at Muenster, Texas.

Submitted by: Larry Wilson, great, great grandson of Isham, great grandson of James and grandson of Gertie Wilson.

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