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Mr. Albert A. Beggs, son and Mr.. and Mrs. James {Jim} Beggs, was born in 1880, in Humboldt Community, about ten miles east of this city of Greenville, Hunt county, Texas.

Both he, and his wife, "Miss Susie", were outstanding members of their locality. They had the ability and the compassion to extend a helping hand to those in need, when it was most needed.

Miss Susie Pippin Beggs was born in the year 1800, near Joplin, Missouri. Perhaps it was near the extreme southwest part of the state. The Civil War between the states had divided Missouri savagely. In fact, there was one region known as "Little Dixie". Missouri had given almost as many troops to the North as it had to the South. After the conflict of the War was over, many fought their own Civil War within the state. Missouri, being a border state, was a victim of "guerilla warfare" and bushwhackers. It was under these conditions, and this time of tragic circumstances, that the Pippin family left Missouri to make their way to Texas, and finally to Hunt County.

After their marriage, "Mr. Bus" and "Miss Susie" formed a team of hard workers and honorable citizens, of whom Hunt County could be proud. They had a remarkable record of service to their friends and neighbors in the Campbell and Humboldt area. It was often said that the night never grew to dark, the wind to cold, or the road to rough for the Beggs family to go to the assistance of those in trouble.

Each of their children have made their own contributions to their community, upholding the tradition established by their parents. of hard work, honesty, and concern for their fellowman. To be numbered among the friends of Albert A. and Susie Pippin Beggs family was, and still is, a treasured possession,

The fact that Mr. and Mrs. Beggs, throughout their life time. retained the love. respect and devotion, of countless associates. is one of the highest tributes that could be written about them and their family.

They were the parents of four children:

Henry {Jack}, married Lucy O'Neal, daughter of William W. and Martha Ann Quisenberry O'Neal. Jack and Lucy was the parents of Dorothy Nell Derrington, and William {Billy}. who lost his life in the Service. Their grandchildren : Alwana and Lynn.

Maude Lee, married Ernest C. Wade. They were the parents of Bobby Joe U.S, Navy Ret., Married Audrey Sprouse, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Sprouse. The children of Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Joe are: Delores, Peggy, Linda, Alvin Gene {Buck} and Vickie Dean. Maude Lee's second marriage was a prominent and prosperous man of the Van, Texas area. After his death, Mrs. Maud Pepper retired to the Humboldt Community, to make her home near her son, Bobby Joe and family.

Julia, married J.L. {Pete} Taylor. They are the parents of Helena, a resident of Dallas, Texas. She and her husband are the parents of one son, Jackie.

Allen, married Mildred Faye Ford, daughter of Arlie M. and Estelle Steen Ford. They are the parents of Dorothy {Dot}, Charlie, and Brenda. Brenda Beggs married Richie George" They re the parents of Amanda Suzane.

Albert A. Beggs, born 1880, Humboldt, Hunt County, Texas. Died 1962. Susie Pippin Beggs born 1880, near Joplin, Missouri Died 1936 , Both are buried in the Humboldt Cemetery, located near the Humboldt Methodist Church, on FM Road 2736.

End of article.

BOOK: HONORABLE MENTION EARLY FAMLIES HUNT COUNTY, TEXAS By Hattie Jean Kimbill Pompa and June Jackson {Can't make out the other name looks like Applen} Have no idea when it was printed.

It was Alan Albert Beggs who sent me the above artical in the 1982. Alan passed away 14, July 1983. He just dropped dead. He was born 12, Dec. 1916 Is buried at Humboldt Cem.

Mr. Albert A. Beggs born 1880 of this artical his parents were:
James Henry Beggs b. 24, Feb. 1842 Sevier Co. Arkansas d. 12, Feb 1913 Campbell, Tex. Hunt Co.
m. #2 Julia Ann Smith 20, Sept. 1868
Maples Springs, Red River Co. Texas
Julia b. 26, July 1850 Sevier Co. Arkansas d. 3, Dec, 1919 Campbell, Tex.

Both James Henry and Julia are buried at Humboldt Cemetery, Hunt Co. Texas. They had 9 children.

James Henry Beggs was my Great Grandfather. I descend through James and his 1st wife, Elizabeth Beets Beggs.

Ruby M. {Beggs} Davis

January 8, 2006

Submitted by Ruby Davis

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