James Henry and Julia Ann Smith Beggs

This photo is of my great grandfather and great grandmother, James Henry and Julia Ann Smith Beggs and their children. They were married on the 20th of September 1868. They went to Hunt County Texas and settled at Shady Grove, Texas. They established a home on Mr. Jack Hale's place and had several years crops. They then moved to Campbell, Texas Hunt Co.and acquired 128 1/2 acres and lived there until they died. They had nine children in all. The first child was a baby girl, who died as a bay and is buried at Shiloh Community Cemetery.

Front Row: John Benjamin Beggs b. 17 Oct. 1896 d.25 Jan. 1929 m. Prude Sweat 1909
James Henry Beggs seated and Julia Ann Smith Beggs seated.

Back Row Leslie Eugene Beggs b. 19 July 1883 d. 12 Apr. 1909 m. Carrie B. Clemons
James Milton Beggs b. 7 Feb. 1874 d. 21 Dec. 1947 m. Mary Duncan 1903
Irving Holman Beggs b. 11 Nov. 1889 d. 17 Sept. 1931 m. Ala Chapman 1917
Albert Alonzo Beggs b. 1 Apr.1880 d 30 Sept. 1961 m. Susan Pippin 1899
Lula Magnolia Beggs b. 21 Dec.1876 d.1943 m. Willie Austin Pollard 1899
Thomas Henry Beggs b. 6 June 1887 d.16 Oct. 1980 m. Mrs. Otha R. England
Irene Lee Beggs b. 16 Dec. 1892 d. 13 Dec. 1920 m. Charlie Gilmore
Not pictured is Martha Ann Beggs b. 22 Mar. 1871 d. 28 Aug.1876

When James and Julia were married, James had one horse, saddle and bridle and Julia had a few housekeeping things. They had no money or property. The home that the family lived in had 3 rooms 16 foot square. There was a big fireplace in the living room. The kitchen was in the back with a long eating table and a big cook stove. They had a gasoline engine pump that pumped water to over head tank. Water was piped in, a big feature in that day and time. They had a milk house and smoke house. They had 3 or 4 milk cows and an orchard of peaches, pears and apples. There was about 1/4 acre garden, where they grew what they needed. They took their grain to Wolfe City where they had it grounded.

The above was from a Beggs newsletter prepared by Ruby Beggs Davis. Ruby is a descendant of James Henry and his first wife Elizabeth Beets.

Submitted by: Leslie Leon Beggs, grandson of John Benjamin.

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