1937 Hunt County Births - P-Q

Last Name         First Name    Middle, Suffix     Birthdate   Sex  Mother                             Father                               County
Parker         Eulus        Alton                  7-5-1937   M  Ella Katharyn Rice             Eulus Alton Parker                Hunt
Parks          Dorothy      Mae                   5-12-1937   F  Pauline Shuss                  William Henry Parks               Hunt
Patillo        Dean                              10-31-1937   M  Clotile Patillo                                                  Hunt
Patterson      Eldon        Ray                    3-8-1937   M  Willie Mae Braswell            Martin Ray Patterson              Hunt
Patterson      Travis       Wallace               10-2-1937   M  Carrie Maxine Johnson          Hugh Nathaniel Patterson          Hunt
Patterson      James        Charles              12-26-1937   M  Effie Lorena Whitsett          James Paul Patterson              Hunt
Payne          Andra        Pearl                 11-9-1937   F  Mamye Pearl Mathews            Andrew Payne                      Hunt
Payne          Shirley      Jean                  3-19-1937   F  Luella Alla Byrd               William R Payne                   Hunt
Payne          Virginia     Pauline               10-4-1937   F  Pauline Lacy                   M. W. Payne                       Hunt
Pendleton      Troy         James, Jr.             9-6-1937   M  Mabel E. Thomason              Troy James Pendleton              Hunt
Penney         Ethel                              5-14-1937   F  Susie Williams                 Joe Penney                        Hunt
Penney         Robert       Wayne                  2-6-1937   M  Matilda Marion                 Vle Penney                        Hunt
Pennington     William      Daniel               12-11-1937   M  Ieva Lee Houser                Neil Denton Pennington            Hunt
Pennington     John         Bertrand             11-17-1937   M  Dorothy Fairlene King          Phillip Bertrand Pennington       Hunt
Perkins        Della        Fay                   6-20-1937   F  Lillie Lincoln                 Lord Perkins                      Hunt
Petter         Margaret     Delores               5-18-1937   F  Miriam Tritsch                 W. J. H. Petter                   Hunt
Philips        R.           L.                    5-18-1937   M  Lillie May Simons              Richard Philips                   Hunt
Phillipps      Carl         Inf Of                 3-8-1937   M  Lorene Klutz                   Carl Phillipps                    Hunt
Phillips       Nellie       Katherine             7-27-1937   F  Willow Rachael New             Otho Phillips                     Hunt
Phillips       Joyce        Maureen               9-18-1937   F  Ima Presley                    Royce Phillips                    Hunt
Pickle         James        Lee Roy              10-14-1937   M  Arvenia Adair                  Hubert Le Roy Pickle              Hunt
Pickrel        Daisy        Lou                    9-9-1937   F  Virgia O Perkins               L. E. Pickrel                     Hunt
Pierce         Horace       L. Inf Of             9-22-1937   M  Dixie Fulmer                   Horace L. Pierce                  Hunt
Pippin         Clarence     Wayne                12-11-1937   M  Flossie Artie Jones            William Oscar Pippin              Hunt
Pitman         Elmo         Frank                 5-13-1937   M  Thelma Mae Bolick              Chas. Ruben Pitman                Hunt
Pitts          Carolyn                             4-6-1937   F  Lenora Bell                    Walter Burke Pitts                Hunt
Plommer        A.           H. Inf Of             5-18-1937   M  Clay Johnson                   A. H. Plommer                     Hunt
Pope           Larry        Dean                   6-4-1937   M  Rosalee Keller                 Thomas Aubry Pope                 Hunt
Powell         Bobbie       Sue                  12-25-1937   F  Henrietta Fortenberry          Troy Dalis Powell                 Hunt
Preble         James        Ronald                2-28-1937   M  Cecile Johnson                 Benard C. Preble                  Hunt
Presley        Glenda       Merline               12-1-1937   F  Ruby Nolen                     Mert Whitman Presley              Hunt
Price          Peggsi       Lue                  12-29-1937   F  Zepphie Geneva Stanley         J C Price                         Hunt
Price          Cecil        Armeeta               6-13-1937   M  Gladys Crow                    Jno H Price                       Hunt
Price          Neva         Sue                  12-29-1937   F  Zepphie Geneva Stanley         J. C. Price                       Hunt
Prince         Calvin                             8-23-1937   M  Maggie Rebecca Henry           Charlie Peterson Prince           Hunt
Prince         Alvin                              8-23-1937   M  Maggie Rebecca Henry           Charlie Peterson Prince           Hunt
Prince         Helen        Jeanette              6-12-1937   F  Hulet Viola Bench              William Troy Prince               Hunt
Prince         Rayford      Leon                   2-2-1937   M  Iva Aunice Recer                ***Do Not Issue***               Hunt
Pullen         Joan         Dianne                 5-9-1937   F  Ruth Janet Damson              James Thelma Pullen               Hunt

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