1939 Hunt County Births - C-D

NAME                                                     MOTHER                                                   FATHER                                                   BIRTHDATE G
CAIN                 JERRY           DEAN                FLOY                            FREEMAN                  GOERGE          EDWIN           CAIN                     1013 1939 m
CALDWELL             JIMMIE          ALLEN               BLANCHE                         FOX                                                      ***DO NOT ISSUE***       0725 1939 m
CARPENTER            CURTIS          JEWEL               MINDIE          BELL            FREEMAN                  LEROY                           CARPENTER                0827 1939 m
CARPENTER            JOE             PORTER              MARY            WINIFRED        INGRAM                   THOMAS          PORTER          CARPENTER                0903 1939 m
CARROLL              LETA            ALYNE               FANNIE          JANE            PATTERSON                BONNIE          BERT            CARROLL                  0620 1939 f
CARTER               JACKIE          RAY                 ANNIE                           ELLIS                                                    ***DO NOT ISSUE***       1025 1939 m
CARTY                KENNETH         RAY                 VELMA           L.              LACY                     J.              W.              CARTY                    0814 1939 m
CASBEER              MARGARET        MARIE               WILLIE          MAE             LAWSON                   OFFIE                           CASBEER                  0705 1939 f
CATES                MICHAEL         REED                BOBBIE                          TATE                     HARRY           L.              CATES                    0821 1939 m
CATHEY               MARTHA          JANE                ROSA            LEONA           JOHNSON                  ROBERT          MILTON          CATHEY               SR. 1118 1939 f
CHAPIN               PARVIN          EARL                OPAL                            HOWARD                                                   ***DO NOT ISSUE***       0526 1939 m
CHESNEY              ALLICE          PEARL               ALLICE                          MILES                    OSCAR                           CHESNEY                  0708 1939 f
CHILDERS             BILLY           RAY                 RUBY            FAE             JOHNSON                  BENNY                           CHILDERS                 0206 1939 m
CHISOLM              OLLIE           MARIE               BEADIE                          SECERY                   GEORGE                          CHISOLM                  0128 1939 f
CHRISTIAN            JOSEPHINE                           LORINE                          TOLIVER                  EARL                            CHRISTAIN                0508 1939 f
CLARK                DANNIE          RAY                 ELLA            JEWEL           WATSON                   WILLIAM         FAY             CLARK                    0430 1939 m
CLARK                MAE             BETH                MAZIE           ANN             JOBE                     RAY             BERVILLE        CLARK                    0721 1939 f
CLARK                SHIRLEY         ANNETTE             MAY             BELL            MULLINS                  R.              BURON           CLARK                    1012 1939 f
CLAUNCH              DELORIS         ANN                 RUBY            GRACE           SCARBOROUGH              THOMAS          EUGENE          CLAUNCH                  0723 1939 f
CLEM                 HUBERT          JOYCE               LAURA           FAY             DIXON                    O.              H.              CLEM                     0726 1939 m
CLIFTON              H.              P.              JR. ANNE            FRED            DRAPER                   H.              P.              CLIFTON                  0904 1939 m
CLINE                RAYMOND         TAYLOR              LUCY            NORA            TAYLOR                   R               L               CLINE                    0813 1939 m
COCHRAN              DWAYN           RAY                 EULA            BELL            LYTAL                    PAUL            COLUMBUS        COCHRAN                  0815 1939 m
COLEMAN              KENNETH         LANE                NELLIE                          BLANCENSHIP              C.              B.              COLEMAN                  0128 1939 m
COLEMAN              SANDRA          LEWAN               DOLLIE          BELL            DILLINGHOM               WILLIE          R.              COLEMAN                  0629 1939 f
COLEMAN              EDWIN           PAUL                NONA                            ARD                      WILLIE          W.              COLEMAN                  1003 1939 m
COLLINS              CLARENCE        WYLIE           JR. BEATRICE        ANN             LOCKMILLER               CLARENCE        WYLIE           COLLINS                  0210 1939 m
COLLINS              TILFORD                             THULA           MAE             GRIFFIS                                                  ***DO NOT ISSUE***       0915 1939 m
COLLINS              PAULA           KAY                 LEONA           GERTUDE         LEONARD                  CURTIS          J.              COLLINS                  1009 1939 f
COMBS                VELA            MAY                 MITTIE                          BOWERS                   JIM                             COMBS                    0606 1939 f
COMPTON              HARVEY          WAYNE               ELLA            MAE             CULBERSON                HARVEY          FLOYD           COMPTON                  0702 1939 m
COMPTON              JERRY           DALE                CLETTA                          WOODROUGH                ERNEST          A.              COMPTON                  1123 1939 m
CONEY                ELAM            RAY                 MILLIE          DEE             RODERICK                 ROY             LEON            CONEY                    1001 1939 m
CONNOR               MARY            BETH                GERTIE          MAE             COOK                     HENRY           MERRILL         CONNOR                   0415 1939 f
COPELAND             BARBARA         ANN                 FLOSSIE                         BAKER                    FINIS           T.              COPELAND                 0209 1939 f
COPELAND             J.              B.                  LENA                            COOK                     CODY            L.              COPELAND                 0411 1939 m
CRAIG                NANCY           LOU                 FAY                             KELLY                    FLOYD           SETH            CRAIG                    0426 1939 f
CRAIG                VIRGINA         CLAUDINE            FLORIECE                        KERBOW                   HARLAN          CLAUDE          CRAIG                    1217 1939 f
CRAVEN               BETTY           SUE                 PANSY                           WELLS                    LUTHER          HERSCHEL        CRAVEN                   0616 1939 f
CRAWFORD             BENJAMIN        FRANKLIN        JR. MARGARET                        SCOTT                    BENJAMIN        F.              CRAWFORD                 0811 1939 m
CRAWFORD             LARRY           MURRELL             HELLEN                          MOORE                    EMMITT                          CRAWFORD                 1209 1939 m
CRENSHAW             NANCY           LEE                 NELLIE          MAURINE         MCDANIEL                 TROY            CLAY            CRENSHAW                 0917 1939 f
CROUCH               ALDIS           MARLYNN             LOIS                            WALLACE                  I.              V.              CROUCH                   1108 1939 m
CROW                 JAMES           LESLIE              RACHEL                          BROWN                    JAMES                           CROW                     0504 1939 m
CRYER                FRANCES         ALLENE              EDITH           LORENE          CARTER                   ARCHIE          LEE             CRYER                    0923 1939 f
CUMMINGHAM           BOBBY           LYNN                MARY            JOE             HOGUE                    CLARENCE        W               CUMMINGHAM               0406 1939 m
CUNNINGHAM           MARY            COLLEEN             MATTIE          RAE             MATHEWS                  H               B               CUNNINGHAM               0606 1939 f
CUNNINGHAM           EDWARD          EARL                BILLIE          RUTHE           VANDERGRIFF              MARTIN          EDWARD          CUNNINGHAM               0720 1939 m
CUNNINGHAM           HAROLD          RAY                 CONNIE          MAY             WEATHERFORD              M.              A.              CUNNINGHAM               0808 1939 m
CUNNINGHAM           ALVIN                           JR  MABLE                           MOORE                    ALVIN           VERNON          CUNNINGHAM               1102 1939 m
DALE                 MARTHA          ANN                 EFFIE           MAE             WARWICK                  ARLEDGE                         DALE                     1228 1939 f
DANIEL               DONALD          WAYNE               LYDIA           MAURINE         KELLY                                                    ***DO NOT ISSUE***       0315 1939 m
DANIELS              DOROTHY         JEAN                ALMINOR                         EDWARDS                  CLARENCE                        DANIELS                  0412 1939 f
DANIELS              ROBERT          MALCOLM             LAVELLE                         THRELKELD                MALCOLM         MARION          DANIELS                  1114 1939 m
DAVENPORT            MILDRED         GLADYS              BERNICE                         TROTTER                  GEORGE          F.              DAVENPORT                0408 1939 f
DAVIES               BOBBY           FRANK               KATE                            FAULKNER                 FRANK                           DAVIES                   0811 1939 m
DAVIS                MARY            FRANCIS             NELL                            SCOTT                    HASKELL         HERSHEL         DAVIS                    0611 1939 f
DAVIS                OSCAR           LEE                 BERNICE                         BAUCHAM                  OSCAR                           DAVIS                    1206 1939 m
DAWSON               JAMES                               ROSE                            CARALTON                 WILY                            DAWSON                   0317 1939 m
DAWSON               WILSON          HAROLD              PAULINE                         PATTERSON                W.              W.              DAWSON                   0831 1939 m
DENNIS               MARGARET        RUTH                ETHEL           MAY             MCCALLISTER              JAMES           EDWARD          DENNIS                   1019 1939 f
DENT                 ANNIE           MAY WADDLETON       ERNESTINE                       WADDLETON                SAM             J.              DENT                     0103 1939 f
DENTON               DOLORES         ANN                 OPAL            CHRISTINE       NORON                    WELDON          LEE             DENTON                   1122 1939 f
DICKSON              PEGGY           JEAN                LENA            LOUISE          WEEKS                    OTHA            EUGENE          DICKSON                  0117 1939 f
DIEDY                DAVID           BENJAMIN        JR. MARION          GERTRUDE        BRIM                     DAVID           BENJAMIN        DIEDY                    0111 1939 m
DIXON                LILLIAN         ERNESTINE           LOU             ANNA            LATIMER                  JOHN            LEANARD         DIXON                    0103 1939 f
DOBBS                PAUL            ANDERSON INF OF     PEARL                           MILLER                   PAUL            ANDERSON        DOBBS                    0728 1939 f
DODD                 GAY             NEITA               JENNIE          IRENE           BURNS                    VENTON          VAN             DODD                     0406 1939 f
DOTY                 SAMUEL          DEE                 KITIE           RICHARD         LORANCE                  ELMER           ARVIL           DOTY                     0425 1939 m
DOUGHERTY            PATRICIA        ANN                 VETA            LORINE          HINSHAW                  R.              P.              DOUGHERTY                0805 1939 f
DOYLE                WOODROW         DEAN                ANNIE           MARY            CRAIG                    WOODROW         H.              DOYLE                    0109 1939 m
DRENNON              L.              J.                  ESSIE                           WILLIAMS                 L.              V.              DRENNON                  0813 1939 m
DRUM                 JUDY            MAURINE             MABEL                           HARRIS                   L.              L.              DRUM                     0426 1939 f
DUCK                 LINDA           MARIE               LEATHA          MARIE           CATHEY                   HOWARD          RANDOLH         DUCK                     0919 1939 f
DUFF                 W.              R. INF OF           BESSIE                          TISHMACER                W.              R.              DUFF                     0915 1939 m
DUNCAN               CHARLSIE        FAYE                FAYE                            BRIGNON                  R.              L.              DUNCAN                   0822 1939 f
DUNN                 ROY             DALE                BULA            ALLEN           DUNN                     ROY             L.              DUNN                     0906 1939 m
DUNN                 ELEANOR         GRACE               LOUISE                          STATEN                   JOE                             DUNN                     0904 1939 f
DUVALL               GERALD          WILSON              ERA             FAY             HUGHES                   WILLIAM         HADEN           DUVALL                   1124 1939 m

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