1939 Hunt County Births - N-O

NAME                                                     MOTHER                                                   FATHER                                                   BIRTHDATE G
NABORS               PEGGY           SUE                 WILLIE          MAE             FARMER                   HERSHAL         WILLIAM         NABORS                   0621 1939 f
NALL                 MELTON          THOMAS              WILLIE          BELL            FOSTER                   BENJAMIN        RUFUS           NALL                     0515 1939 m
NALLS                CURTIS          EUGENE              MAGGIE          MAE             ISHMAEL                  LOUIE           MELVIN          NALLS                    1002 1939 m
NELSON               MAYILINE                            KINIE                           NEAL                                                     ***DO NOT ISSUE***       0508 1939 f
NEWMAN               BETTY           LOIS                ARGAREE         LA VERNE        FOOTE                    WILLIAM         THURMAN         NEWMAN                   0201 1939 f
NEWMAN               JIMMIE          MAX                 RUTH            A.              KOGER                    BRUCE           W.              NEWMAN                   0911 1939 m
NEWMAN               GEROGE          WILLIAM             MARIE                           SOUTHERLAND              GILBERT         TISON           NEWMAN                   1006 1939 m
NEWSOME              ANDREW                              ROSIE                           NEWSOME                  WILL                            NEWSOME                  0421 1939 m
NEWTON               JOHN            WILLIAM INF OF      TRULA           FAYE            MORROW                   JOHN            WILLIAM         NEWTON                   0908 1939 m
NICHOLSON            CURTIS          WAYNE               JETTIE          LOU             JOHNSON                  CURTIS          LEE             NICHOLSON                0213 1939 f
NICHOLSON            SUZANNE                             JESSIE          GAIL            HOLLIMAN                 BARDWELL        CUSHMAN         NICHOLSON                0408 1939 f
NICKOLSON            WILLIE          MAE                 ELLA            MAURINE         HAMILTON                 AUBREY                          NICKOLSON                0802 1939 f
NIX                  BILLIE          JOYCE               JENNIE                          MULLIN                   NORRIS          H               NIX                      1006 1939 f
NIXON                AMOS            LEONARD INF OF      ODESSA                          BROWN                    AMOS            LEONARD         NIXON                    0917 1939 m
NORFLEET             MARGARET        LOUISE              EDNA            MAE             PATTERSON                HARVEY                          NORFLEET                 0123 1939 f
NORTHCUTT            JIMMIE          CHARLES             BEULAH                          JOINES                   OLAN            L.              NORTHCUTT                1113 1939 m
NOWLIN               LEEROY          THOMAS              LILIAN                          MATTHIAS                 FLOYD           TREAT           NOWLIN                   0209 1939 m
O'CONNER             VERBLE          KEITH               MARGIE                          ROSS                     WALLACE                         O'CONNER                 0901 1939 m
O'NEAL               EVA             LOUISE              LESSIE                          LEWIS                    CLARENCE                        ONEAL                    1224 1939 f
OLER                 KAY             MICHAEL             HELEN           GRACE           MYERS                    ROBERT          JAMES           OLER                     1021 1939 m
OSBURNE              JUNAITA                             CLAUDIE         PEARL           LEVACY                   PAUL                            OSBURNE                  0907 1939 f
OWENS                CALVIN          PRESSLEY            CECIL           LIVINGSTON      CLINTON                  THOMAS          ELI             OWENS                    0502 1939 m
OWENS                ANNIE           RUTH                NANNIE          BELL            MCCOMMACK                EDGAR           EDWARD          OWENS                    0831 1939 f
OWENS                L.              C.                  DOLLY                           BOXTER                   FLOYD           CHESTER         OWENS                    0921 1939 m

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