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Cash School

Photos are of Cash School classes of 1922, 1924 and the exact year
of the last one is known but it is sometime between 1932 and 1936.

Photos by Suzanne Galloway
(Click on the photos for a larger view.)

Lora Edna Taylor Justis taught school, grades 1-3 at the Cash School in Hunt Co. Texas from 1932-1937. Her last year teaching, 1937, her students and their mothers made her a quilt and embroidered their names on it. A list of student names follows:

(click on the photo to see a larger view of the quilt)

Students in the 1937 class whose names are on the quilt:

Jacquelyn Norrison

Virgil Russell

Roy Leon Wale

Dolores Hubbart

Tlen Horrocks

W. H. Mason

David Mac Corků

Lottie Worcester

D. Walter Mason

Raymon Mack

Joan Horrecka

Robert Murrell Rose

Dorothy Farmer

Hermon Rose

Hanů. Farmer

Robbie Jean Feb. 11, 1937

Robert Lucas

Junior Hulbert

H. M. Abbott

Jan. 30, 1937

Lora Edna attended Westley Junior College in Greenville. She also boarded at the school for high school. She then went to the state teachers school in Commerce. Two of her brothers paid for her to go to school and gave her $200 for expenses. While at the teachers college she boarded in town in a house with a lady that rented rooms.

Submitted by Suzanne Galloway

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