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1920 Census
Part of Precinct 2, Celeste Town, Hunt Co., Texas, January 6, 1920
Iva B. Barnett, Enumerator
Series: T625 Roll: 1820 Page: 190

At the top of the page is Al (Albert) Granberry, son, aged 7/12, born in Texas as were his parents. This is household 62 - 71. Albert on top--pretty fitting!

Next is Birdine Evens (Evans), O, 62, and was from Georgia. He just showed both his parents born in the United States. He was retired. His wife was Jennie, 59, from Georgia and parents were from North Carolina and the children were Bunajan, son, 31, S, born in Alabama; Fred, 21, S, Texas; Chilton, 19, S, Texas. All three boys were farm laborers.

Next door at household 64 - 73 was Lucian Hoard and his family. Lucian was 59, and born in Texas. His parents were from Georgia. Betty, 55, was born in Texas. Her parents were from Mississippi. Born in Texas, Rogene, the daughter, was fifteen.

At household 65 - 74 was Emma (Enna) Puckett. She was sixty-four and a widow. A native Texan, her father was from Alabama and her mother was born in Illinois.

Felton Sparks and wife Lucile (Lucille) Sparks were at household 66 - 75. They were both twenty-two and native Texans. Felton's father was from Arkansas and his mother was born in Texas. Lucille's parents were from Kentucky. He was a laborer in public work.

I don't hear too much about the next family at 67 - 76. Head of household was G. S. Sherrell. Who knows about him? G. S. was 41. He was a widower. He and his parents were from Tennessee. He was making his living as a section foreman with the railroad. His three sons were Waldo, 13, Texas; William, 12; Texas; and Ray 3 4/12, Texas. The daughter, May, was also 3 4/12 (Ray's twin). The children's mother was also from Tennessee.

Houston Mickler, 64, was at the next household. He was making his living as a house carpenter. He was from Alabama, but didn't know where in the USA his parents were born. His wife Ella, 58, listed her place of birth as Tennessee. She, too, didn't know where in the USA her parents were born.

At household 68 - 78, is H. E. Jones and his wife Sallie (Sally) Jones. From Arkansas, he was President of State Bank. His parents were born in the United States. Sallie Jones, 39, was from Texas as were her parents. She taught music. I don't know where they were living in 1920 in Celeste, but when I was a little girl, I think they lived where Linda and Terry Hicks live today on FM 1562. I remember the house because Allene Wade Gibson and her family lived there. We would sometimes use the term, "Leaning toward the Joneses." Also, I remember Sally Jones' driving skills. Etta Davis was a servant in their household. Etta was 39, single, and black. She was born in Texas; her father, Missouri; her mother, USA.

At household 69 - 79 was James A. Taylor, aged 58. He was from Georgia. He listed his parents from the USA. His wife, Lakie, 57, was from Virginia as were her parents. Rachael Barbery was a boarder. She was sixty-four and a widow. A nurse, she and her parents were from Virginia. (She must be a sister to Lakie.)

Silas Baker is at household 70 - 80. From Arkansas, this forty-one year old is married to Bessie, 37. Silas' parents were born in the USA. He was a grocery salesman. Bessie and her mother were born in Texas; her father, Missouri. Pauline, 14, and Virginia, 2 3/12, are their daughters. They were both born in Texas. Listed as "father" with the last name smeared, but apparently Silas' father is Monroe. He is sixty and a widower. Born in Missouri, his father was born in Alabama and his mother in Missouri. So, looking at the place of birth, Monroe is then the father of Bessie. Why didn't it show him as the father-in-law? Help! He is listed as a medical physician.

Ed Thompson and family are next door at household 71 - 81. He is forty-four. This Celeste Postmaster was born in Texas. His parents reigned from Mississippi. Wife Lizzie, 34, came from Alabama as did her parents. The children were Cecil, 15; Fannie, 13; Nell,11; and James, 6. They were all born in Texas.

At 72 - 82 is Ettna (?) Mitchell. She is 39 and shown as married. She came from Tennessee as did her parents. She is proprietor of the hotel. We know the Mitchell Hotel, which would be about where the car wash is today at the southeast corner of Sanger and Second streets. Or was the Mitchell Hotel the name for the Duke Hotel? Help! Her son is H. B., and he is only five. He was born in Texas and so was his father.

Now the boarders of the hotel at 73 - 83.
Emma Walker was listed as a sister. She was forty-four and listed as married. She and her parents were from Tennessee. Emma's daughters were Lonnie, 15, and Annie, 12, both born in Tennessee. Their father was from Tennessee.

The next boarder was John Buster, 25, from Texas (his parents born in the USA). John operated the telegraph. He was single.

Biff Connelly was also staying at the hotel. The census shows his name as Cliff. He was twenty-two and single. From Texas, he gave his parents' birth as United States. Biff was a druggist.

From Mississippi, Charles Griffin, 24, was a road laborer. He gave the place of birth for his father as Mississippi; his mother, USA. Pollard (I cannot read his first name. It could start with a "D."), 20, S, came from Kentucky as did his parents. Like Charles, he is working on the road.

Bill Shine has a room at the inn. He is also single and twenty-three years old. He was born in Texas with parents born in the USA. Bill worked as a clerk for the railroad.

The next board is Bill Taylor. He is thirty-five and a widower. He states that he was born in Texas with both parents shown as being born in the USA. He was a bookkeeper at the bank. We know this to be Frances and John Taylor's father. We can give his parents' places of birth, but I am afraid to do that from memory at this time.

James Owens is the last boarder listed. He is fifty or fifty-eight and married. From Alabama, with his father born in South Carolina and his mother born in Georgia, he labored on the railroad.

The final entry on this page appears to be Plenny Kelly, 27, born in Texas. His father hailed (is that the right verb?) Arkansas. His mother was born in the United States. Mr. Kelly labored at a garage. His wife, Lou V, 28, was born in Texas. Her father; Mississippi; her mother, Arkansas. Mrs. Kelly was active in civic affairs, wasn't she?

Note: I have lost my page. It has taken me so long to type this. I wanted to go back and show who rented, who owned! Most were owners as I recall. I also wanted to see if Mr. and Mrs. Kelly had had any children in the household. That would have been on the next page.

Transcribed and submitted by Sarah Swindell

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