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Celeste, January 14, 1930--Celeste has been named as the site for the Texas AAU high school girls' basketball championship, which will be held March 13, 14, and 15, according to announcement by AAU officials.  This is the first time the state tournament has ever been slated for North Texas.

Greenville will probably be the scene of some of the games, officials have announced as in case of necessity; The Fair Park Gymnasium at that city will be available for use.  Greenville is only twelve miles from Celeste and the two cities are connected by a paved highway, making it convenient for tournament purposes.  The following businessmen of Celeste will have charge of the tournament:  Albert Norris, R. L. Lane, Biff Connelly, Marvin Todd, and R. L. Jones.  Celeste is making great preparations for the meet and expect to stage the largest in Texas AAU history.

In granting the 1930 tournament, AAU officials were not unmindful of the splendid record of the Celeste High in AAU meets.  This little city has had a representative in AAU tournaments since the very beginning of AAU activities in Texas.  The Celeste team was always a contender for high honors.  For several years, Celeste played in open AAU tournaments and rated on a par with college and independent teams.

Celeste is offering all inducement ever offered by other cities, which have held tournaments.  Rooms will be furnished to all participants and all gate receipts, less actual expenses, will be refunded to teams that do not reside near enough to Celeste to play their games and return home.  Special arrangement are being made to feed the visitors at very moderate prices.

Celeste has a gymnasium that will accommodate 1,200 people.  The seating capacity is being enlarged by removing two dressing rooms and making arrangements for dressing quarters in a nearby building.

Teams desiring further information should communicate with J. Garland Roach of Celeste, Texas, or with the secretary of Texas AAU, 03 City Hall, Dallas, Texas. 
(January 16, 1930, The Greenville Messenger)

(Theda Lacy does not remember ever having to use Fair Park Gymnasium...but in 1930, she was fairly young...)

Celeste Girls Fighting for Basketball Honors
(March 13, 1930, The Greenville Messenger)

Thirty-one girls teams were at Celeste Wednesday, fighting for the honors in basketball.

The tournament this year has the prospect of being the largest female basketball meet ever attempted in Texas. Of the thirty-one entries eight are from far points in West Texas, including Rankin, Cisco, Breckenridge, Throckmorton, Mingus, Dublin, Dalhart, and Cleveland.

With such a large field, fast competition is practically assured after the first round. Athens, Cisco, Celeste, and Seagoville were predicted as likely to reach the semi-finals unless a dark horse should come through, from a possible list including Frankell, Mesquite, Dublin, Breckenridge, Dalhart, Mingus, Leesburg, Dimmitt, and Throckmorton.

One of the favorite teams for the meet is the Athens High School sextet, winner of the North Texas and East Texas titles.

The first round competition schedule follows:

At Greenville: Breckenridge vs. Cleveland, Seagoville vs. Selden; Throckmorton vs. Eliasville; Emory vs. Cooper; Dalhart vs. Caddo Mills; Athens vs. Hickory Creek; Vickery vs. Cisco.

At Celeste: Sherman vs. South Bosque; Cross Roads vs. Pike; Mesquite vs. Tehuacana; Frankell vs. Blue Ridge; Dublin vs. Rankin; Mingus vs. Plano; Leesburg vs. Bailey; Celeste vs. Floyd.

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