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 Civil War Soldiers of Hunt and Fannin County

{This information is found on pages 333-337 of the Margaret Horne thesis dealing with primary sources of research for Hunt County.  For more information on it, please visit the bibliography page.  According to Horne, this information came from
the March 20, 1925 Greenville Evening Banner.} 

If you have information or records on any of the vets listed here, please contact the Shirley Cullum.

State of Texas 
May 25 the A.D. 1861 
County of Fannin and Hunt 
The undersigned to hereby enlist in the service of the Confederate States of American
as infantry for and during the term of twelve months if not sooner discharged. 
                                 Muster Roll
Names of Volunteers 

S.M. Hale, Captain 
D.B. Dupree, First Lt. 
F.L. Scott, Second Lt. 
C.H. Merrick, Third Lt. 
W.A. Oxford, First Sgt. 
T.H. Lee, Second Sgt. 
Samuel Hefner, Third Sgt. 
Thomas Scott, Fourth Sgt. 
W.R. Todd, First Corp. 
O.H. Hall, Second Corp. 
G. W. Bradley, Third Corp. 
V. G. Chapman, Firth Corp. 


Nathaniel Armstead 
F. Mables 
H. Amerson 
E.M. Anderson 
Benjamin Bonham 
J.H. Bulton 
S. Burney 
J.H. Baker 
S.C. Baker 
Lewis Click 
A. Chambers 
James Caldwell 
Nathaniel Coons 
Neil Cameron* 
G.W. Chapman 
Nathaniel Churrytree 
James Davis 
Lewis Dagenhard 
Eugene Dade 
R. S. Dabney 
D.P. Donaldson 
J.L. Dillingham 
T.J. Edwards 
J.J. Edwards 
W. D. English 
J. E. Ethridge 
S. H. Ethridge 
R. Franklin 
B. F. Grammar 
T. J. Gee* 
A. A. Grogan 
B.F. Hill 
A.G. Hardin 
J.I. Hardin 
J.C. Holder 
W. R. Honeyman 
W. M. Hill 
Vincent Hunt 
J.K. Jones 
J.D. Johnson 
L.L. Johnson 
J.L. Lovett 
Robert Leverton 
G.M. McCowan 
W.C. Marney 
H.J. Moore 
R.D. McCombs* 
W.R. McCombs 
N.B. Moore 
Alex McDonald 
W.S. Mayo 
Allen Nedever 
James Nelms 
D.C. Nelson 
J.C. Prince 
L. E. Pratt 
M. H. Reeves 
J.D. Roach 
H.B. Shackerford 
G. W. Stevenson 
W. J. Spralding 
T. C. Terry 
W.R. Todd 
W. B. Underwood 
T. W. Vandiver 
J. B.  White 
T. W. Winton 
George Wallice 
J.L. Williams 
John Wright 
Nathaniel Wallace 
B.J. Wilson 
C.S. Whitman 
D.D. Walton 
H.D. L. Warrenburg 
W.A. Wing 
M.S. Whatley 
T. W. Wood 
Mr. White 
J.W. Whatley 

*These individuals had the word "Hunt" following their names.  I assume this means that they were fron Hunt County, though there assuredly more in this list from Hunt County than those listed. 

Each of these individuals also had listed whether or not they were present at muster and whether or not they had arms. 

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