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Muster Roll of Company from Fannin and Hunt Counties in 1861

(Wednesday, January 9, 1929, The Greenville Morning Herald)


   Hon. L. L. Bowman, Sr., has furnished The Morning Herald, with the following muster roll and history of a company raised in Fannin and Hunt Counties in 1861 for service to the Confederate Army, which is very interesting.
    State of Texas, May 15th, AD, 1861, County of Fannin and Hunt.
    The undersigned do hereby enlist in the service of the confederate States of American as Infantry for and during the term of twelve months if not sooner discharged:

    Names of Volunteers

        S. M. Hall, Captain
        D. B. Dupree, First Lt.
        F. L. Scott, 2nd Lt.
        C. H. Merrick, 3rd Lt.
        W. B. Oxford, at Sergt
        T. H. Lee, 2nd Sergt.
        Samuel Hefner, 3rd Sergt. Hunt
        Thomas Scott, 4th Sergt.
        W. R. Todd, 1st Corp.
        O. H. Hall, 2nd Corp.
        Q. W. Bradley, 3rd Corp.
        V. G. Chapman, 4th Corp.
        Nathaniel Armatld, no arms
        F. M. Ables, no arms
        H. Amerson, no arms
        W. M. Anderson, no arms, Hunt
        A. J. Adams, no arms
        Benjamin Robana, no arms
        J. H. Hutton, no arms
        S. Burney, not present
        J. H. Baker, not present
        W. C. Baber, no arms
        Lewis Click, no arms
        A. Chambers, no arms
        James Caldwell, no arms
        Nathaniel Coons, no arms
        Well Cameron, no arms, Hunt
        G. W. Chapman, no arms
        Nathaniel Cherrytree, no arms
        James Davis, no arms
        Lewis Dugeshard, no arms
        Eugene Dade, Not present
        H. S. Dubney, no arms
        D. P. Dunsideou, one five shooter
        J. L. Dillingham, one pistol
        T. J. Edwards, one rifle
        J. J. Edwards, no arms
        W. D. English, no arms
        J. R. Ethridge, no arms
        S. H. Ethridge,
        N. Franklin, no arms
        W. F. Grammar, no arms
        F. J. Gee, no arms, Hunt
        _  E. Grogan, not present
        _  M. Hill, not present
        _  G. Hardin, no arms
        J. C. Holder, no arms
        W. R. Honeyman, no arms
        William Hill, no arms
        Vincent hurt, no arms
        J. K. Jones, no arms
        J. D. Johnson, no arms
        L. L. Johnson, no arms
        J. L. Lovitt, no arms
         Robert Leverton, no arms
        _  M. McCown, one rifle, not in good order
        W. C. Marney, no arms
        J. T. Marney, no arms
        H. J. Moore, not present
        R. D. McCombs, no arms, Hunt
        W. R. McCombs, no arms
        J. E. Mattox, not present
        N. B. More, no arms
        Alex McDonald, nor arms
        W. B. Mayo one rifle
        Allen N..lever, no arms
        James Nelms, no arms
        D. C. Nelson, not present
        J. C. Prior, no arms
        L. E. Pratt, not present
        M. H. Reeves, no arms
        J. D. Roach, one Miss rifle, one Navy six
        H. B. Shackleford, not present
        G. W. Stevenson, not present
        W. J. Spradling, no arms
        J. C. Spradling, no arms
        T. C. Terry, no arms
        W. R. Todd, one five shooter
        W. B. Underwood, not present
        T. E. Vandiver, one rifle
        J. B. White, not present
        J. W. Winton, no arms
        George Wallace, not present
        J. L. Williams, no arms
        T. C. Williams, no arms
        John Williams, no arms
        John Wright, no arms
        Nathaniel Wallace, no arms
        B. J. Willson, no arms
        C. S. Whitman, no arms
        D. D. Walton, no arms
        H. D. L. Warrenburg
        W. A. Wings, no arms
        M. S. Whatley, not present
        T. W. wood, no arms
        Mr. White, not present
        J. W. Whatley, no arms

State of Texas

County of Fannin
    I, Elbert Early as enrolling of floor of District 2 and of the subdistrict of the same Number _, comprised of the counties of Hunt and Fannin, do hereby certify that  __ enrolled a company composed of one-hundred men, rank, and title and organized the same on the __ __, and that said company elected its own officers and I further __ fifty that the above is a true and faithful roll of the officers and __ of  said company.
    Given under my honor as __ enrolling officer, at Bonham this the 27th, May, 1861.
    M. Early, Enrolling Officer
    __ as follows
    -- --
    Muster Roll
    Captain Hall's Company
    Reserved June 2nd, 1861
    Hall Brigade, Militia Number __
    S. M. Hall, Captain

    To be published for assistance in locating the men from Hunt County.  I have indicated such as I knew to be from Hunt.
    I find from the files at the Dallas Herald, June 19, 1861, an account of the formation and organization of the Third Texas Cavalry Regiment at Dallas with the following field officers, Col. E Driver, Lt Col Walter P Lane, Major George W. Chilton, Adjt M. D. Ector.  In the list of the companies given by this old paper, I find mention made of a company for Fannin and Hunt Counties, number eighty-five men, rank and file, and it then proceeds to give...can't read at all the next few paragraphs.  (Wednesday, January 9, 1929, The Greenville Morning Herald)

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