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J. H. Curtis Jailed Following Shooting at Kingston
(April 10, 1930, The Greenville Messenger)

Pennington Mallow, aged seventeen years, was killed at Kingston, Tuesday afternoon about 1:00 PM and his father wounded and J. H. Curtis, a neighbor, is in jail charged with the killing.

The Curtis farm and the Mallow farm join and there was some former dispute about a levy and ditch between them, it appears.

The Mallows were working on the ditch Tuesday when the seventeen year old lad was killed, the father wounded and Orvall Mallow, aged __, fired __.

Orvall Mallow dropped to the ground as he was fired on and escaped uninjured.

Pennington Mallow, the boy killed, was shot in the right shoulder, the bullet severing vital arteries or veins in the neck.  He ran about seventy-five yards before falling, calling for his mother and saying that he was dying.

The elder Mallow was shot in the right shoulder and his wounds declared not necessarily fatal when brought to a hospital here for treatment.

A thirty-two caliber automatic pistol was used in the shooting.

Sheriff Porter and deputies Leftwich, Fowler, and Bob Warren answered the call following the trouble and brought J. H. Curtis here and placed him in jail.  Curtis gave out no statement regarding the killing.

The older Mallow says that no words were passed immediately preceding the shooting.

Curtis is said to have fired at the elder Mallow first and also the last shots, including the one entering the right shoulder, were fried at the old gentleman.
    Mr. Mallow is about fifty-five years of age.

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