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The first grade is very proud of Lawrence Roberts for being "Neither Absent Nor Tardy" all this year. Keith Daniels only missed half a day. Others with excellent attendance were Terry Evans, Marvin Reed, Mike Speir, and Mickey Colbert. The first grade enjoyed the train ride at the park last week. They used their money from the basketball ticket sales to ride.

Lou An Ethridge, in the second and third grades, will have a birthday on May 17, 1972.

Cynthia Dees, fourth grade, made a high grade on her music audition. Stephanie Daniels, fifth grade, brought some dolls she got from Panama while studying Central America. The fifth grade was also talking about Vietnam. Many students brought articles about Vietnam. Kyle Morton, sixth grade, won second in the Wolfe City Rodeo and Jimmy Spoonemore won fourth place. The sixth grade was sorry that Paul Gregory's mother passed away. I, Diana Dickeson, have enjoyed writing the sixth grade news this year. Jimmy Spoonemore has made a good librarians.

The seventh graders were studying about Industrious Texans and Working Texans; so, Jimmy Cawthon wrote: "Work is good for Texans, but some Texans are so lazy that Texas quality is low and I want a product that will last my money's worth. Most people want to work less and get more money, but there are some Texans who care and work hard. Because of this lack of care, more factories are going out of business and more people out of work. Without work nothing would get done. I need people who care enough to take out rat hairs and bugs that get into the boxes of food. I hope people wash their hands. Yesterday, I found a rat hair in my cereal and when you do, I don't eat anymore of that cereal and your money is wasted. If the US keeps this up, people won't buy American food and the US economy will go down."

The eighth graders were looking forward to their eighth grade graduation on May 23, 1972, at 8:15 PM. The freshmen were participating in Drivers Education. They were Billie Goodman, Debra Ethridge, Rhea West, Susie Nelson, Arlene Williams, Larry Adams, John Richard Sanders, Gary Geiger, and Glen Williams.

The sophomores began a new chapter on "The Changing World." The juniors were looking forward to the end of school and receiving their senior rings.

Seniors were trying hard to finish their practice sets in bookkeeping.

(May 19, 1972, The Celeste Courier)

Submitted by Sarah Swindell

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