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"Eastern Star Here Was Chartered In Year 1903"

[Transcriber's Notes: The following was taken from the Centennial Edition of the Greenville Morning Herald. It is transcribed as it appears. Any spellings, etc., are as they appear in the text. Any corrections are made in [brackets].]

"Eastern Star Here Was Chartered In Year 1903"

On Wednesday, March 25, 1903, the ladies and gentlemen who were to constitute the charter members of the Eastern Star Chapter met in the Masonic Hall and made the necessary arrangements to make application for a dispensation to organize a chapter in Greenville.

The dispensation was granted by Mrs. Minnie E. Smith, of Cumby, who was Worthy Grand Matron, and Mrs. Cassie C. Leonard, Grand Secretary, on March 28, 1903. The organization was known as Greenville Chapter No. 189, Order of Eastern Star of Texas.

The chapter received its charter from the Grand Chapter of Texas on October 15, 1903, while in session at Waco. This was signed by Mrs. Minnie E. Smith, Worthy Grand Matron; R. W. Lemond, Worthy Grand Patron; and Mrs. Cassie C. Leonard, Grand Secretary.


The local members whose names appeared on the charter were: Mrs. Lallie B. Briscoe, Mrs. Virginia S. Marks, Mrs. Florence Peak, Mrs. Jane Kelly, Miss Lena Anderson, Mrs. Maggie Brame, Mrs. Berta Samuels, Mrs. Josie Barling, Mrs. Lucy G. Harrison, Mrs. Permella A. Cameron, Miss Annie P. Lowenstein, Mrs. Hellon Smith, Mrs. M.E. Pennington, K.L. Lowenstein, J. P. Yeats, N.E. Peak, J.H. Whatley, Walter Brame, W.S. Smith and Knox McAdams.

Mrs. Lallie P. Briscoe and K.E. Lowenstein served as the forst Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron from April, 1903 to September, 1903.

Other Matrons and Patrons to serve were, beginning with year of service:
1903-Mrs. Maggie Brame and J.H. Anderson
1904-Mrs. Mary Smith and K.L. Lowenstein
1905-Mrs. Lula LeFan and J.J. LeFan
1906-Mrs. M.E. Pennington and J.J. LeFan
1907-Mrs. M.P. Gurley and J.J. LeFan
1908-Mrs. Elizabeth Lowenstein and C.C. Carlisle
1909-Mrs. Josephine Amos and C.C. Carlisle
1910-Mrs. Alice V. Wells and M.L.B. Seaman
1911-Mrs. Cordie Quigley and I.W. Briscoe
1912-Mrs. Florence Peak and M.L.B. Seaman
1913-Mrs. Josie Barling and I.W. Briscoe
1914-Mrs. Nina Tolbert and I.W. Briscoe
1915-Mrs. Lenora McMahan and D.A. Sunders
1916-Mrs. Madge Briscoe and I.W. Briscoe
1917-Mrs. Nora Larmer and I.W. Briscoe
1918-Mrs. Dora Pope and I.W. Briscoe
1919-Mrs. Edith Reynolds and J.R. Rabb
1920-Mrs. Leola Spralding and I.W. Briscoe
1921-Mrs. Myrtle McHenry and J.J. LeFan
1922-Mrs. Kate Hood and I.W. Briscoe
1923-Mrs. Tine Williams and I.W. Briscoe
1924-Mrs. Minnie Jones and J.B. Arnsby
1925-Mrs. Neva Autrey and J.B. Arnsby
1926-Mrs. Lillie Davis and J.B. Arnsby
1927-Mrs. Bernice Arnsby and J. B. Arnsby
1928-Mrs. Nellie Gunningham and I.W. Briscoe
1929-Mrs. Addie Bethel and I.W. Briscoe
1930-Mrs. Mable Armstrong and I.W. Briscoe
1931-Mrs. Beulah Webb and I.W. Briscoe
1932-Mrs. Anabel Blount and I.W. Briscoe
1933-Miss Ida Weathers and I.W. Briscoe
1934-Mrs. Willis Gambrell and I.W. Briscoe
1935-Mrs. Beulah Hendrix and Charles Hendrix
1936-Mrs. Lular Avery and I.W. Briscoe
1937-Mrs. Stella Kelley and I.W. Briscoe
1938-Mrs. Pauline Edwards and I.W. Briscoe
1939-Miss Maggie Pearl Jones and J.E. Boswell
1940-Mrs. Alta Cummings and J.E. Boswell
1941-Mrs. Elizabeth Boswell and J.E. Boswell
1942-Miss Ruby Redmon and I.W. Briscoe
1943-Mrs. Emerald Smith and J.E. Boswell
1944-Mrs. Lela Tyler and J.E. Boswell
1945-Mrs. Jewel B. Milner and O.B. Milner
1946-Mrs. Pearl Harris and I.W. Briscoe
1947-Mrs. Carvie Reynolds and John D. Patella
1948-Mrs. Zula King and L.O. Crook
1949-Mrs. Fannie Mae Parson and Ray Parmel


Greenville Chapter has had the honor of having two of its members serve as Worthy Grand Matrons of the Grand Chapter of Texas, namely: Mrs. Laura F. Seaman in 1911-12 and Mrs. Lula LeFan in 1927-1928.

Others to receive Grand Chapter appointments were Mrs. Madge Briscoe, Mrs. Lenora McMahan, Mrs. Katie Hood, Mrs. Stella Kelley, Mrs. Beulah Hendrix, Miss Maggie Pearl Jones and Mrs. Carvie Reynolds.

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