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Extension Club Enjoys Quilt Display

Theda Roach made a presentation of our of her quilts to thirteen members of the Celeste Extension Homemakers Club.

She displayed "Dutch Doll," "Bride's Bouquet," and appliqué flowered quilt, and one that drew many words of admiration, "Lone Star."

*Roach said quilts could be safely stored in tissue in cedar chests, but should not be placed in plastic bags, which do not allow the quilts to breathe.

Visitors, Carolyn Patterson and Jane McBride, attended and Roach herself was a guest.

Alyne Ruff gave the devotional, "A Love Letter From Jesus." Genelle Gibson served delicious refreshments, which were enjoyed by all, including the bank employees.

The bank employees also were treated to a sight of the quilts after the meeting broke up.

(January 14, 1983 clipping)

*I have since been told that quilts should NOT be stored in cedar chests or quilt boxes...unless they are taken out and refolded often.

Submitted by Sarah Swindell

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