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J. W. Hagan Invents Device to Strain Gasoline

J. W. Hagan, 3045 Templeton Avenue, has invented an attachment to strain gasoline as it is being put into the tank of an automobile, it was learned on Saturday, August 1, 1931. The attachment is constructed for removal from the hose of the gasoline pump so that it may be cleaned each day or as often as the station operator sees fit.

"We used to have strained gasoline," the inventor said. "Gasoline strainers were one put on automobiles, but were constructed to fit inside the opening where the fuel is put in. This screen quickly filled up with trash and dirt and it was necessary then to punch this strainer out, ending the blessing of stained gas."

"From sixty-five to ninety-five percent of motor trouble is caused by unstrained fuel," Mr. Hagan stated. "Automobile manufacturers are spending thousands of dollars each year to give the car owner a better vehicle, but nothing is being done to insure the owner that his car is getting clean gasoline." By this is meant, that no precautions are being made to prevent trash and dirt from entering the fuel from one container to the other. Strainers Clog

"Automobile manufacturers put from one to four strainers along the line from the gas tank to the motor, but when these clog up, as they are doing every day, then more money must be spent to clean them out. And then the trash is only blown back into the gas tank to clog up the strainers again later.

Mr. Hagan has been conferring with leading gasoline companies in regard to this appliance and has received much encouragement. Their reply, however, has always been "not now," giving the impression that there is no demand among the motoring public for strained gasoline. Mr. Hagan hopes to arouse the motoring public into demanding that the companies give them strained gasoline.

(August 2, 1931, The Greenville Morning Herald)

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