Greenville Messenger, September 25, 1914


Written By a Friend Who Was Intimate in Life.

Softly, so softly tread, brothers

Enter his room with a prayer.

The place is so sacred and holy

Godís Angel has visited there.

He ore with him, home to our Father

The soul of one we loved well;

An there in the presence of Jesus

He almost lifted the veil.

"Twas only a hand reach to Heaven

As we told our dear papa good-bye

The Angel of Death hovered near him

God seemed to close to our side.

Soon we will follow him, loved ones,

Thank God for the portals held wide

We thank Thee, most gracious Father

We may stand once more by his side

God in His loving kindness has seen fit to call home the soul of Mr. Jesse Mason. Mr. Mason was born in Indiana, moving in his early childhood with his parents and family to Macon, Mo. In his early manhood he came to Greenville, Texas, where he was united in marriage with Miss Alfleeta Payne, who survives him.

To this union were born six children, five of whom survive him. They are Mrs. Herbert Spencer, George, Dugal, Allie and Bertram. Three sisters, Mrs. Rosanna Bunch and Mrs. Sarah Thomas, of Laplatta, Mo. and Mrs. Geo. D. Latham, of Oklahoma, also survive him. Two cousins, Dr. Samuel Mason and Dr. Leonidas Mason reside in Bluffton, Ind.

All that loving hands could do to relieve the suffering of the deceased was done; but death alone could relieve him.

Mr. Mason was a quiet man, of few words, simple in his manner, gentle with the stick and a friend from the heart to the poor. Much he has done to help the needy.

The following Poem, sent to him by his mother, in years gone by is printed by request.

Motherís Good-bye

Sit down by the side of your mother, my boy;

You have only a moment, I know,

But you will stay till I give you my parting adviceó

"Tis all that I have to bestow.

You leave us to seek employment, my boy;

By the work you have yet to be tried;

But in all the temptations and struggles you meet,

May your heart in the Savior confide.

Hold fast to the right, hold fast to the right,

Wherever your footsteps may roam

O! forsake not the way of Salvation my boy

That you learned from your mother at home.

Youíll find in your satchel a Bible, my boy,

ĎTis the Book of all others, the best;

It will teach you to live and help you to die,

And lead to the gates of the Blest.

I gave you to God in your cradle, my boy;

I have taught you the best that I knew;

And so long as His mercy permits me to live,

I shall never cease praying for you.

Your father is coming to bid you good bye;

O! how lonely and sad we shall be;

But when far from the scenes of your child hood and youth,

Youíll think of your father and me.

I want you to feel every word that Iíve said,

For it came from the depth of my love;

And, my boy, if we never behold you on earth,

Will you promise to meet us above?

(Transcribed by Marc Coker, 28 November 2004)

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