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Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

May 12, 1972
Celeste Courier
Celeste, Texas 75423

Dear Editor:

Of course it has been over forty years since I lived in Celeste and I realize that not too many remember me, but I always enjoy writing because I have such wonderful memories of growing up there and graduating from Celeste High School.

I noticed where Herman Hudson was there recently. He and I taught school together near Celeste at Crescent right after our first year in East Texas State. I read of many other that live in different parts of the county that I grew up with. Albert Granberry's father was a dear friend; so, I have kept up with Albert through the years and it seems to me he is doing an excellent job as president of the First National Bank and leader in the church and in the community at large.

Celeste is blessed with some wonderful leadership. Several that I grew up and went to school with taught school there.

I have been most interested in the improvements that have been made and especially the leadership of Mayor Solon Milton who just recently had to resign because of health reasons. I feel sure the next mayor will continue the good work.

You will remember of the letter I wrote last year of the healing of my throat. In June of last year it broke out on my hip and spread rapidly in spite of all that M. D. Anderson could do. So now, I have been bedfast since the first of February, paralyzed from the waist down. I tell you this simply because I want my friends and the world to know that I have found what I have preached for many years, Jesus and His word to be sufficient for every occasion. I have had some the most wonderful experiences in the Lord since I have been bedfast. I live between two communities where I pastored their churches and both of those communities plus my friends from Tyler and other places have brought blessings and I have been able to witness for my Lord.

Yes, I enjoy "The Celeste Courier" and the keeping up with dear friends.

Sincerely yours,
Lemmie R. Jones, Sr.
RR 11, Box 229
Tyler, Texas 75701

Note: I have that Lemmie died in October of 1977

Submitted by Sarah Swindell

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