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From research, Greenville library, March 1, 2006:

1. Lloyd Turney was living in Precinct 5, Hunt Co., TX, with his mother-in-law, Mrs. Anna G. Moore (49) and her other children, Oneta Moore (15), LouNell Moore (13), and Kathleen Moore. Lloyd and Anna were both nineteen and had been married for a year, at age eighteen. He was born in Texas. His father was born in Arkansas as was his mother. Anna was born in Texas. Her father was born in Tennessee. Her mother was born in Texas. I believe Precinct 5 was around the Hickory Creek area as neighbors were James Jackson, Calvin Harris, Benjamin Cruse, Sallie A. Felty, Charlie Felty, Harvey Harris, Mitchell Harris, and Jim Ethridge.

2. Billy Drew Turney was born on July 3, 1937, in Hunt County to Anna V. Moore and Loid Turney.

3. Nathan and Ella Turney were living near Ambrus (sp) and Doyl Turney, and daughter Fronie (Frona). Nathan and Ella had May, Earl, Nellie, Inez, and Clifford. Their neighbors were James Compton, Truman Perkins, Bunch Bell, the Cardwells, Homer Bench, and Sam Glasscock.

4. Mary Anne Turney was born on December 31, 1929, in Hunt County to Loyd and Anna V. Moore Turney.

5. Peggy Maxine Turney was born on June 10, 1933, in Hunt County to Loyd and Anna V. Moore Turney.

6. A. L. Turney (bride) married J. A. McGuire, 10/30/1884
D. A. Turney (groom) m. Lelah (Lelia) Norris 12/24/1895
D. A. Turney (groom) m. Della Ewing 08/24/1904
Frances Turney m. Luther Watkins 04/17/1906

7. Nathan Turney was born about 1897 in AR. His wife Ella was born in 1907. Vay, a daughter, was born in 1922.

8. Daniel Anthony Turney, Jr. was born July 15, 1937, in Hunt County to Nell Ross Mitchell and Daniel Anthony Turney, Jr.

Submitted by Sarah Swindell

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